Teleconference of New gTLD Working Group

Date: Thursday, 10 December 2009

Time: 1800 UTC - 1900 UTC For the time in various timezones click here

Meeting Number: AL.GTLD.WG/CC.1209/1

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Interpretation: None

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Action Items: Action Items 10 December 2009 GTLD WG

Recording: English

Transcript: Transcript

Participants (expected): Michele Neylon, Dave Kisoondoyal, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Sebastien Bachollet, Evan Leibovitch, Seth Reiss, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Gareth Shearman, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Tatiana Kramtsova, Heike Jensen, Rudi Vansnick

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Matthias Langenegger, Gisella Gruber-White



Suggested Agenda Items

  1. Introduction and background (Sebastien Bachollet)
  2. Review of the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook v3 (Evan Leibovitch)
  3. Discussion on a Draft ALAC Statement on New gTLD Applicant Guidebook v3 (see original announcement of this consultation under:
  4. Next Steps
    ----Sadly, there were less people from AP who participated the Doodle poll as always. As a result, this call will be at 2:00am my time. Although Cheryl will take pains to participate at 4:00am, I cannot do this. Looking forward to receiving the sound recording or minutes instead.

contributed by Guest User on Dec 4 6:24pm

The last comment was posted by Hong Xue at UTC+8:00.

contributed by Guest User on Dec 4 6:25pm

The way to fix this of course Hong is for us to get/ensure MORE people from AP participate in the doodles ;-) At least the recordings and Adobe Rooms can be reviewed... We can only do what we can... same as when we ask for language /interpretation requirements for important global community calls (Director appointment is an example) as we don't want to pay for underused services and then when we run in EN only (as the need was not identified in earlier poll) we are criticized sigh I can't run calls in two time zones if I don't get enough people in one of the zones attending so best option (for now) is to ensure commitments to attend drive the best choice of time (or language channel provision)... not perfect I know... CLO

contributed by cheryl on Dec 10 11:53am

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