00:24:33 Gisella Gruber: Welcome to everyone! Thank you for joining this session
00:27:03 Marita Moll: Really thought Part 1 was great. Thank you for taking the lead on this "silo breaking" exercise
00:28:28 Natalia Filina: Marita, thank we having you and your input!
00:28:31 Jorge: OCL always so elegant
00:30:08 Natalia Filina: Our leaders @Jorge are sooo elegant. All of them-)
00:31:42 Tatiana Tropina: There’s a final say, Olivier :-) The Board is a final say.
00:33:21 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: well said @OCL
00:33:33 Goran Marby: I think I will disappoint with my lack of elegance, it is 1.40 here in LA
00:34:38 Matthias M. Hudobnik: at least it is not too early goran ;-)
00:34:40 Sébastien Bachollet: Thanks for joining, your elegance is in your head and expression
00:34:49 Natalia Filina: We don`t believe Goran, We saw you this week many times-)
00:36:22 Goran Marby: :-)
00:36:35 Goran Marby: You now make me being awake easier.
00:36:51 Natalia Filina: -))))
00:37:44 Sivasubramanian Muthusamy: <q> Elena, When you mentioned traffic management as an example of essential functionality. Please explain in form and how the traffic is to be managed.
00:38:02 Marita Moll: OCL sets the bar rather high. Many of us are in "dress down" mode
00:38:07 Elena Plexida: A paper with more comprehensive analysis of the DSA initiative is available here: https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/ge-004-15jul20-en.pdf and the full set of ICANN org replies to the DSA consultation is available here: https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2020-09-10-en
00:38:16 Chris Mondini: For papers written by Elena and her colleagues on public policy topics, please visit: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/government-engagement-publications-2020-03-02-en
00:39:46 Peter Van Roste: Link to the CENTR DSA response: https://centr.org/news/news/centr-responds-to-the-public-consultation-on-the-digital-services-act.html
00:39:52 Elena Plexida: Hi Sivasubramanian, allow me to refer you to this analysis by our OCTO team on that: https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/octo-009-23apr20-en.pdf
00:40:56 Chris Buckridge: The RIPE NCC also responded to the DSA consultation: https://labs.ripe.net/Members/suzanne_taylor_muzzin/our-view-on-the-upcoming-digital-services-act
00:41:57 Peter Van Roste: Link to the CENTR DSA response: https://centr.org/news/news/centr-responds-to-the-public-consultation-on-the-digital-services-act.html
00:42:15 Peter Van Roste: Link to the CENTR video on the role of registries in the context of the online content discussions: https://centr.org/news/news/video-cctlds-online-content.html
00:42:17 Matthias M. Hudobnik: great video by CENTR!
00:42:21 Sivasubramanian Muthusamy: Thank you Elena, Chris and Peter.
00:42:22 Chris Mondini: The new CENTR video is great
00:42:22 Natalia Filina: thank you for the links
00:43:18 Danko Jevtović (ICANN Board): +1 for CENTR ;)
00:43:35 Natalia Filina: great recourses to our DNS abuse yesterday`s discussion. Great video!
00:44:55 Pierre Bonis. Afnic: well done Polina. Excellent work done by centr to explain how we work, what is feasible or not. The video published is great
00:50:03 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: thx Ceren
00:50:06 Gisella Gruber: Kind reminder to speak at a reasonable speed for accurate interpretation
00:50:49 Ceren Unal: https://www.internetsociety.org/issues/internet-way-of-networking/internet-impact-assessment-toolkit/
00:51:03 Ceren Unal: Here is the link to the toolkit I just mentioned
00:52:09 Sébastien Bachollet: Thanks all for the useful links
00:52:38 Sébastien Bachollet: I hope that we can have them on the page of the meeting as a useful tool
00:53:05 Heidi Ullrich: The At-Large Capacity Building Working Group, including the 2020 series of webinars: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Capacity+Building+Working+Group
00:55:58 Jorge: kalimera, Georgios!
00:58:19 Jorge: that was a good one, Georgios... „whois easy to solve“ 
01:01:21 Goran Marby: The MS model can not solve “problems” created by legislation
01:02:01 Pierre Bonis. Afnic: but legislation could solve problems created by the MS? kidding !
01:02:21 Chris Mondini: Salut Pierre!
01:02:47 Jorge: bonjour Pierre!
01:03:08 Joke Braeken | ccNSO Secretariat (ICANN org): To read more about the IGLC, go to its workspace: https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=105390268
01:03:19 Jorge: digital sovereignty sounds a bit like an oxymoron
01:03:39 Goran Marby: And where the interpretation of a law is unclear the legislators needs to help.
01:03:42 Joke Braeken | ccNSO Secretariat (ICANN org): Recordings of yesterday’s IGLC meeting are posted here: https://69.schedule.icann.org/meetings/33SifgcQJHLv3WqGF
01:04:09 Joanna Kulesza: +1 Jorge, a popular one at that.
01:05:19 Jorge: what we need is digital cooperation...
01:06:02 Danko Jevtović (ICANN Board): Good point Pierre
01:06:52 Jorge: „sovereignty“ is such a loaded term...
