00:30:39 yaovi.atohoun: Hello everyone
00:30:40 Heidi Ullrich: Welcome, All!
00:32:18 Judith Hellerstein: wish we had captioning as well
00:32:55 Chris Mondini: This slide is for agenda item 5
00:33:09 Marita Moll: wheww -- I wasn't ready for anything there
00:33:33 Judith Hellerstein: yes, Amrita’s session was a good one
00:34:00 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: hello everyone!
00:34:17 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: i am just passing to say hi and wish you all a great meeting
00:34:35 Maureen Hilyard: Hi Leon, nice to see you.. :)
00:34:36 Silvia Vivanco: Welcome Leon! Bienvenido
00:35:16 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: I have an overlapping meeting with the Board and CSG but I still wanted to take this opportunity to come to see you even if briefly
00:35:24 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: thanks Maureen!
00:35:35 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Gracias Silvia!
00:35:53 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Thanks Sebastién!
00:36:16 Judith Hellerstein: hi Leon
00:36:27 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: hello Judith!
00:36:42 Gisella Gruber: Welcome León - thank you for stopping by!
00:36:51 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: thank you Gisella!
00:36:57 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: always a pleasure!
00:37:11 Maureen Hilyard: @Eduardo I agree that once in a while we need to let people know what is happening In our section of ICANN
00:37:15 Jonathan Zuck: I'm not a regional leader but I wanted to observe that seemed like there was a lot of reinventing of the wheel. It would be great if ALSs and RALOs could share in a more substantive way
00:37:38 Heidi Ullrich: Very good to see these new initiatives in At-Large sessions.
00:38:06 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: +1 JZ
00:38:29 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: I will have to leave now. My apologies for not being able to stay for the full meeting
00:38:30 sylvia herlein: +1 JZ
00:38:44 Heidi Ullrich: Thank you, Leon.
00:38:53 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: thank you Heidi!
00:39:03 Seun Ojedeji: @JZ it may be good to identify specific areas of wheel re-inventing so that can be looked into....specifics will be helpful
00:39:05 Maureen Hilyard: But we have to consider too the different cultures and although they could share ideas how they may be implemented in the different regions might be different
00:39:25 Ali AlMeshal: hi All sorry for being late
00:39:31 Lilian Ivette Deluque: agree Mauree
00:39:33 Dave Kissoondoyal: +1 Satish
00:41:13 Maureen Hilyard: @Satish. This would be a good place to raise the other new regional leaders for the new year
00:41:50 Jonathan Zuck: @Maureen, that might be true but I also suspect that have a standard set of materials that are then delivered in a culturally appropriate way could be powerful.
00:42:08 Satish Babu: Thanks Maureen. Will do.
00:42:19 Natalia Filina: Jonathan. It is maybe the Q of the mentoring for active newcomers who think that they implement something new and genius?-)
00:43:25 Michelle DeSmyter - ICANN Org: “ Hello, my name is _MICHELLE DESMYTER_ and I will be monitoring this chat room. In this role, I am the voice for the remote participants. Please note that I will only be able to read your comment/question within the time set by the Chair of this session. 
When submitting a question or comment that you want me to read out loud on the mic, please start with a <QUESTION> and end with a “</QUESTION>” or <COMMENT> </COMMENT>. Text outside these quotes will be considered as part of “chat” and will not be read out loud on the microphone. 
This session also includes interpretation. Languages available: English, Français, Español
00:43:30 Jonathan Zuck: Perhaps @Natalia. As we muse about how to handle our promise to engage in anti-DNS Abuse education, I wonder how we can create efficiencies and metrics
00:43:32 Maureen Hilyard: @Jonathan I agree with you when we want to ensure that there is consistent messaging but how I do it in the Pacific and how others might do it in the Middle East will require different approaches
00:43:45 Michelle DeSmyter - ICANN Org: Please note that chat sessions are being archived and follow the ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior:http://www.icann.org/en/news/in-focus/accountability/expected-standardshttp://www.icann.org/en/news/in-focus/accountability/expected-standards.
