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This page is to collect ideas for developing possible engagement strategies for At-Large.

Some first ideas to generate discussion:


  • What would be the criterion for deciding if an ALS is not engaged in your RALO/At-Large?
  • Do RALOs have a list of non-engaged ALSes?

  • What are possible approaches to deal with non-engaged ALSes?
    • Decide to pick some ALSes to focus and mentor with? What criteria do we use to pick which ones and why?
    • Do we survey those non-engaged ALSes to find out why they are not engaged? (A challenge is that they may not respond to a survey)

  • How can ALSes, especially newer ALSes be more engaged when they join At-Large?
    Perhaps by having the sort of material, not necessarily a beginner's guide, but some form of infographcs and short videos are needed.
    Maybe we need to look at ICANN Learn, or Glenn's ebook idea to see how to convey these concepts on how ALSes can be involved.
    The At-Large website redesign is also looking at these concepts of how we reach persons to get involved.