A set of five (5) initial DRAFT Trip Proposals and DRAFT Trip Assessments have been created below for each structure/organization participating in CROPP-FY15. Additional blank forms will be created by the Program Administrators as needed. If you find that there is no template available, please send an email notice to: CROPP Technical Consultant

  • Please click on the link for the next available BLANK Trip Proposal form that has not already been completed. Unless otherwise noted, if you see no entries in columns 2-7, you may assume that the form is available.
  • Once you begin completing the template (see Community Workspace Instructions) and <Save> the contents, the information from your DRAFT application will automatically appear in the table below so that the next person will know that the form has been taken.
  • To see how completed templates should appear, refer to: SAMPLE Trip Proposal DRAFT and SAMPLE Trip Assessment DRAFT.
  • The applicable DRAFT Trip Assessment template (Note: rightmost column below) should be completed within three (3) weeks of all travelers having returned from the event. Brief instructions are contained at the top of that form.

This page is not editable except by CROPP Program Administrators. 

DRAFT Trip ProposalsPerson
No. of
Trip Assessment Template
DRAFT has been approved and transferred (click to view)


NARALO Trip Assessment 1

DRAFT has been approved and transferred (click to view)
APPROVED08-Apr-2015NARALO Trip Assessment 2
NARALO Trip Proposal 3 DRAFTEvan Leibovitch30-Oct-2014109-Jan-2015Las Vegas, NVDISAPPROVED31-Jan-2015NARALO Trip Assessment 3 DRAFT
DRAFT has been approved and transferred (click to view)
APPROVED07-May-2015NARALO Trip Assessment 4
DRAFT has been approved and transferred (click to view)
APPROVED26-Jun-2015NARALO Trip Assessment 5
DRAFT has been approved and transferred (click to view)
APPROVED28-Mar-2015NARALO Trip Assessment 6
NARALO Trip Proposal 7 DRAFTNARALO Trip Assessment 7 DRAFT
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