At-Large Review Working party

  • Holly Raiche to follow up with the Working party to review  slide n. 16 shared during ICANN 54 meeting to come up with the proposed independent examiner selection criteria.
  • Gisella Gruber to schedule the next call of the At Large review Working party in mid November. Agenda for the call should include the  selection criteria, review  methodology and review criteria  (slide deck in ICANN 54 should be included as a resource)
  • Ariel Liang to post the ICANN 54 slides in the At-Large review working party wiki .

ALAC Strategy and Working Session Part 2 

  • Alan Greenberg to follow up on the issue of establish the procedure to endorse candidates for the Competition Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review Team - The following questions will be put  to vote : • Question is an endorsement of candidates : • A) Selection of candidates to endorsed by the ALAC ALT- seen less democratic • B) Selection of candidates  -By the complete ALAC – seen more democratic • C) Selection of candidates -By specialized selection committee

  • Heidi Ullrich   to coordinate with the ICANN Meetings team to provide transportation for local outreach events for 1 day, beginning with Marrakech meeting.

ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session Part I 

  •  Gisella Gruber to invite the GSE team (Regional VPs )to join the Outreach Sub-Committee calls

  • Heidi Ullrich to ensure that the 5 year operating plan takes into account needs of the ALAC (This AI was noted as a result of Fadi’s speech)


At-Large Regional Leadership Meeting 

  • With regards to the recommendation 28 RALO,  Survey, Heidi Ullrich  to investigate if there is in house expertise within ICANN staff for building professional  surveys.

  • With regards to implementation of ATLAS II Recommendation 31, TTF to be in touch with Bogdan Manolea, (Association for Technology and Internet  Romania on the simple tools and methods to facilitate participation in public comments, and the use of crowdsourcing.
  • Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Chair of the Outreach and Engagement SC  to follow up with Jean Jacques Sahel so that there can be synchronization with GSE Outreach activities.

  • user-a00a6 to send the Civil Society document to the Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee and coordinate the organization of an Ad-Hoc call and Webinar. 


LACRALO Meeting 

Cross Community Committee on Accessibility

  • Gisella Gruber  to schedule a 90 minutes session In Marrakech with flip charts. The Accessibility Committee to  prioritize and do a needs analysis.

  •  Cheryl Langdon-Orr to oversee on Inter-sessional work to focus on possible production of a White Paper. Flip charts to have content that has been prepared via wikis
  •  For the next meeting staff to contact CCWG staff to helps us arrange a similar system that they use. 
  • Silvia Vivanco to coordinate a meeting with IT with TTF in Marrakech.

ALAC Work - Part I 


Sub-Committe on Finance and Budget- Session with Xavier

  • Heidi Ullrich to coordinate with Xavier Calvez  to  provide additional details to Garth Bruen on finance questions.


ATLAS II Implementation Taskforce Workspace 

  • Alan Greenberg  to follow up with the ALAC to discuss possibility of creating a liaison position to the GAC


 ALAC Work Part II

         1. At-Large Website Revamp Taskforce to hold call(s) to review the mockup of Get Involved, ALAC, and remaining pages, as well as discuss content migration, translation, and other issues

  • 2. Ariel Liang  to organize brainstorm sessions with RALO Chairs/Secretariats to discuss content management / workflow of new RALO pages- Agenda item for RALO Secretariats
  • 3. Ariel Liang and Laura Bengford to solicit feedback across the At-Large Community for the Beta Website during the Beta Testing period that will continue through the end of 2015

APRALO Monthly Meeting 

  • Silvia Vivanco and Siranush Vardanyan  to work on the wiki space APRALO Rules of Procedures Review 2015- Individual membership, open for all members of APRALO to comment.

At-Large Capacity Building Working Group

  •  Heidi Ullrich to coordinate with Jeff Dunn and Communications on putting all Beginners guide onto ICANN learn.
  • Gisella Gruber to send Jeff Dunn the slides/transcripts from the CCWG and WG Capacity Building Webinars. They will continue to do this with future capacity building webinars.  


EURALO General Assembly

  •  Silvia Vivanco to coordinate with EURALO's Chair on the Board election. 
  •  EURALO to develop criteria for the EURALO Chair. Olivier Crepin Leblond and Wolf Ludwig to draft text before the next GA.
  • Silvia Vivanco  to set up a wikipage on ideas for inreach and ask EURALO members to send in their comments.


AFRALO-AfrICANN Joint Meeting 
  • Silvia Vivanco to post the final version of the AFRALO-AFRICANN  statement.


EURALO General Assembly Part 2

  • As a result of thesis debate the paper on Public interest will be circulated among all other RALOs with the aim to start a wider discussion of this theme.

At-Large Technology Taskforce Meeting


ALAC & Regional Leadership Wrap-Up Session

  • Heidi Ullrich to prepare a list of all At-Large WGs, which ones are open and which need members

ALAC Leadership Team

  • Heidi Ullrich to work with Melissa King, Vice President,  Board Operations, to set up a call between ALT/ALAC and Board members – open call. Asha will come on.

  •  Melissa King to follow up with Steve Crocker on the issue of RDAP (IETF, WHOIS)

ALAC Development Session

  • The ALAC will identify the people in a small drafting group to develop the mission Statement of the ALAC; anyone interested to be in that part of the group to contact Alan Greenberg; the group to review the parts in ICANN bylaws pertaining to the ALAC and come up with a clearer mission Statement -
  •  Mid monthly ALT meeting needs to set the agenda for the ALAC meeting for the corresponding month
  •  Alan Greenberg to take the lead so the ALAC has a training session on how to deal with difference in opinions and conflict of interests
  • Ariel Liang to set up Skype chat group for the ALAC (members include 15 current ALAC members, current GNSO, ccNSO, and SSAC liaisons, and former ALAC Chairs?)
  • Ariel Liang  to set up a test group for SLACK, an alternative instant messaging tool







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