00:31:32 Adam Peake: Hi Daniel, hello everyone. I need to join an NPOC call for about 10. I will be right back, before the GSE section. Apologies for this
00:31:42 Joanna Kulesza: Love the birds chirping in the background @Daniel! Almost as cool as @Maureen's chickens.
00:31:52 Daniel Nanghaka: Great Adam
00:32:28 Maureen Hilyard: LOL Joanna.. but I can just hear the birds.. a very agreeable background sound
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00:33:04 Joanna Kulesza: Isn't it Maureen? Looking for the silver linings wherever we can.
00:33:54 Natalia Filina: we miss rooster George @Maureen!-)
00:34:08 Natalia Filina: or Fred-)
00:34:43 Dave Kissoondoyal: @Jz - Frontiers opened after lockdown. Arrival of tourists but have to stay on quarantine. Few cases of COVID-19. Economy picking up. Cool you have your bro in law here
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00:35:43 Heidi Ullrich: Capacity Building Webinars: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Capacity+Building+Working+Group
00:36:15 Vanda Scartezini: hi everyone , Joanna. it was a great session indeed
00:39:04 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: I hear little birds in the background. Nice!
00:39:27 Adam Peake: Hi everyone, I’m back. Apologies for having to drop off for a moment.
00:39:35 Heidi Ullrich: @Shreedeep, please unmute. Staff are unable to do so.
00:41:15 Joanna Kulesza: Welcome back Adam!
00:43:33 Nadira AL Araj: There must be a quality substance posts to reach out to broader groups.
00:44:40 Heidi Ullrich: One moment
00:44:53 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: BTW beside this meetings's #ICANN69, what is the At-Large hashtag? If ther eis one, it is not printed in enough places
00:45:21 Natalia Filina: #ALAC69 Olivier
00:45:29 Heidi Ullrich: Google doc of V5 of Comms Strategy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14dQLGWIR9p8AY5dIk1eWW5moSdhvBLqVm-CwDVha-Qs/edit
00:46:32 David Mackey: Thank you @Heidi
00:46:49 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: thanks. We need to brand every single slide deck with the hashtag
00:46:58 Heidi Ullrich: Joint
00:47:05 Heidi Ullrich: ALAC/GAC statement: https://atlarge.icann.org/advice_statements/10443
00:47:46 Heidi Ullrich: Three tracks: 1) Policy; 2) O/E (including Capacity Building/SM), and 3) Operations
00:47:54 Natalia Filina: Agree Olivier
00:48:04 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: Great to see this work as a synthesis into such a ready/usable form...good foundation...
00:50:37 David Mackey: Nice to see progress on the comms strategy. Well done to all who worked on it!
00:52:37 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: so right alfredo
00:52:52 Maureen Hilyard: Thank you Alfredo
00:52:52 Katambi Joan: Nice one @Alfredo
00:53:16 Natalia Filina: Alfredo. thank you for your contribution. Your additions, work in the capacity building WG, recommendations for speakers etc. Incredible job.
00:53:19 Heidi Ullrich: Glenn is not yet on the call.
00:53:20 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: well said @Alfredo
00:54:07 Heidi Ullrich: Welcome, Glenn
00:54:27 Glenn McKnight: Just got home. Problem with the ADIGO to my cell phone
00:54:52 Heidi Ullrich: Glenn is on and has some slides to show
00:55:02 Maureen Hilyard: Different types of messages are being distributed in its own way. Good idea.
00:55:17 Maureen Hilyard: @Eduardo
00:55:22 Glenn McKnight: Which item are we on?
00:55:51 Glenn McKnight: Which agenda item are we on?
00:56:11 Joanna Kulesza: I.a.1.2) I think
00:56:36 Joanna Kulesza: Social Media - Facebook and Twitter numbers --> Need to adapt to the Pandemic
00:56:38 Marita Moll: What about metrics re: level of understanding/knowledge building. Hard to measure but worth a try
00:57:47 Javier Rúa-Jovet: San Juan has my vote! :)
00:58:05 Joanna Kulesza: @Javier +1
00:58:05 Daniel Nanghaka: Yes, we are adapting to the Pandemic
00:58:09 Natalia Filina: Good idea @Marita
00:58:15 Alfredo Calderon: +1 For March 2022
00:58:16 Jonathan Zuck: @Marita that's where testing and gamification comes in!
00:59:31 Alfredo Calderon: @Marira, @Jonathan nailed to! Assessing knowledge acquired is something we need to measure to ensure our messages gets across.
01:00:20 David Mackey: New format is very good. Thanks Eduardo.
01:00:36 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: yes new scenario new solution
01:00:40 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: have to be used
01:03:02 Alfredo Calderon: ARIN meeting in New Orleans.
