What are the RALOs?

The At-Large community is structured into five Regional At-Large Organizations (RALO), each composed by a number of regional At-Large Structures (ALS), Internet user organizations, and unaffiliated users. Each RALO has a regional Chair and a Secretariat. In addition to their annual General Assemblies, the regions hold monthly teleconferences to develop a regional view on current policy issues and to provide input for the At-Large policy process.

Please click on the links below to visit the homepage of your At-Large region.

African Regional At-Large Organization (AFRALO)

Asian, Australasian and Pacific Islands Regional At-Large Organization (APRALO)

European Regional At-Large Organization (EURALO)

Latin American and Caribbean Islands Regional At-Large Organization (LACRALO)

North-American Regional At-Large Organization (NARALO)

Ongoing Activities:

The RALO leaders of the five regions are working in collaboration at the At-Large Regional Leadership Workspace

At-Large Structure (ALS) and Individual Orientation Program

RALO Outreach Material Planning 2016 Workspace

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