At-Large IDN WG 10 April 2013 -  Beijing

Date: Wednesday 10 April 2013

Time: 17:00- 18:30 local time (for the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.gTLD/MT.0413/1

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  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Relevant JIG, VIP and New gTLD Updates Related to IDNs
    1. Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs:
    2. VIP related reports
    3. Label Generation Rules:
    4. User Experience Study:
    5. Trademark Clearinghouse not supporting IDN Variants
  3. General At-Large position statement
  4. Long-term IDN Strategy for ICANN
    1. Stocktaking of items

      1. IDN impact on and adoption by users

      2. Market driven approach of ICANN not enough to support IDN adoption

      3. Consumer trust and choice, etc.

  5. Next Steps


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