This is the ATLAS II timeline. It should be considered work in progress. Comments are appreciated.

Version: 21/05/14

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  1. Comments by Dev Anand Teelucksingh received by email @ 7/16/13:


    - the timeline shows one survey being sent out whereas there is a
    possibility of two surveys as was done in the first At-Large Summit.
    Obviously we'll have to decide whether this is necessary to do so.

    But given the that the the central theme has yet to be decided,
    perhaps a first survey could ask At-Large to pick the core theme, the
    overall theme is then selected based on the analysis of the survey
    results and then a 2nd survey asking which working groups/sessions
    based on the summit theme they would be interested in.

  2. Thanks for this input and the draft ATLAS II time line providing a good basis
    for discussions, Eduardo.
    Just one comment to Dev: I think we should try our best to accommodate all our
    questions to the community in ONE (pre-ATLAS II) Survey because
    - each survey demands a lot of capacities and resources to be launched and
    - our folks (ALSes) are not very fond about surveys and it would be difficult
    to mobilize them twice (for similar purposes at least).
    - even with the conditionality to participate in the Survey "to qualify for the
    Summit", it will be difficult to reach a high feed back quorum twice.
    Just some thoughts. 
  3. Hi Eduardo,


    Good start.  Would like to include  "Travel logistic coordination start with staff"  March 30.



  4. Anonymous

    Hi Eduardo, 

    Thank you for putting this draft timeline together.

    Perhaps we could also include action after the summit such as an evaluation of the outcomes of the Summit (such as increase in participation in At Large, feedback from participants etc). I propose that this evaluation happen in August 2014 but am open to suggestion. 


    Cintra Sooknanan


    1. Cintra:

      That is a very good idea. The ROI group is geared to deal with these. Maybe you may want to work directly with them to identify specific dates and deliverables. 




  5. I find this driver scheme realistic and practical. In the background, we would have to have a good repertoire of ALS by area with a statistical describing their involvement in the activities of ICANN. This may serve as a clinical approach to help integrate well in the ICANN community.

    1. Thanks Eduardo,

      • Timeline: looks fine.
      • Survey: like Wolf, and for the same reasons he has underlined, I think one survey would be enough if well prepared and managed.
      • Overall theme of Atlas2: I still believe it is better to choose this early on, so that more detailed work can flow from that, rather than the other way round.
  6. Dear colleagues, the timeline looks good to me. Related to Survey, I agree with Wolf here that it may be difficult to have quorum for two surveys, though I think those who really are active and would like to contribute by their participation at ATLAS II, should be ready to contribute twice at this stage. 

  7. I see from the timeline that there was brainstorming at Durban. Are there notes on that?

    1. Thomas:


      There were two meetings. One was scheduled and the other not. The first one happened Wednesday, July 17, 2013. The recording and transcript are not posted yet - 17 July 2013 Meeting . The second was not scheduled and happened the next day around 2:00 PM local time. This one was used to go over the timeline to make sure everybody understood. Carlos Reyes was the attending staff. Since this one was not in the schedule no recording or transcript will be available. Carlos Reyes was the attending staff. He may have taken a few notes and action items.



    2. Thomas,

      Here are the (completed!) action items from the 18 July 2013 Informal Meeting