To support a strong leadership skills programme that will develop competent, visionary, and knowledgeable policy-focused leaders who will not only advocate for the rights and interests of internet end-users within At-Large but also appropriately and actively represent the interest of ICANN within their local and global outreach and engagement activities.


  1. To develop a set of demonstrable criteria whereby we can select the 60 At-Large invitees to ATLAS III.
  2. To support the preparatory programme in which prospective applicants will be expected to participate, as a lead-up to the ATLAS III programme at ICANN66.
  3. To identify and encourage the development of a policy focus for each invitee so that they can provide inputs and feedback both at the community level as well as at the At-Large/ALAC level.
  4. To invorporate a mentorship program whereby we may build leadership capacity within the invitees that will create a strong contingent of potential future leaders within the ALAC< RALOs and Working Groups

Meetings of the ATLAS III LDT Sub  Group

Monday, 28 January 2019 at 18:30 UTC. (powerpoint presentation))

Key Documents of the ATLAS III LDT Sub Group

Next Call: 28 February 2019

Last Call: 12 February 2019


Community Leads: Maureen Hilyard and Alan Greenberg

Staff Support Leads: Gisella Gruber and Yesim Nazlar

Mailing list: atlasIII-ldt@icann.org

To join the Working Group as a Participant, please email: staff@atlarge.icann.org 

Membership of the ATLAS III Leadership Development Team Sub Group

AFRALO (8)Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong

Abdulkarim Oloyede

Ejikeme Egbuogu

Gabdibé Gab-Hingonné

Michel Tchonang Linze

Pastor Peters Omoragbon

Tijani Ben Jemaa

Vernatius Okwu Ezeama
APRALO (11)Amir Qayyum

Amrita Choudhury

Aris Ignacio

Eranga Samararathna

Justine Chew

Kaili Kan

Lianna Galstyan

Priyatosh Jana

Shaila Sharmin

Shreedeep Rayamajhi

Syed Muhammad Sajjad
EURALO (2)Natalia Filina

Sandra Hoferichter
LACRALO (5)Alberto Soto

Sergio Salinas Porto

Sylvia Herlein Leite

Vanda Scartezini

Wilmer Carol Azurza Neyra
NARALO (1)Destiny Tchéhouali
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