AI: The CPWG agreed to discuss the "WT5 Proposal from geoTLD group to change the existing AGB string contention resolution for genomes (Tentative) for 1 week" and to let Justine know if the group will take any action on this.

  • Jonathan Zuck will post the WT5 Geonames scenarios to the mailing list requesting feedback.
  • Jonathan Zuck will circulate the slides on CPWG Charter, CPWG process requesting feedback.
  •  Evin Erdogdu to get in touch with Bastiaan Goslings urgently to clarify what is the last draft statement “Evolving the governance root system statement”
  • Alan Greenberg to start a final draft "Evolving the governance root system statement” the target for completion end of afternoon tomorrow Canada's time. If we don't hear from Bastiaan by 15 UTC the document drafted by Alan shall be considered final.
  • Evin Erdogdu to circulate the draft Proposed definition of Name Collisions and Scope of Inquiry for the Name collisions Analysis Project for feedback ASAP.
  • Yesim Nazlar to send a doodle shall to set up a recurring day and time in rotation
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