ICANN65 Policy Forum, Marrakech, Morocco - Monday, 25 June 2019


Meeting Room: Toubkal (Conference Center, Level 0)

At-Large Capacity Building Workshop – An Introduction to Policy Development at ICANN

Zoom Recording: TBD

1.    Welcome and Aim of Meeting - Joanna Kulesza (13:30-13:35)
2.    Presentation on Introduction and Background to At-Large Policy Advice Development at ICANN, including GNSO PDP WGs vs CCWGs; "At-Large Policy Advice" vs. ALAC Advice to the Board – Jonathan Zuck (13:35-13:45) - Presentation
3. Where to find ALAC / At-Large Policy Resources - Evin Erdoğdu, Policy Development Senior Coordinator (13:45-13:50)
See: At-Large Website
See: At-Large Policy Advice Development Page
4.    Case Studies on At-Large Policy Advice Development (13:50-14:30)
               a. Case Study 1: GNSO-initiated SubPro PDP, the mechanics of developing an At-Large policy statement in response to a call for public comments, and the challenges for potential newcomers – Justine Chew (13:50-14:10) - Presentation
                b. Case Study 2: ALAC response to the Consumer Trust/Choice reports – Holly Raiche (14:10-14:30) - Presentation
5.    Discussion - All (14:30-14:55)
6.    Next Steps - Joanna Kulesza and Jonathan Zuck (14:55-15:00)

Moderators: Joanna Kulesza, Jonathan Zuck

Lead: HU

Notes: SV


Invitation to GAC Underserved Regions Committee

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