The vision is to “pilot-test” ICANN’s capability to increase the accessibility of Policy development activities by providing real-time captioning service on existing At-Large community meeting calls.  The concept is to test a potential new/additional vendor (Caption First) who, it is believed, can provide captioning capability at levels comparable to our current transcript provider in real-time at substantially lower prices.

Targeted nine (9) pilot-test call effort over the course of several months concluding with a staff assessment and recommendation at the end of the test.

See approved FY16 Request Captioning Pilot Project with more details. Here


Staff Support Lead: Silvia Vivanco

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AFRALOBeran Gillen 
AFRALOSeun Ojedeji 
APRALOSiranush Vardanyan 
NARALOSunish Gupta 
APRALORafid Fatani 
NARALOAlfredo Calderon 
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Criteria for Captioning

Criteria listed in order of priority. Requests for captioning have to meet at least one of these criteria to be put on the list for captioning

1) Are there persons with disabilities or with limited bandwidth participating?

2) Are there webinars of general interest to the ICANN community that would increase the engagement of non-native English speakers?

3) Are the meetings or discussions about accessible tools or software?



A  short  survey with two sections

Section  One  - is a set of five questions on the end user experiences of the session using captioning. This is used all the time and is combined with the webinar ones

Section Two-  is a set of  five questions on the quality of the  webinar- Do not use these questions when the session is not a webinar


**Section one:

1.The  captioning  feature of the  Adobe  Connect room is part of a pilot. 

Please choose the suitable term-

•Very Helpful,

•Helpful ,

• Less relevant,

• Not  Helpful

2 . Please  self identify all  categories  that describes  who you are

  • A person with disabilities,
  • Participant for whom English is a second language,
  • Participant who doesn't speak English 
  • Participant who has limited or low bandwidth
  • None of the above

 3 . What  benefits  did you get from accessing the  Captioning stream? Chose as many answers as possible

•Greater understanding of the topics

•Ability to understand the session more effectively

•Provided the correct spelling of technical terminology

•Personal benefits of being appreciated

•Able to more fully participate and engage with the presenter

• other, please describe   Leave this blank so people can add to it.

4.  Where else do you think Captioning should be required?

Working Groups, Task Forces, Adhoc groups, RALO Calls, ALAC Calls, CCWG Calls, other constituencies

5  Any final comments?

**Section two:

When the captioning is part of a webinar than ask these additional questions

6. How do you  rank today's session in terms of  quality of information 1 to 5 ( Five is the best) Chose one answer

7. How was all the presenter's  delivery    1 to 5 ( Five is the best)

8. Do you plan on using any of  information directly with your  AT Large Structure (ALS)?  yes or no

9. If yes,  please explain

10. Any further comments/recommendations about the content of this session?

 Draft Captioning Survey Results FY16- consolidated answers





 NARALO monthly February 8th 1 hour Dec 16th 2015 Submitted by Glenn McKnight

ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement

26 May 20161 hour Dec 16th 2016/ March 24 2016 Submitted by Glenn McKnight / Submitted by Renata Aquino Ribeiro
 Technology Task Force18 April1 hour Dec 16th 2015 Submitted by Glenn McKnight 
 APRALO - APAC Hub Capacity building webinar 22 March 20161 hour Dec 22nd 2015 Submitted by Siranush Vardanyan 
LACRALO18 April90 minutesMarch 24 2016Submitted by Renata Aquino Ribeiro
APRALO - GSE HUB  May Webinar on DNS Security  and Abuse17 May 20161 hour April  6, 2016Submitted by  Siranush Vardanyan
ALAC monthly Call26 April 20162 hours13 April 2016Submitted by Alan Greenberg
Capacity Building Webinar 25 May 201690 minutes05 May 2016Submitted by Tijani Ben Jemaa

Cross Community Committee on Accessibility Call

02 June 20161 hour26 May 2016Submitted by Cheryl Langdon-Orr
EVENTS CONFIRMED  Survey Sent Results of Survey
NARALO Monthly CallFeb 8th, 20161 hourAC poll Feb 9th, 2016NARALO Survey
APRALO-APAC Hub Capacity Building Webinar22 March 20161hourAC poll 22 March 2016APRALO-APAC Hub Capacity Building Webinar poll Survey
LACRALO18 April 20161.5 hourAC poll 18 April 2016LACRALO poll Survey
Technology Task Force18 April 20161 hourAC poll 18 April 2016/ Email 19 April 2016TTF poll Survey & click tools
ALAC monthly call26 April 20162 hoursAC poll 26 April/ Email 26 April 2016ALAC poll Survey & clicktools
 APRALO - GSE HUB  May Webinar on DNS Security  and Abuse17 May 20161hourAC poll 17 May 2016APRALO-APAC Hub Capacity Building Webinar poll Survey
ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement26 May 2016  1 hourAC poll 26 May 2016ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement
Capacity Building Webinar 25 May 2016  90 minutesAC poll 25 May 2016Capacity Building Webinar - CCT RT
Cross Community Committee on Accessibility Call02 June 2016  1 hourAC poll 02 June 2016CCC on Accessibility Call






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