01:03:09 Claudia Ruiz - ICANN ORG: Yes, last slide @Glenn
01:04:42 hadia Elminiawi: Thank you Glenn
01:04:57 David Mackey: Thanks Glenn, nice update
01:05:02 Dave Kissoondoyal: Thanks Glen
01:05:08 Priyatosh Jana: Thanks Glenn
01:05:25 Lilian Ivette Deluque: THANKS GLENN
01:05:31 Bikram Shrestha: Great Glen, Thanks
01:06:05 Glenn McKnight: Thanks all. I was tryig to connect via my phone. I was first called before 10 which i was strapped into a machine and trying to take the calls while driving without luck. so i jumped online as quick as possible
01:06:10 Glenn McKnight: Thanks all
01:06:22 Glenn McKnight: i am muted
01:06:45 Marita Moll: Glenn, that is really beyond the call of duty!
01:06:54 Alfredo Calderon: Great summary, @Glenn.
01:06:55 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: Sorry for the interruption but I was switching microphones.
01:07:16 Heidi Ullrich: Ali’s slides will be up in a moment
01:07:39 Glenn McKnight: Thanks Alfredo. I didnt add the Virtual Meetings
01:07:49 Heidi Ullrich: Then Seun will be presenting for AFRALO. Sergio will present for LACRALO
01:07:55 Alfredo Calderon: It was mentioned…
01:09:00 Glenn McKnight: I had a fight with a tree stump 8 weeks ago and it won and i am slowly returning to normal,
01:10:30 Marita Moll: Oh dear, tree stumps are very stubborn. They will take revenge.
01:11:22 Bill Jouris: Slow moving, generally. But all that mass gives them a heck of a punch
01:11:56 David Mackey: “slow moving” indeed, lol
01:12:29 Glenn McKnight: IGF Virtual Village
01:12:31 Glenn McKnight: https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/igf-village-2020
01:12:53 hadia Elminiawi: Thanks Glenn
01:12:57 Glenn McKnight: https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/webinar-for-igf-2020-sessions-organizersspeakers-hubs
01:13:10 Glenn McKnight: Alfredo, Narine and myself are doing a session
01:15:07 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: And since then in October Internet Australia has run NetThing another NRI
01:15:12 hadia Elminiawi: @glenn great
01:15:43 Amrita Choudhury: Also inSIG 2020 done by 4 APRALO ALS
01:16:12 hadia Elminiawi: great work during a pandemic
01:16:25 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: @Ali: How many people were outreached & engaged as a result of these events?
01:18:07 Ali AlMeshal: @Eduardo I don't have as of now full details but I am aware of Bahrain event there were more than 300 participant regionally
01:19:07 Marita Moll: There will be a Canadian Internet Governance Forum (CIGF) on Nov. 24-25 (virtual of course)
01:19:09 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: @Ali: thanks.
01:19:11 Marita Moll: https://canadianigf.ca/
01:19:30 Maureen Hilyard: @Eduardo - that information would have been in the event reports but you are correct in that some record of metrics would be interesting.
01:19:32 Jonathan Zuck: Does Canada have interesting internet issues?
01:19:58 David Mackey: @Jonathan DNS Abuse ;-)
01:20:30 David Mackey: +access issues in rural areas and the north
01:20:35 Marita Moll: @jz -- Is that tongue in cheek or do we really seem that uncontroversial?
01:20:58 Dave Kissoondoyal: The interpretation is too faint on my side
01:21:18 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: It is very difficult to put together long term strategic plans in a global environment that changes from day to day.
01:22:08 Jonathan Zuck: @Dave, I wish we had more stats about DNS Abuse because the contracted parties continue to refer to it as hyperbole
01:23:53 David Mackey: @Jonathan Interesting … my local government experienced cyber ransom last year. It’s too small to do anything other than pay up through insurance. :-(
01:26:07 Jonathan Zuck: Yeah, as a percentage of total registrations, it's very small but that doesn't make it a small problem. It's a sticky wicket with those guys
01:26:44 Alfredo Calderon: @Jonathan, wondering if we can have Call for Action to have the community document experiences of different forms of DNS Abuse that have taken place? Of course, they would need to be documented with stats …
01:27:05 Gangesh Varma: @Jonathan, The marketing teams of the same parties trying to sell better security services have a very different narrative - maybe someone could dig up some of that material and ask questions :)
01:27:38 Heidi Ullrich: At-Large IGF workspace: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Outreach+Activities+at+IGF+2020+in+Katowice
01:28:21 Jonathan Zuck: @Alfredo, I wanted to do something similar with UA but we never pulled it off. The problem is that it will ALWAYS bee a small percentage of registrations and the registrars will always say "it will never be zero." Sure, they could do more, but their margins are thin (as we'll hear during their plenary) and there are diminishing returns. We need ICANN to put some tools in their hands, I think.