01:07:06 Goran Marby: The problem of course with a to much regional approach is that that might fragmentize the internal that is global..we need to work together.
01:07:45 Georgios Tselentis (GAC-EC): @ Goran Marby: we try our best to help but for example the ones who observe the implementation of the law are the DPAs who are independent public authorities that supervise the application of the data protection law.
01:08:29 Goran Marby: But the EC has the formal right to ask questions directly to the DPA´s.
01:09:06 Chris Buckridge: This page links to all of the responses that the RIPE NCC has made to various public policy consultations: https://www.ripe.net/participate/internet-governance/multi-stakeholder-engagement/ripe-ncc-contributions-to-external-consultations
01:09:40 Goran Marby: The EC has also other rights when it comes to GDPR, such as the commitment to write clauses for the role of processors and controllers. An very important issue for SSAD.
01:09:43 Georgios Tselentis (GAC-EC): Correct and we look into this
01:10:06 Lutz Donnerhacke: Whois and GDPR are simple to solve … Keep the data in the original regions of law. Use the chain of contracts to Point from one whois Server to the next until you reached the (Reseller of the) Registrar. So local law applies at each step. Thick Whois war the error in first place
01:11:19 Roberto: @Lutz the problem is not technical, unfortunately - otherwise it would indeed be easy
01:11:22 Lutz Donnerhacke: I know the LEA are keen to have central Access in order to avoid the ways required by international law. But ICANN should not be the dumb helper
01:12:04 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): @Lutz I am not sure its that simple with GDPRand whois
01:13:18 Lutz Donnerhacke: It is. Contract data is between companies and out of scope. Registrant data is in the space of the Registrar/registrant contract (mostly same Country) so the same local law applies
01:13:43 Matthias M. Hudobnik: it is a data subject-entric way of determining applicability of the law
01:14:44 Lutz Donnerhacke: Matthias, of course. Which way do you suggest? Whishes and Needs of third parties?
01:16:34 Sébastien Bachollet: We are late (sorry for that) and we will not have a Q&A session.
01:17:34 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Thanks Goran, very interesting talk
01:17:34 Pierre Bonis. Afnic: Thank you Goran for reminding this basic truths, even from the distance and the middle of the night !
01:19:20 Roberto: +1 Jorge
01:19:46 Sébastien Bachollet: For short conclusion I will give the floor at the revers order
01:20:23 Pierre Bonis. Afnic: Totally agree Jorge. But I would also add that sovereingty is not war. It's the basics of appropriation
01:21:52 Natalia Filina: It is what about we told 1 hour ago. New ways and approaches we need to meet. Thank you Goran
01:22:30 Yrjo Lansipuro: +1 to Jorge
01:23:32 Goran Marby: Internet is Global and Local at the same time!
01:23:38 Jorge: long live subsidiarity, yes, Pierre 
01:25:07 Marita Moll: This has been another great session reminding us why we are all here
01:25:42 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: excellent session thanks EURALO, well done SeB!
01:25:53 Hanan khatib: thankyou very much, very good session
01:26:43 Pierre Bonis. Afnic: Congratulations Sébastien for this great discussion ! Very pleased that Eurola as sized this opporuntity to talk about this important topics, and engage with each other
01:26:57 Goran Marby: I miss meeting you all
01:27:02 Jorge: +100 Pierre
01:27:10 Matthew Shears: Very good discussion - thanks!
01:27:26 Ricardo Holmquist: Congratulations Sebastian, excellent meetings!
01:27:54 Herb Waye Ombuds: Very informative sessions, merci beaucoup Sébastien. Stay safe everyone and be kind.
01:28:19 Roberto: Very good sessions - pity there was not more time to get more into details - these topics could easily use a full day
01:28:22 Danko Jevtović (ICANN Board): Thanks Sebastian!!!
01:28:25 Ceren Unal: Thanks a lot Sebastien for organizing this great meeting, looking forward to working together and hopefully meeting in person soon!
01:28:48 Natalia Filina: Thank you Sebastien and all, excellent session!
01:28:50 Heidi Ullrich: Many thank to everyone! Thank you for organising this session, Sebastien.
01:29:02 Gisella Gruber: Olivier’s session next week: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Meetings+-+Wednesday%2C+21+October+2020
01:29:10 Jonathan Zuck: Great job everyone
01:29:12 Chris Buckridge: Thanks you Sebastien and all the organisers - a very enjoyable, thought-provoking session!
01:29:14 Polina Malaja: Thank you all!!!
01:29:14 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: EG IG Session -- Wednesday 21 October 2020 -- 13:30-15:30 UTC
01:29:14 Andrew.Campling@419.Consulting: The poll results are most interesting - the Internet needs to adapt in the new world of digital sovereignty!
01:29:15 martinsutton: Thank you all
01:29:21 Gisella Gruber: Thank you all for your participation
01:29:24 Sarah Kiden: Thank you!
01:29:24 Georgios Tselentis (GAC-EC): many thanks for the discussion!
01:29:34 Yesim Nazlar: Thank you all this session is now adjourned.

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