00:44:07 Jonathan Zuck: @Maureen, do you believe we have a consistent set of messages going out?
00:45:48 Natalia Filina: we have a Comms strategy at least to build a system. To try-)
00:46:42 Jonathan Zuck: Fingers crossed\
00:48:54 Maureen Hilyard: I would assume that the RALOS are making use of the Talking Points which is the main source of our policy messaging
00:49:53 Marita Moll: Thanks Eduardo
00:50:17 Marita Moll: One of my favourite topics
00:50:34 Satish Babu: Yes, the Talking Points document is very useful. I've already used it for one of the pre-ICANN69 meetings last week...
00:53:08 Harold Arcos: LACRALO wiki-confluence page:
00:53:44 sylvia herlein: GRACIAS Sergio!
00:54:07 Harold Arcos: LACRALO WG Multilingüismo y IDNs/ WG on Multilinguism and IDNs:
00:54:54 sylvia herlein: tks Harold for your support
00:57:11 Harold Arcos: LACRALO Newsletters 2020:
00:59:07 Jonathan Zuck: and Greg Shatan
00:59:51 marcelo rodriguez: Buena Jornada. Saludos a Todos/as y Gracias Sergio por tu participación y menciones en nombre de todes...
01:00:00 Harold Arcos: my pleasure Sylvia,
01:01:10 Michelle DeSmyter - ICANN Org: ARPEP wiki page: https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=126424249
01:03:42 Lilian Ivette Deluque: The At Large Staff is a great support for our community, very appreciate
01:04:19 Heidi Ullrich: These calls allowed greater knowledge, communication and collaboration on the RALO FY21 Outreach Strategies and the Regional Strategies.
01:04:37 Heidi Ullrich: Which will have a positive impact on the implementation of both
01:04:49 Lilian Ivette Deluque: agree Heidi
01:05:35 sylvia herlein: great job Silvia, we have a better Staff
01:05:38 Lilian Ivette Deluque: Thanks silvia
01:05:50 Sarah Kiden: Thank you, Silvia and Staff!
01:06:12 Matthias M. Hudobnik: very helpful!
01:06:21 hadia Elminiawi: Thank you this is very helpful
01:06:32 Natalia Filina: Thank you, very useful!
01:07:02 sylvia herlein: good idea
01:07:11 Jonathan Zuck: Take me to your leader!
01:07:43 Nadira AL Araj: I assume Heidi that this will be updated after ICANN69 meeting
01:07:57 Natalia Filina: You are with crown already Jonathan-)
01:08:10 Silvia Vivanco: The RALO Newsletters could be a good joint project
01:08:22 Heidi Ullrich: The Outreach and Engagement Sub-Committee call will also discuss possible cross-RALO activities
01:08:31 Rodrigo De La Parra: HI All
01:09:06 Vanda Scartezini: hi Rodrigo
01:09:21 Lilian Ivette Deluque: Hi Rodrigo
01:12:35 Natalia Filina: yes, evolution and great support from GSE. Thank you Chris, Adam, Mikhail
01:14:14 Joanna Kulesza: Thanks Adam! Always a pleasure working with you and the GSE team!
01:16:07 Rodrigo De La Parra: Hola Vanda y Lilian!
01:16:21 Mikhail Anisimov: Thanks Natalia, happy to be of any help
01:17:43 Hanan khatib: readout is very good activity MEAC is doing thin I participated in readout for ICANN65,66,67
01:17:49 Harold Arcos: Indeed @Adam,, our webinars are coordinated with our GSE-LAC team.
01:18:32 Silvia Vivanco: Thank you Adam! We will include these points in the ARPEP wiki page
01:18:36 Joanna Kulesza: I think Rodrigo was waving his hand in his camera?
01:18:39 Dave Kissoondoyal: thanks Adam
01:18:41 Rodrigo De La Parra: Saludos Harold!
01:19:01 Rodrigo De La Parra: Just saying hello :)
01:19:02 Harold Arcos: Saludos Rodrigo!