01:28:34 Roberto: @Natalia - nice background!
01:28:48 Marita Moll: Sorry, got distracted. Back to CIGF -- keynote by Marc Surman of Mozilla. Sessions on co-vid, indigenous issues, content, AI and digital literacy
01:28:49 Katambi Joan: @Heidi I ask to kindly include my IGF session too
01:29:04 Heidi Ullrich: @Joan, please could send the details to me?
01:29:32 Alfredo Calderon: @Jonathan, have we approached the signers of the http://dnsabuseframework.org/?
01:30:02 Alfredo Calderon: DNS Abuse Framework
01:30:31 Katambi Joan: @Heidi https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-2020-ws-187-open-data-for-women-and-persons-with-disabilities
01:30:38 Jonathan Zuck: @Alfredo, they are the MOST defensive. They believe they are already doing all they can even though they do not wish to be held to the promises in their own document. Sigh.
01:30:46 hadia Elminiawi: @Natalia I love your background
01:30:58 Heidi Ullrich: Thanks, Joan. I will post it
01:31:00 Katambi Joan: @Heidi https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/index.php?q=filedepot_download/10543/2229
01:31:05 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: The problem with the process is its all voluntary and Alses role and scope is very tricky and complex. Their responsibilities in terms of enaggament is huge but a lot of the times information is not being shared and the communication strategy will play a crucial. we have to keep trying new things till the time we get the fish
01:31:06 Gangesh Varma: Also, if there is some way to shift the narrative focus on DNS abuse metrics from 'number of incidents' or 'percentage of registrations' and instead focus on 'scale of impact' or 'number of victims' - it would capture the gravity of the issue in a much better way.
01:31:10 Katambi Joan: Thanks @Heidi
01:31:22 Amrita Choudhury: +1 Gangesh
01:32:11 Heidi Ullrich: We are unfortunately out of time
01:32:14 Natalia Filina: thanks Hadia!-)))
01:32:17 David Mackey: I’d like to add the bird songs to my Zoom profile :-)
01:32:27 Vanda Scartezini: thank you all !!! need to attend another meeting at my work. good sessions!!
01:32:30 Natalia Filina: +1 David!
01:32:54 Joanna Kulesza: Let's have it as an AI from this session @David @Natalia
01:33:11 David Mackey: +1 Gangesh
01:33:18 Glenn McKnight: lost audio
01:33:27 David Mackey: @Joanna lol
01:33:59 Harold Arcos: Indeed JZ we proposed to create DNS Security Embassadors within our FY21.
01:34:02 Glenn McKnight: peer to peer teaching
01:34:04 Natalia Filina: @Joanna-)))
01:34:23 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: +1 jonathan
01:34:32 Glenn McKnight: @harold i was on a ARIN call yesterday and this was a similar idea
01:34:33 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: utopea @JZ!
01:34:48 Heidi Ullrich: We are 5 mins over
01:34:54 Heidi Ullrich: :)
01:34:55 Joanna Kulesza: Oh I'm for "dream big" - I'm onboard JZ!
01:35:16 Marita Moll: Yes, dream big -- that's what I was thinking
01:35:17 Harold Arcos: great Glenn!
01:35:27 Glenn McKnight: i think we are done
01:35:50 Amrita Choudhury: Thanks for the session Daniel and others
01:35:52 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: thanks Daniel
01:35:57 Heidi Ullrich: This Google doc is on the Agenda page and we will send it to the RALOs and add it to the O/E SC workspace.
01:36:01 David Mackey: Thanks Daniel, Bye All
01:36:02 Ali AlMeshal: thank you all
01:36:02 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: Bye for now
01:36:03 Joanna Kulesza: Thanks all!
01:36:05 Sarah Kiden: Thank you!
01:36:05 hadia Elminiawi: Thank you all Bye for now
01:36:06 Satish Babu: Thanks and bye!
01:36:06 Bikram Shrestha: thank you all
01:36:07 Isaac Maposa: Thank you, bye
01:36:09 Harold Arcos: master so, we need to talk about
01:36:11 Sergio Salinas Porto: bye thanks all
01:36:11 Bikram Shrestha: bye
01:36:12 Natalia Filina: thanks Daniel!!!! all
01:36:13 Siranush Vardanyan: bye all
01:36:14 Harold Arcos: thanks all
01:36:17 Alberto Soto: Thanks!!
01:36:19 Sivasubramanian Muthusamy: Thank you. Bye
01:36:19 Katambi Joan: thanks

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