2023-09-07 ICANN78 Planning Committee Call 

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2023-08-28 ICANN78 Planning Committee Call 

  • Gisella Gruber to confirm the At-Large presentation to the Fellows at ICANN78 . JZ, Sébastien and Natalia to present. 

EURALO Session: 1 Webinar ahead of ICANN78 and 1 F2F. Session in progress 

2023-08-24 ICANN78 Planning Committee Call 

At-Large Plenary sessions:

3rd Joanna and 4th Judith 

Next Steps: putting the sessions together with speakers, content and outcomes.

Sébastien: Joanna's topic: suggestion to have a webinar prior to ICANN78 followed by a F2F session in Hamburg (using the EURALO 60min slot). Session Title: Multistakeholder Governance for New Internet Infrastructures: SpaceX, IRIS2, and Equitable Internet Access for All

2023-08-14 ICANN78 Planning Committee Call 

  • Gisella Gruber to set up a survey with the ICANN78 suggested topic with ranking

2023-08-07 ICANN78 Planning Committee Call

2023-07-31 ICANN78 Planning Committee Call

  • Judith Hellerstein to look into her suggestion for a plenary stated in a previous CPWG meeting
  • All members of the ICANN78 Planning Committee to brainstorm on ideas for the At-Large 20th Anniversary Session to be scheduled on Thursday at the AGM. 
  • For the At-Large 20th Anniversary Session, Jonathan Zuck and Sebastien Bachollet to reach out to Alejandro F to discuss ICANN2.0 and Carl Bill, chair the WG coming to the creation of the Interim ALAC interim to discuss early days of the ALAC. 
  • Gisella Gruber to submit all meeting forms for ICANN78 by 13 September. 
  •  One of the At-Large plenary sessions to have the title include:  At-Large Plenary Session hosted by EURALO.
  • Michelle Desmyter to schedule the next At-Large ICANN78 Planning Committee call on 7 August at 18:00 UTC. 
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