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Glenn McKnight

Pictures of the ICANN58 Event 

NARALO  Monthly Meeting (Wed March 15th)

--Chaired  the monthly meeting 

-Discussion of  GA  Agenda

-Announcement of the pending  NARALO election nominatin period and timelines


TTF  ( Wed. March 15th)

  • Action item  request for  community suggestions for more conference tools- Added two more(Glenn)
  • Video walk through with Josh  Baulch of  ICANN Technology centre(Glenn)


CCWG Internet Governance Session (Thursday March 16th)








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  1. Saturday 5 November 1515-1645: Update on Whois Related Activities: The meeting reviewed the various current Whois related activities including RDAP, Privacy/Proxy  Services Implementation, Whois Accuracy and the Registration Data Working Group.  Each speaker outlined the progress of their activity, and a Board member said the Board is keeping track of all the related acivities. The meeting was also talking about the proposed Review of Whois - as was required under the AoC every 4 years. The strong feeling of the meeting was that, if the review must go ahead, it should be confined very tightly to be only a review of the Whois Final Report  - what has no has not been done - since everyone familiaar with the issues is tied up with other Whois issues.

    Monday 7 Nov 1700 - 1830: RDAP Implementation Model.  This was mainly a review of whereimplementation is up to.  While, originally, people were concerned that the gated access functionality would not be mandatory in implementation of the protocol, there seems to be agreement that industry now wants to move ahead, looking to various models on implementing whatever policy is decided on in the RDS group. One interesting issue raised was that the IP community wrote to the WG, reminding them of the privacy issues that are tied up with implementation.

    Tuesday 8 Nov 1515-1645: APAC space: Given the large number of participants in this meeting, there was only time to review issues of concern including the subsequent procedures issues for new gTLDs (that impact IDNs), participation in APAC activities and outreach activities.

  2. Dev Anand Teelucksingh - ICANN58

    Saturday 11 March 2017 - Community Onboarding

    Isaac Maposa was present, Beran Dondeh Gillen and myself attended remotely, unfortunately no ability to dial in and participate.

    The At-Large Community Onboarding documents to date at At-Large Community Onboarding has 4 documents

    0 - Approach for Community Onboarding for ICANN58
    1 - What is the DNS?
    2 - Key Policy Issues of the At-Large Community
    3 - Presentation on Introduction to ICANN At-Large


    Wednesday 15 March 2017 - Technology Taskforce meeting

    TTF Presentation (PDF)


    Thursday 16 March 2017 - Cross-Community Session: Moving Towards a Data Driven ICANN

    Gave inputs remotely on the ICANN Stakeholder Analysis Tool and ALAC's inputs re: open data and Policy Management Process System