01:19:03 Natalia Filina: read out session should provide all regional languages
01:19:16 Vanda Scartezini: thanks ADAM, Mondini..and all I believe it is making difference in all region
01:19:19 Joanna Kulesza: (: Rodrigo
01:19:22 Maureen Hilyard: There is great collaboration between the GSE staff and their regions. Many thanks to the support from Adam, Save and the rest of the team.
01:19:30 Judith Hellerstein: @natalia and also have captioning as well
01:19:43 Natalia Filina: true Judith
01:19:59 sylvia herlein: +1 Natalia & Judith
01:20:28 Sarah Kiden: Thanks, Adam!
01:21:38 Judith Hellerstein: Please make sure you register for the IGF and for the sessions
01:21:48 Heidi Ullrich: AT-Large at IGF: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Outreach+Activities+at+IGF+2020+in+Katowice
01:22:48 Vanda Scartezini: will be great Joanna. Poland is great to visit too
01:23:11 sylvia herlein: tks Joanna
01:23:22 Heidi Ullrich: Please add any workshops or details that we may have missed.
01:23:31 hadia Elminiawi: Thanks Joanna
01:23:41 Jonathan Zuck: Ooh. What shall I wear?
01:23:56 Judith Hellerstein: Also for people with disabilities the DCAD is running a grant program to help pay for connectivity issues. Please check out the DCAD website at igf-dcad.org. applications need to be in by tomorrow.
01:23:58 Joanna Kulesza: @JZ I'm _full_ of ideas! Let's take this offline
01:24:13 Vanda Scartezini: cold for sure… Jonathan…
01:24:20 Mikhail Anisimov: Great backdrop Natalia! :)
01:24:31 David Mackey: +1 Mikhail
01:24:33 Vanda Scartezini: wonderful dolls
01:24:37 Judith Hellerstein: @joanna I was so looking forward to this.
01:25:09 Natalia Filina: MATRESHKA @Vanda-)
01:25:25 Judith Hellerstein: @natalia love the matryoshka dolls
01:25:42 Natalia Filina: thank you Mikhail and David-)))
01:25:56 Marita Moll: f2f in cancun? -- a stretch I think
01:26:00 Maureen Hilyard: @Natalia, So cute as a background screen :)
01:26:09 Rodrigo De La Parra: Thanks for having us!
01:26:32 Natalia Filina: -))) Maureen I will share this pic with you if you want-))))
01:27:15 Silvia Vivanco: thank you Rodrigo and GSE colleagues for your participation and collaboration
01:32:13 Heidi Ullrich: @Satish, points 1-5 were developed under pre-COVID times
01:33:47 Heidi Ullrich: Yes as noted earlier in response to Judith’s comment, we will consider single RALO activities
01:35:18 Satish Babu: Thanks @Heidi.
01:36:10 Heidi Ullrich: Please also note that reimbursement for registration to virtual events may also be requested.
01:37:49 Seun Ojedeji: Indeed @Sebastien
01:38:53 Satish Babu: Agree with @Sebastien about regional meetings or hybrid meetings (F2F + virtual).
01:39:12 Eng.moamin Hamad: Thanks @Sebastien
01:39:16 Dave Kissoondoyal: agree with Sebastien
01:39:21 Judith Hellerstein: yes. i also agree. Can you post the link to the survey
01:39:26 Marita Moll: Hard to plan at the moment with the co-vid situation changing weekly
01:39:32 Natalia Filina: It works in Russia. And of course it is absolutely different... Agree Sebastien
01:40:52 Heidi Ullrich: At-Large Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/icannmeetingsurvey_ALAC
01:43:18 Alfredo Calderon: Adding to @Eduardo’s point - an issue of high risk individuals is also a limitation to participate face-to-face. Even with the flexibility to travel, ensuring a medical insurance in case of a site contamination, there is no way to guarantee participators.
