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The following Statements of Work (SOWs) are recommended by UASG for addressing UA Readiness.  For any queries, or if you are interested to undertake the currently open or future work, please email your proposal or interest to  In case the Final Call Date is changed, it would be updated in the table below.

DateSOWWGFinal Call DateCurrent Status
21 March 2024Rating email software using EAI Self-Certification Guide (phase 1) UA Measurement WG10 June 2024Contracting
26 January 2024Make it easier to experiment with self-hosted working EAI systems UA EAI WG25 February 2024In progress
8 December 2022UA Curricula for Academic ProgramsUA Measurement WG05 February 2023Published for review: Draft UA Curriculum
8 December 2022UA Explainer Videos - Content for communications channelsUA Communications WG20 January 2023In progress
8 August 2022

UA Day Planning, Coordination and Capacity Building Support 

UASG24 August 2022Completed -
28 March 2022UA Measurement WG15 April 2022Completed - UASG045
06 January 2022UA Measurement WG31 January 2022Completed - UASG042
21 September 2021Programming Languages Solutions and Bug Reports for UAUA Technology WG15 October 2021Completed - UASG043
2 August 2021UA Readiness Evaluation of Programming Languages and Development Frameworks – Phase 3UA Technology WG23 August 2021Completed - UASG037
12 May 2021

UA Remediation of 2000 Websites Globally

FAQs for Proposals

UA Technology WGExtended till 25 June 2021

Website test completed - UASG039

UA Remediation for Websites completed - UASG046

21 January 2021UA Measurement WG18 February 2021Completed - UASG036
21 January 2021UA Measurement WG18 February 2021Completed - UASG035
13 October 2020UA EAI WG18 February 2021Completed - UASG044
13 October 2020UA Technology WG18 February 2021Completed - UASG040
13 October Website RedesignUA Communications WG2 November 2020Closed -
10 August 2020UA Measurement WG24 August 2020Completed - UASG032
26 Mar 2020Email Tools Inventory and Related DefinitionsUA EAI WG15 April 2020Closed
17 Jan 2020UA Readiness Evaluation of Programming Languages and Development FrameworksUA Technology WG10 Feb. 2020Completed - UASG018A
8 Jan 2020

Evaluation of Email Software and Services which Announce EAI Support

UA EAI WG12 Feb. 2020Completed - UASG030
17 Oct 2019

UA-Readiness of Open-Source Code (Pilot) 

UA Measurement WG10 Jan. 2020Completed - UASG033


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