ALAC Questions to the Board: (The Board has requested that the questions be listed in terms of their priority)

  • In the chair's Blog: The Los Angeles Workshop Recap: Cherine Chalaby mentions that the Board discussed the challenges they are facing around deciding if something is in the global public interest. Could the Board provide the ALAC with more details about the topic and discuss the findings?
  • Budgets are clearly going to be a subject of must conversation going forward in ICANN. Do Board Members have any thoughts on opportunities to increase revenue, and any thoughts or concerns on how budget reductions might endanger the multistakeholder model?
  • We understand that SSAC has advised the Board on issues related to the KSK Rollover with SAC063 (11/7/13) and SAC073 (9/30/15). Can the Board comment on implementation of that advice. Furthermore, can the Board please comment on the effect of the KSK rollover on end users as SSAC recent research has focused on resolvers and not the end user experience.

Board Questions to the SO/ACs:

  • What are your key goals in 2018?  The Board is interested in this question to make sure that its own priorities are aligned with the community’s priorities.
  • What are your most relevant longer-term goals?  The Board is interested in this question because discussions about longer-term goals and strategic planning will commence soon between the community, the Board and ICANN org.

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  1. My Suggested Question to the board

    In the chair's Blog: The Los Angeles Workshop Recap: Cherine Chalaby mentions that the board discussed the challenges facing the board around deciding if something is in the global interest, may the board give us more details about the discussion and share with us the findings.

  2. Are there specific questions or areas of ongoing concern where the Board is seeking advice? If so, what are they and how can At Large help?

  3. answer to Board question number 1 What are your key goals in 2018? 

    Responding to the boards first question about our goals for 2018 - One of the items that we are looking forward to start working on as soon as possible is the implementation of the improvements in relation to the  At-Large review report. To this end we are increasingly putting at the center of our interests and activities the individual users as opposed to just the at-large structures (ALSs), all of our five regional organizations now accept individual users, moving forward with this involves the production of various forms of information whether for awareness and outreach purposes or for capacity building and skills development purposes and of course in different languages. In this regard we are also looking at more engagement and outreach mechanisms hoping that more people get to understand what we do and to have more participation from all regions and an important element in this regard is our approaching general assembly.   

    Moving forward, another crucial element is the development of measurable performance metrics, we acknowledge that we have not been very good in presenting our work to the ICANN community, the community has the right to know how we contribute to the Internet eco system. ALAC has already begun to revamp the website and the Wiki, reflecting the reality and having only active working groups there, we have agreed on issuing a quarterly newsletter and we currently have a social media working group.

    1. I think the general tone is good, but we will need to adjust a few details. I cannot suggest wording now, but will later today.

      1. A couple of issues:

        • Not all RALOs have individual members. Still a work in progress in LACRALO.
        • the text implies we will only focus on individual members, but we will also be focusing effort on reaching out to members within ALSes (which is why we justify keeping ALSes)

        So result (in bullet form) is:

        • As part of At-Large Review Implementation, we are looking at ways to involve more members of our ALSes as well as individual members unaffiliated with an ALS.
        • Methodology will include information about ICANN and active policy issues, in understandable terms and in local languages as well as an At-Large newsletter.
        • By having more people understand what ICANN is doing, we expect to find some fraction of them willing to become active participants
        • Metrics - Tracking participation on a more granular basis (people as opposed to just ALSes) will be apart of that.
        • Updating our web and wiki presence will be a crucial part of ensuring that we send the right messages to prospective volunteers.

  4. 2018 Key Goals:

    • Implementation of review action items following Board approval
    • Focusing on policy advisory groups and top level wgs

    Long Term Goals

    • Facilitate end user participation by supporting global engagement, ITI, and supporting the rebuilding in a UX friendly way
    • Continuing to pursue At Large's core mission of advising on policy and initiating PDPs where and when necessary.

    1. I would strongly suggest that we not say we are doing ATLAS planning (which will imply detailed planning) prior to discussing funding, and that should NOT be done at this meeting.

      On "reinvigorating":, it needs to be clear that the WGs have withered due to our focus over last few years on IANA transition and Accountability.

  5. John the long term that you stated " Return to At Large's core mission of advising on policy and initiating PDPs where and when necessary." 

    is actually the objective of the committee. I do not see that we could refer to it either as a short term goal or a long term goal this is something that we are continuously working on and is not subject to change. In other words this is one of the main objectives of the committee and all  the time we are striving to achieve it in better and more inclusive ways through the goals that we set whether these are short term or long term goals.