00:26:27 Dave Kissoondoyal: Greetings from Mauritius
00:27:18 Goran Marby: Hello everyone
00:28:03 Herb Waye Ombuds: Bonjour, Greetings from the Office of the Ombudsman. A reminder the Ombuds team is hosting a virtual drop-in office during ICANN69. Details are posted on the ICANN69 Home Page. Stay safe and be kind.
00:28:15 Bonface Witaba: Hello everyone!
00:28:19 Paul Muchene: Hello everyone from Kenya!
00:28:23 yaovi.atohoun: Hello everyone
00:28:42 Innocent Adriko: Greetings from Uganda
00:29:00 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Hello everyone. Always a pleasure and an honor to join the AFRALO-AFRICANN session. Thanks for the invitation
00:29:01 Ihab I. Osman: Greetings to all..
00:30:06 Silvia Vivanco: Warm welcome to all guest speakers today!
00:33:08 Dave Kissoondoyal: Thanks to Tijani for his guidance and contribution to the community
00:33:35 Abdalmonem Galila: Truly support Mareen words about Dr. Tijani
00:33:36 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Hats off to Tijani. No doubt an example and an inspiration to me during my ICANN journey
00:33:41 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Thank you Tijani for your continuous contribution tothe community
00:33:43 Abdalmonem Galila: Thanks Dr. Tijani
00:34:18 Nigeria Internet Governance Forum Account 2: Thank you so much the work you have done for the ATLARGE and AFRALO community
00:34:44 Yazid AKANHO: bravo Tijani
00:34:56 Goran Marby: +1
00:35:22 Isaac Maposa: Thank you Tijani for the great contribution to the work of Afralo community and At-Large.
00:36:23 Gisella Gruber: Please state your names when speaking and speak at a reasonable speed. Also, if possible, please use a headset
00:37:43 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: Bravo Tijani
00:38:00 Dave Kissoondoyal: It means a lot to us @Goran for your consideration and presence in our meetings
00:38:33 Sarah Kiden: Thank you, Tijani for your contribution! We are happy to continue learning from you
00:43:23 Dave Kissoondoyal: Thank-you Goran
00:45:34 Dave Kissoondoyal: Leon and Maureen also never miss our meetings. Thanks Maureen and thank-you Leon
00:46:41 Abdalmonem Galila: +1 @Dave
00:50:36 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Thanks Dave!
00:52:51 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Thank you Goran, Leona and Maureen
00:52:53 Abdulkarim Oloyede (Nigeria): thanks Leon. quite important we connecting the next billion internet users on the internet
00:53:16 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Welcome Mandla
00:53:26 Abdulkarim Oloyede (Nigeria): thanks Leon. quite important we connecting the next billion internet users majority of whom would come from Africa
00:54:06 MAEMURA Akinori: Thanks for mentioning of me, @Mandla and @Lito. Happy to be here!
00:54:26 MAEMURA Akinori: not @lito but @Leon, OF Course!! :-|
00:54:33 Caleb Ogundele: +1 Akinori
00:56:21 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Welcome Ihab
00:56:53 Seun Ojedeji: Welcome @Akinori and thanks for joining our call
00:57:39 MAEMURA Akinori: Thank you @Caleb and @Seun !!
00:58:23 Xavier Calvez: Merci aux interprètes français!
01:00:13 Mohamed Elbashir - ICANN Org: Thanks @Tijani for your support to the African ICANN community
01:01:26 yaovi.atohoun: +1 Xavier; French interpretation received 100/100
01:01:30 Goran Marby: Hi Pierre, good to see you
01:03:14 KEOLEBOGILE Rantsetse: Its good to finally see some of the faces of the pioneers of the AFRALO and AfrICANN
01:07:19 Gisella Gruber: Aziz Hilali, VC of AFRALO, will be joining us briefly. Unfortunately he is not able to stay long as he is teaching during this time.
01:07:39 Goran Marby: I like the idea of an I-star for Africa. I am interested to help with that
01:08:51 Maureen Hilyard: The I* community in the Asia Pacific region is very strong. I would recommend support for this development.
01:09:31 Maureen Hilyard: Akinori is a strong advocate of the AP* community
01:10:38 Goran Marby: I volunteer to help with what I can di
01:11:11 Benjamin Akinmoyeje: Interesting idea (clap)
01:11:17 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Thanks Goran
01:11:26 Abdalmonem Galila: Thanks Pierre
01:11:27 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Thanks Pierre
01:11:30 Gisella Gruber: Dr Ajay Data is only able to join via audio bridge but he is with us
01:11:53 Tomslin Samme-Nlar: Very good vision there Pierre for AfriCANN
01:12:21 Isaac Maposa: Thanks Pierre, quite a great initiative.
01:14:24 Lawrence Olawale-Roberts: Thanks Pierre and the African GSE team for all you do. Intresting times ahead
01:20:01 Taiwo Peter Akinremi: Thanks Pierre for that.
