The SPONSORSHIP Group will be responsible for setting a dollar amount objective and actively pursue sponsors to reach it. An engagement template presentation should be developed to be used as a tool for the introduction to the event and engage sponsors.

  • OUTCOME:  a list of all sponsors and pledged money.

To join the ATLAS II Sponsorship Sub-Working Group and to follow its discussions, please sign-up for the mailing list



Team Members of ATLAS II Sponsors Group


Olivier Crepin-LeblondChair   X  
Dev Anand TeelucksinghMember   X 
Victor NdonnangMember X    



Sponsorship Events (this is work in progress)


EventDateCostSponsorCommitment ($$)
Friday's ATLAS II Welcome Cocktail20/06/2014   
Saturday's ATLAS II Dinner21/06/2014   
Monday's ATLAS II Social Event23/06/2014   
Thursday's ATLAS II Farewell Dinner26/06/2014   
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