01:43:36 Vanda Scartezini: also, when you stay in your country working not a chance to attend all the sessions due to conflict with normal work. Here in my city Sao paulo we are already into green since september
01:43:41 Nadira AL Araj: Starting at the national level
01:44:13 hadia Elminiawi: When we have a vaccine, and people start getting it
01:44:24 Natalia Filina: Small groups in each ICANN Region. We can start with it
01:45:05 Alfredo Calderon: @Nadira, create point to share. Even local, regional meetings for those that work (Telework) it is impossible to participate in face-to-face events without some support by ICANN.
01:45:16 Nadira AL Araj: Vaccine will not be available to all citizens when it distributed.
01:45:27 Marita Moll: My point was that things on the ground change from day to day
01:45:32 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: @Hadia: even if there is a vaccine, if the pandemia is still ON it will not be safe to travel or gather.
01:45:58 Natalia Filina: it is true Eduardo
01:46:48 hadia Elminiawi: @Eduardo, I was thinking that maybe everyone attending the meeting should take the vaccine
01:46:52 Nadira AL Araj: yes @Alfredo, even at the local level there is cost
01:47:39 Javier Rúa-Jovet: great point @Satish.
01:48:10 Judith Hellerstein: @vanda, that is so true
01:48:27 Maureen Hilyard: The Cook Islands could meet with NZ ALSes when they open up the bubble at the end of the year.
01:48:35 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: @Hadia: Vaccines are not 100% effective. There is still a % of people that are going to get infected even after taking the vaccine.
01:48:49 Marita Moll: I was wondering that as well @satish -- what was the uptake on the bandwidth offer.
01:49:28 hadia Elminiawi: @Eduardo I agree we still need time
01:49:36 Judith Hellerstein: Also there are several requirements that are hard for some to get around and think that there is still some work to figure this out
01:50:09 Adela Danciu: <Q>what is the time frame covered by the Future ICANN meetings strategy? Short/medium/long - the approach differs from the perspective</Q>
01:50:31 Judith Hellerstein: also the wiring fees are high and so either cover these fees or look at other solutions to sending money such as transfer wise or other similar programs that cost people less money
01:50:33 Maureen Hilyard: As countries improve their COVID situations, there could be more opportunity to have blended meetings - f2f and real remote participants by zoom
01:50:50 Marita Moll: I was optimistic about getting out of this situation until we were hit with the second wave -- this is moving around the world
01:50:57 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: It may be until 2022 before we start thinking about f2f meetings. I may be wrong but that is my expectation.
01:51:01 Marita Moll: yet again
01:51:27 Judith Hellerstein: @marita it is likely not a second wave, but still the first wave as the first wave has not finished
01:52:05 Marita Moll: Even more discouraging Judith -- 2nd wave still coming?
01:52:06 hadia Elminiawi: @Maureen +1 to blended meetings
01:52:41 Seun Ojedeji: ofcourse covid is not leaving anytime soon, i think there has to be discussion on the format of meeting going forward, the response can't be 100% virtual meeting.
01:52:53 Vanda Scartezini: @eduardo, may be the economies will not support so closeness for so long.. rich country may support the ones depending on external tourism for instance will not. we need to think more globally and may be meet more regionally
01:52:54 Jonathan Zuck: I think there's no point to having a mix of virtual meetings until we can find a way to make them more interesting than the Zoom calls we're on all the time. What's special about a "meeting?"
01:53:00 Adela Danciu: thanks for the clarification!
01:53:26 Natalia Filina: + JZ
01:53:48 Sarah Kiden: +1 JZ
01:54:08 Vanda Scartezini: totally in favor to @ Jonathan
01:54:09 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: There are a number of challenges to implement a hybrid model of meetings. The priority must be safeguarding everyone’s health and safety
01:54:38 Vanda Scartezini: yes.. make then less boring Jonathan
01:54:39 David Mackey: +1 Leon
01:54:47 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: JZ = can you give an example of what will be a better meeting?
01:54:47 Maureen Hilyard: In the past remote participation was low at our f2f meetings.. but I think that would be really different after this pandemic experience
01:54:48 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: I am currently staying in Cannes which is a town that generates a lot of ots tourist income from conferences and events. They have managed to get some smaller size events going, like for 3-500 people. I think that it is possible to do regional face to face meetings, but it is very risky --- namely because of the changing circumstances which dictate lockdowns, restrictions, quarantines etc. So a lot of people will want to avoid that.
