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Trip Assessments should be completed within three (3) weeks of the traveler's return date.

Trip Assessment Form

1) Describe how the original Purpose and Goals were accomplished:

The  original  goal and purpose of the NTEN  trip  was to engage the  non profit  organizations  that were 75% American and 25% Canadian  on the importance of NARALO  specifically and ICANN in general on important  internet issues.

The  event  was  a  great opportunity to promote ICANN and NARALO  and  our activities to the  Non Profit  sector.

Laura  Bengford and myself  held  court at lunch two days in a  row  to delegates  to discuss how they are changing the culture of  accessibility.   These BOF's  are organized as informal discussions during lunch

We  were interviewed on Non Profit  Radio  on ways and means to  help non profits  make the transition to improved conditions for people with disabilities.  We had  an opportunity to discuss our  own experiences  and share  best practices to a much wider audience.  The link to the audio clip will be forthcoming

2) Describe how the original Outcomes were achieved:


The outcomes  focused on  engagement  not  recruitment.  This  involved:

-Raising the profile of ICANN on Non Profit  Radio,  Conducting two birds of a feather sessions and activity involved in all the  accessibility sessions plus  meeting with the key educational directors and CEO on raising the  profile  of the disability community in ICANN.  Other outcomes  include  engagement with dozens of vendors and hundreds of participates during sessions, socials and  other events.  Pictures of the event can be found at this link.  

3) Date Completed:12-Mar-2015
4) Additional information pertaining to this outreach event (optional):In addition to the pictures of the event, I also performed followup with NTEN educational committee to raise the awareness of  Internet issues applicable to the Non Profit sector.
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