The ICANN78 Planning Committee will work on the ICANN78 At-Large Schedule, implementing the Action Items from ICANN77 as well as the Sub Committee on Outreach and Engagements suggestions.

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Planning Committee Members



Jonathan ZuckChair - NARALO
Raymond MamattahAFRALO
Remmy NwekeAFRALO
Hadia El MiniawiAFRALO
Chokri Ben RomdhaneAFRALO
Cheryl Langdon-OrrAPRALO
Naveed Bin RaisAPRALO
Shreedeep RaymajhiAPRALO
Sivasubramanian MuthusamyAPRALO
Maureen HilyardAPRALO
Mouloud KhelifEURALO
Joanna KuleszaEURALO
Natalia FilinaEURALO
Pari EsfandiariEURALO
Sebastien BacholletEURALO
Tommi KarttaaviEURALO
Mouloud KhelifEURALO
Lilian Ivette de LuqueLACRALO
Alberto SotoLACRALO
Adrian SchmidtNARALO
Denise HochbaumNARALO
Greg ShatanNARALO
Judith HellersteinNARALO
Marita MollNARALO


Meetings will be held weekly until the At-Large Schedule is finalised.

Next Meeting: 02 October 2023 - CANCELLED

Last Meeting: 25 September 2023

ICANN78 PC Action Items

Previous Calls


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