01:20:20 Dennis Tan: On Tuesday 20 Oct, UASG will host a session on Remediating Universal Acceptance issues. It’s going to be a workshop, so be sure to bring your thinking hat! Everyone is welcome …. see details here: https://69.schedule.icann.org/meetings/q9fnQDcQocdBmgEpx#/?limit=10&sortByFields[0]=isPinned&sortByFields[1]=lastActivityAt&sortByOrders[0]=-1&sortByOrders[1]=-1
01:20:21 Abdalmonem Galila: Thanks Dr. Ajay for this quick update
01:20:24 Maureen Hilyard: Great to see you again Mohammed
01:20:45 Maureen Hilyard: Thank you Ajay for your report
01:24:29 DANIEL NANGHAKA: it's great opportunity for African participation
01:25:10 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Thank you Mohamed
01:27:28 Eng.MOAMIN HAMAD: Thanks Mohammed
01:27:40 Goran Marby: I would like to say thanks for inviting me. Important work!
01:29:30 Seun Ojedeji: Thanks a lot for staying this Long Goran
01:29:40 Seun Ojedeji: we appreciate your attendance
01:29:57 Lawrence Olawale-Roberts: Thanks Goran for identifying with us
01:30:53 Tomslin Samme-Nlar: using African indigenous languages for email would be awesome. Looking forward to that time :-)
01:31:20 Calvin Browne: What scripts are we talking about?
01:31:33 Maureen Hilyard: Well deserved words Tijani. And nice to hear you too.
01:31:35 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Tijani you deserve all the best
01:32:02 Calvin Browne: i.e. What scripts would people be interested in seeing in IDNs?
01:32:12 Sarah Kiden: Please see the statement here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kihhQ_sghTgqlQ3u1-f_qfvXea6EjvJOS47Ws9ZXWZ0/edit?usp=sharing
01:32:24 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Thanks sarah
01:32:27 Silvia Vivanco: @ all the statement is linked to today’s Agenda
01:32:33 Silvia Vivanco: And on screen at the moment
01:34:09 Maureen Hilyard: Its been great to be here but it is just arriving after 1am and I have some other sessions later in the early morning :(
01:36:24 Innocent Adriko: Thank you Maureen, its been great having you here.
01:36:33 Seun Ojedeji: thanks a lot Maureen for joining our call
01:36:39 Seun Ojedeji: and thanks for your remark
01:37:32 Abdalmonem Galila: @Calvin, In Africa there is Arabic script, Latin Script, Ethipoic script
01:37:54 Tomslin Samme-Nlar: @Calvin, I believe that would be Ethiopic, Hebrew and Arabic as non-latin in Africa
01:38:26 Abdalmonem Galila: Luo scipt
01:38:54 Abdalmonem Galila: Mandombe … etc
01:39:14 Calvin Browne: Thanks for the replies - in a pan-African context, for example, who is the "Authority" for, say Arabic?
01:39:23 Jules NIZEYIMANA: Thanks Sarah
01:39:39 Tomslin Samme-Nlar: Not seen Luo script before. How does it look like?
01:39:40 Innocent Adriko: Thanks Sarah
01:39:53 Priyatosh Jana: Thanks Sarah
01:41:17 Mohamed Elbashir (ICANN Org): Thanks @Calvin, UA will have a positive impact on African TLDs as well, most of the African TLDs are new longer TLDs which is impacted by the UA issues (e.g .Africa, .capetown, …etc)
01:41:38 yaovi.atohoun: FYI: https://community.icann.org/display/TUA/UA+Statements+of+Work
01:42:49 Calvin Browne: @Mohamed - yeah - it's been a long time since I've had UA complaint about .CapeTown for example....
01:43:54 Calvin Browne: or rather - I should say - "it's been a long time since I've seen one"
01:44:27 Sarah Kiden: Thank you everyone for attending and for your contributions!
01:45:18 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): @Calvin good to know that you have not seen UA concerns in relation to .CapeTown recently
01:45:45 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Thank you so much Seun
01:46:10 Calvin Browne: (or any of the others I have a hand in)
01:47:33 Xavier Calvez: Congratulations Seun, Tijani and all the africans for the hard work on fostering universal acceptance! I will leave the meeting the next couple minutes. I hope everyone has a great ICANN69!
01:48:32 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): I would like to thank the AFRALO community for their support and continues trust. I look forward to continue working with all of you my dear friends and colleagues
01:48:36 Seun Ojedeji: Thanks a lot Xavier, i don't know if you like to speak?
01:48:53 Silvia Vivanco- ICANN org: Thank you Sarah for your work as AFRALO Secretariat !
01:49:05 Paul Muchene - ICANN: Congrats and thanks Sarah and all the best in your designation.
01:49:07 KEOLEBOGILE Rantsetse: congratulations Sarah. All the best
01:49:08 Tomslin Samme-Nlar: Nice work Sarah
01:49:08 Yazid AKANHO: bravo Sarah
01:49:19 Xavier Calvez: Thankyou Seun, but I don’t want to take time away from anyone, and certainly not from Tijani!
