29 September 2020

  • HU to check into which ICANN sessions will have the YouTube Streaming

22 September 2020

  • Deadline for descriptions is 48 hours
  • Deadline for agendas is Tuesday, 29 September. 

15 September 2020

  • Maureen Hilyard to follow up with Stephanie Perrin re joint ALAC/NCSG session on urgent need to confirm the session. 
  •  Confirmation of joint ALAC/NCSG session to happen today or session to be re-scheduled to ICANN70. 
  • Slot 1's title is: 
  • Slots of ALAC Achievements 2020 and JZ's session on RALO
  • Jonathan Zuck to organize an interactive session with the RALO leaders on educating people on DNS Abuse campaigning
  • Hadia Elminiawi to contact members of the SSAC to present at her session on End User Interests. 

8 September 2020 

MH introduced the new track (Policy, O/E and Operations/Comms) with color coding. 

Policy Slots: 

Week 1

1) Recommendation Prioritisation
(JZ) (ALAC/At-Large targeted)

2) Joint ALAC/NCSG - Human Rights and WST Implementation 

Week 2

3) Coordinating the Internet unique identifiers and the interests of the Internet users (with the SSAC) - HA (TBC)

4) Beyond Budapest: The UN Cybercrime Treaty and DNS Abuse - (JK)

5) EG/IG (OCL)

6) PICS and Registry Voluntary Commitments: Understanding the Challenges (HR)

Former Slot 4 Week 2 - DNS Abuse - campaigning

1 September 2020

Confirmed Sessions: 

Welcome (30 mins)

ALS Engagement - moderated by Amrita (90 mins)

OCL's IG session (90 mins)

Regional Leadership (90 mins)

SC-O/E - (90 mins)


Wrap Up (120 mins) to include Goran, Maarten, Leon (starting of 2nd three year term, looking forward to ICANN70). 

At-Large Social event - Week 2

Policy Proposals: 


PICs - Holly to lead (in best time for HR and NOT Wednesday evening from 6-8 p.m. her time ) (60 mins)

Joint ALAC/NCSG Session on Human Rights  (90 mins if that suits NCSG)

"Beyond Budapest" with Veni Markovski and update on UN processes (60 mins) moderated by Joanna


"Recommendation Trepidation" to be moderated by Jonathan

"Responsible vulnerability disclosure: seeking a universal standard for protecting end user security" to be moderated byJoanna

Regional Session (TBC)

EURALO GA likely re-scheduled to November. (TBC)

ICANN69 European session 90 mins (TBC) - If possible, change date/time to not conflict with any Board meeting. 

25 August 2020

  • At-Large Welcome to be during Prep week to reduce Welcome during week 1 down to 30min 
  • Week 1 Welcome to be followed by Policy Session

EURALO GA date may change to a date outside of the ICANN69 Meeting. Sébastien to consult with EURALO.

  • Jonathan Zuck to get back to Maureen Hilyard on ICANN Plenary responses from the ALAC Group
  • Hadia to set up list of topics which we would like to prioritise for the At-Large Sessions and which week
  • Suggestion by Sébastien: 60min European Session to discuss European Issues 

18 August 2020

Prep Week

At-Large to hold one prep week session on an Introduction to the At-Large Sessions (JZ, Marita on talking points, etc.)  

Week 1

Policy Session topics: 1) Media Content Directive - The new GDPR? ; 2) UN Cybercrime Treaty proposed by the Council of Europe; 3)  Vulnerabilities Equities Processes
; 4) Educational Outreach on DNS Abuse (using break out/whiteboards); 5) Consumer Protection post-GDPR; 

IG Session (hosted by OCL) - Add Australian Report on Digital Platforms -what is in the final report and what has happened since then

Suggested session - An open session of ALSes 

Other sessions: 

O/E session 


Regional Leaders meeting


Board/ALAC - 14th October

Week 2

Olivier Crepin-Leblond to organize EG-IG Session on Digital Platforms and Regulation on behalf of the ALAC. Session to be 120 mins. 

Wrap Up session to be 90 mins. 

  • Hosts of Sessions to inform Maureen and Gisella whether they wish to have Webinar or Meeting Room Zoom Format

10 August 2020

  • Gisella Gruber to put AIs on one page
  • Joanna Kulesza Hadia Elminiawi to confirm best time to schedule Jonathan Zuck's Presentation Tips Webinar in September
  • Breakout rooms use to be decided ahead of time. Interpretation issue can be done by language break outs with a reporting back in main session which will have interpretation. Breakouts not possible in webinar rooms

Sébastien suggested the Board meeting format to be ALAC RALO and Board (RALO of meeting region)

Sébastien suggested European meeting with RIPE, CENTR and other SO ACs

Maureen Hilyard requesting members to submit Policy Session topics, also lead by RALOs

29 July 2020

Week 1 Prep Sessions - At-Large will have their own prep sessions. 

Main Plenaries - 1) Prioritization; 2) SubPro/new round ; 3) EPDP; 4) MSM;  5) UA; 6) DNS Abuse; 7) Cybersecurity in pandemic era; 

At-Large Work Sessions (prioritize quality over quantity): 1) At-Large Planning Session; 2) Technology tools for use by At-Large; 3) Focus on policy rather than process with topics to include SubPro,

  • Maureen Hilyard to ask whether the Interpretation tool can access the Zoom room and interpretation using only one device (Mobile)? 
  • Zoom Rooms to use Break Out Rooms for Brainstorming, etc. - NOT POSSIBLE
  • Jonathan Zuck to work on preparing a Presentation Tips Webinar. To be presented early September
  • Yesim Nazlar to send out Doodle for the standing time of weekly ICANN69 Planning Committee calls. 
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