01:54:51 Nadira AL Araj: I agree with JZ and these meeting are overwelming
01:54:57 Marita Moll: JZ is trying to teach us how to do better meetings -- it has already improved things
01:55:12 Seun Ojedeji: All good from my end Sebas
01:55:14 Alfredo Calderon: +1 @Jonathan, great point on what makes these Virtual Meeting versus Work Groups special!
01:55:19 Joanna Kulesza: @OCL +1 to holding an ICANN meeting in Cannes ;)
01:55:34 Silvia Vivanco: Thank you all or your great participation
01:55:38 Gisella Gruber: Please do join the Outreach and Engagement session at 13:00 UTC (in 30min)
01:55:43 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: Absolutely happy to do an ICANN meeting in Casnnes --- the whole town is aching for tourists
01:55:45 Seun Ojedeji: congratulation to the new RALO leadership meeting Chair
01:55:47 Gisella Gruber: Apologies at 14:00 UTC!! In 30min
01:55:47 Sarah Kiden: Agree, Leon!
01:55:47 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: bye for now then,
01:55:51 Seun Ojedeji: Bye for now
01:56:00 Heidi Ullrich: Sergio will take over the Regional Leadership for IcANN70!
01:56:04 sylvia herlein: :)
01:56:07 Gisella Gruber: Outreach and Engagement next!
01:56:20 Gisella Gruber: We will set the next meeting by Doodle
01:56:30 Silvia Vivanco: We shall schedule by email for November
01:56:31 Vanda Scartezini: congrats Sergio and lets work to make it great
01:56:31 Silvia Vivanco: correct
01:56:38 Marita Moll: and we are aching to be tourists @OCL
01:56:39 hadia Elminiawi: Congrats to all RALO leaders
01:56:52 Jonathan Zuck: @Eduardo, there's a LOT which could make virtual meetings better with a change of objectives, with tools that help collaboration and brainstorming, breakout rooms, consensus building. Right now, the ONLY special about these meetings is the number of people who join the Zoom call and say nothing.
01:57:01 Sergio Salinas Porto: good meeting sebastien!
01:57:21 Sébastien Bachollet: Gracias Sergio
01:57:43 Silvia Vivanco: Thanks Gracias Leon for your remarks
01:57:52 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: Noted León thanks for the heads up
01:57:53 Silvia Vivanco: we are looking forward to visiting Mexico
01:57:57 hadia Elminiawi: Thanks Leon
01:58:01 Sergio Salinas Porto: I hope to be up to you when it comes to conducting this meeting
01:58:01 Gisella Gruber: Thank you all for joining this session
01:58:15 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: @JZ - I will talk off line with you to see what we can try - thinking out of the box -
01:58:17 Alfredo Calderon: Gracias @León por la honestidad y clarificación.
01:58:22 Chokri Ben Romdhane: thank you Sébastien and all
01:58:25 Judith Hellerstein: i am so sorry to miss Cancun. i so looked forward to it
01:58:28 Dave Kissoondoyal: Thanks and bye to all..
01:58:32 yaovi.atohoun: Thank you and bye
01:58:33 Natalia Filina: thank you Leon!
01:58:34 Jonathan Zuck: There's even software now that will join a Zoom call for you so you get your attendance recorded.
01:58:34 Heidi Ullrich: Bye, All
01:58:35 Hanan khatib: thank you all
01:58:36 hadia Elminiawi: Thank you all bye
01:58:39 Alberto Soto: Thanks, by bye!!
01:58:40 Sarah Kiden: Thanks and bye
01:58:41 Natalia Filina: Thank you Sebastien!
01:58:42 Lilian Ivette Deluque: bye
01:58:42 Lianna Galstyan: thanks and bye
01:58:43 Alfredo Calderon: Stay well and safe!
01:58:43 Satish Babu: Thanks and bye!
01:58:44 sylvia herlein: kisses

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