01:49:33 Jules NIZEYIMANA: All the best @Sarah
01:49:45 Mohamed Elbashir (ICANN Org): @Calvin, the acceptance on ascii@ascii.newlong TLDs is much better than IDN TLDs/EAI ( which around 11%), I would be happy to discuss UA acceptance of the African TLDs in details, I will reach out to you, Thanks
01:49:49 Silvia Vivanco- ICANN org: Thank you @ Xavier for attending the meeting
01:49:49 Mandla: Great work Sarah, and all the best.
01:50:02 Sarah Kiden: Thank you everyone! Much appreciated and thank you for supporting my work!
01:50:16 Isaac Maposa: Thanks Sarah for the great work and all the best in your new role.
01:50:18 Lawrence Olawale-Roberts: Congratulations Sarah on your new role
01:50:20 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Congratulations Sarah!
01:50:28 Mohamed Elbashir (ICANN Org): Thank you @Sarah, good luck in your ALAC new role
01:50:43 Abdalmonem Galila: Congratulations Sarah
01:50:47 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Well done Sarah
01:51:51 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Congratulations Tijani on your endless work
01:51:52 Joanna Kulesza (ALAC EURALO): Thanks for a great meeting all! Apologies, got to run off. Congrats to the AFRALO-AfrinCANN team, keep the inspirations flowing.
01:51:55 Caleb Ogundele: Congratulations Sarah, Hadia and above all Tijani…. Thank you for your mentorship
01:52:15 Mohamed Elbashir (ICANN Org): Thank you @Tijani for all your efforts for years in the community
01:52:30 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: I certainly hope that Tijani will continue to be engaged and contributing to AFRALO and At-Large!
01:52:39 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): +1 leon
01:53:20 Ihab I. Osman: Thank you Tijani for all your efforts over the years..
01:53:28 Caleb Ogundele: @Tijani I remember our first meeting in Gaborone, Botswana in 2013… Those kind words during your outreach still echo in my heart
01:54:12 Sarah Kiden: Thank you, Tijani for your service to the community, and for hand-holding and mentorship behind the scenes!
01:54:21 Caleb Ogundele: We still hope you hang around and continue to support us with your wise counsel
01:55:11 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: Congratulations Tidjani, Sarah,Hadia for all your effort et contribution. toutes nos félicitations.
01:55:34 Karen Lentz (ICANN org): Many thanks Tijani
01:55:36 yaovi.atohoun: Thank you TIjani
01:55:48 Caleb Ogundele: That was very emotional Tijani… Thank you once again
01:55:48 Tomslin Samme-Nlar: Thank you Tijani. That was beautiful
01:55:50 Baher Esmat: Thank you Tijani!
01:56:02 Mandla: Thank you Tijani….we will definitely continue to call on you.
01:56:03 Raymond Mamattah (ICANN Fellow): Well done Tijani. Sounds very emotional!
01:56:07 Xavier Calvez: Felicitations Tijani!
01:56:11 Gisella Gruber: Congratulations Tijani!
01:56:13 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): We shall always need you
01:56:17 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Bravo Tijani!
01:56:26 Innocent Adriko: Well done Tijani
01:56:57 Alpha Abdoulaye THIAM: Merci Tijani et Sarah pour ce service à la communauté
01:57:03 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Congrats Abdelgalil
01:57:04 Gisella Gruber: Welcome Abdeldjalil!
01:57:07 Theresa Swinehart: Thank you Tijani!! And thank you all for a very good session and discussion!
01:57:18 Sarah Kiden: Welcome Abdeljalil!
01:57:24 Gisella Gruber: Thank you Sarah but you are not going far :-)
01:57:27 Calvin Browne: Cheers guys - and well done on all the work achieved so far.
01:57:27 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Welcome Abdeldjalil
01:57:28 Herb Waye Ombuds: Au revoir
01:57:30 yaovi.atohoun: Welcome Abdeldjalil
01:57:32 yaovi.atohoun: Bye
01:57:34 Yesim Nazlar: Thank you all, this session is now adjourned.
01:57:35 Gisella Gruber: Thank you ALL for joining us today
01:57:36 Silvia Vivanco- ICANN org: Thank you all for your participation
01:57:37 Paul Muchene - ICANN: Bye bye!
01:57:37 Bonface Witaba: Thank you everyone!
01:57:39 Malick: Congratulations Tidjani, Sarah,Hadia for all your effort et contribution.
01:57:39 Silvia Vivanco- ICANN org: Bye all
01:57:39 Lawrence Olawale-Roberts: Bye all
01:57:39 Luna Madi: Bye all!
01:57:41 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): Au revoir
01:57:41 Ramanou BIAOU: Thanks
01:57:42 Sarah Kiden: Bye
01:57:42 Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC): bye
01:57:42 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: thanks Seun and all colleagues, Merci beaucoup
01:57:43 Isaac Maposa: Thanks, bye
01:57:43 Ramanou BIAOU: Bye

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