23 March 2014 Sunday

ALAC and Regional Leadership Workshop

Hot Topic 1-  ATLAS II

  • Carlos Reyes to send all At-Large lists an announcement about ATLAS II working groups and to add Wolf Ludwig to the Public Relations WG.


·         Discussion with the Communications Team - With Duncan Burns, VP Global Communications,  Chris Gift, VP, Online Community Services, 


  • Sandra Hoferichter asked Chris Gift for greater visibility of the ICANN Academy in the ICANN website.
  • Staff to follow up with Chris Gift on the ICANN Academy tab on the ICANN.org.


·         Discussion on FY15 Budget Issues with  Xavier Calvez, ICANN CFO (11:45-12:30) (Moderator: Tijani Ben Jemaa) 


  • Xavier Calvez  to look into whether the CROPP Program can be included in the preparation of the next   Budget.

Discussion with Maguy Serad, Vice President of Contractual Compliance 


  • Staff to send the report drafted by Garth on Enforcement of UDRP proceedings and UDRP compliance related to decisions by ICANN Compliance, and Alan's presentation also
  • Ariel Liang to forward Alan Greenberg's presentation to compliance. 
  • Heidi Ullrich to forward Garth's email re: compliance to ALAC.

Meeting with the SSAC - with Patrik Fältström and Jim Galvin (16:00-16:45) (Moderator: Julie Hammer)

  • ALAC, through the SSAC Liaison, to provide input and support to the new initiative being undertaken by ICANN SSAC Staff and ICANN Communications Staff to better communicate Security and Stability issues, including relevant SSAC Reports, to a broad audience including end users. Julie Hammer  will "own" this Action Item.

24 March 2014 Monday

ALT Meeting with the GAC Leadership

  • GAC Leadership to send the questions they were going to ask the Board to Olivier Crepin-Leblond


25 March 2014 Tuesday

ALAC Meeting with the Board

  • Heidi Ullrich to follow up with Fadi Chehadé in regard to his 3 AIs: 
    • Fadi Chehadé'committed that by ICANN 50, ICANN will publish a complete doc describing how ICANN will enforce the PICs
    • Fadi Chehadé' to follow up on a webinar and a Beginner’s Guide on the IANA function and the IANA transition.(in EN/FR)
    • Fadi Chehadé' to request a short course on IANA be prepared on ICANN LEARN.

ALAC Work - Part I

At-Large New gTLD Working Group  


26 March 2014 Wednesday


ALT and RALO Officers Working Breakfast  


 APRALO Monthly Meeting


  • Pavan Budhrani  to start collecting local music collection for ATLAS II. 

ATLAS II OC Meeting Part I

  • Pavan Budhrani  to start collecting local music collection for ATLAS II. 
  • @Nancy Lupiano to check into whether the Windsor room can be changed in format on Monday afternoon.

Academy Working Group Meeting

  • Heidi Ullrich to organize a call with Jeffrey Dunn and Sandra to discuss the process for posting content to ICANN LEARN

Capacity Building Working Group, ATLAS II OC and Regional Secretariats Meeting

  • Silvia Vivanco to create a  Wiki page to allow for questions and answers on each of the Capacity Building Webinar.
  • Heidi Ullrich to coordinate the filming of a 1 minute video will be filmed in Singapore feature one person per RALO Yuliya, Sylvia Herlein, Siranush, Beran, Anthony Nigani. To promote ATLAS II.
  • Information regarding Webinars will be sent to all ALSes in the next 2 weeks. Every week there will be reminders to join the ATLAS organizing II calls.


ATLAS II OC Meeting Part II 

  • Gisella Gruber to arrange a conference call for the Public Relations Working Group for the week of 7 April and invite Duncan Burns

ATLAS II Thematic Development Meeting

  • Wolf Ludwig to identify content experts on the 5 new breakout themes while in Singapore
  • Evan Leibovitch to identify the Chairs and rapporteurs for each breakout theme.
  • Next call: Events Group + Aziz, Alan, Wolf, Sandra. Adam, Tijani, Evan, OCL, Roberto, Siva, JJS week of 7 April.

27 March 2014 Thursday


  • Wolf Ludwig will prepare a letter of solicitation for subject matter experts on 27 March for the 5 Breakout topic to be sent to ALAC announce and all 5 RALO lists. Deadline for subject matter experts is 7 April.  Deadline for chairs and rapporteurs is 21 April.

ALAC Meeting with the NCSG

  • Ad hoc group on NTIA Topic coordination to be formed. NCSG members are: Avri Doria, Rudi Vansnick; ALAC members are: Rafid Fatani, Jean-Jacques Subrenat, Holly Raiche and Fatima Cambronero
  • Once the ATLAS II agenda is complete, staff to send a copy to Rafik of NCSG
  • The ALAC to provide to Rafik (NCSG) a list of the ATLAS II OC organizers.

28 March 2014 Friday

ALAC Leadership Team (ALT) Meeting 

  • Ariel Liang to email the chairs of all WGs about whether a statement is necessary for the PC: ICANN Strategy Panels
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond to follow up with George Sadowsky with regards to NomCom review 
  • Staff to check with all ATLAS II team leaders to keep track of the number of personnel in their complete team in spending in ATLAS II





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