Final comments on the draft below are requested before the next meeting of the Metrics Sub-committee on Wednesday 24 September at 14.00UTC


During our  ICANN meetings in Singapore and London, the ALAC Metrics Sub-Committee proposed, and sought feedback on, some measures by which the performance of our ALAC members could be assessed in accordance with Section 9.1-9.4 of the 2013 ALAC Rules of Procedure: Performance, Metrics and Remediation.

9.1 All ALAC Members must make regular and significant contributions to the ALAC, At-Large and ICANN.

9.2 A variety of metrics will be maintained related to quantifiable performance aspects to ensure that all ALAC Members and appointees are aware of their performance, and to support the Chair in the responsibility of monitoring such performance. Such metrics will include, but are not limited to:

9.2.1 Meeting attendance, which includes sending prior notice if attendance is not possible. Attendance will be based on individual ALAC sessions for meetings held during an ICANN meeting.

9.2.2 Participation in the decisions and votes of the ALAC.

9.2.3 Participation and roles played in ALAC working groups as well as those of other bodies within ICANN.

9.3 Subject to privacy and confidentiality requirements, the metrics for all Members and Appointees will be publicly available.

9.4 The ALAC is empowered to set thresholds which the Chair or RALOs could use to monitor performance.


Consultation with the Secretariat group, and subsequently with the RALO ALSes themselves, indicated differing views on the types of performance measures that should be expected of their elected ALAC members. Taking  these variances into account the Sub-committee proposes the following metrics:

  1. A record of meeting ATTENDANCE of each ALAC member (of all face to face and online ALAC-related meetings)
  2. A record of ALAC member PARTICIPATION in the formal ALAC voting process.
  3. An ANNUAL REPORT to the ALAC Chair from each ALAC member, specifying:
    1. The names of any working groups/committees in which the ALAC member has actively participated during the annual period
    2. A statement describing the ALAC member’s roles and any significant contributions made to the outcomes of the working groups
  4. These records will be open to view by the At-Large community.
  5. The ALAC Chair is empowered to enforce Rule 9.4 if the Chair decides that ALAC performance requires more structured monitoring.
  6. Any additional metric expectations determined by the RALOs of their elected ALAC members must be clearly stated within their RALO ROPs.  







30-July-2012 call notes and resources.




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