Gisella Gruber:Welcome to the Selection Committee for Accountability Cross Community Working Group members on Thursday 4 December 2014 at 1600 UTC

  Gisella Gruber:Agenda:

  IMRAN:It may be if you do not login with a user ID... just a guess

  Glenn McKnight:hi

  IMRAN:Can you hear me?

  IMRAN:I am :-)

  Glenn McKnight:The  webinar is going now

  Glenn McKnight:Can we have a link to their  slides

  IMRAN:But someone else's line is noisy

  Glenn McKnight:Tw0 from  NARALO

  IMRAN:I request all to Mute except speakers...

  IMRAN:very noisy

  IMRAN:mute microphones i mean

  Glenn McKnight:called via  Adigo too

  VANDA:hi all I am not at my office so please I can not talk much

  Glenn McKnight:Hand up on procedure

  Heidi Ullrich:Welcome, All

  Ariel Liang:The candidates we have:

  Glenn McKnight:Le Marie Thompson is calling in

  Terri Agnew:Le-Marie Thompson has joined

  Le-Marie Thompson:on the right call now

  Ariel Liang:13 ppl

  IMRAN:TY IAT. Thank you I appreciate that ;-)

  VANDA:welcome all

  Fatimata:Good job Olivier.  Thank you and bye to everybody.  I have to leave now.

  Le-Marie Thompson:Great, I just would'nt want anyone to be discourged from preparing themselves for another oppertunity

  Humberto Carrasco:thank you

  Le-Marie Thompson:Thanks

  Heidi Ullrich:Thanks, All.

  Holly Raiche:Thanks Olivier

  Ariel Liang:Thank you all!

  Humberto Carrasco:bye

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