The LOGISTICS Group is responsible for coordinating all summit logistics such as keeping track of all attending ALSes, hotel, travel, conference rooms, interpretation services, remote connectivity, printed material, mailing lists, Wikis, invoicing and summit budget.

  • OUTCOME:  event support and coordination with all WGs 

To join the ATLAS II Logistics Sub-Working Group and to follow its discussions, please sign-up for the mailing list

Team Members of ATLAS II Logistics Group


Oliver Crepin-LeblondCo-Chair   X  
Eduardo DiazCo-Chair  X  
Beran GillenMemberX    
Suhaidi HassanMember X   
Victor NdonnangMember X    
Darlene ThompsonMember    X
Maricarmen SequeraMember   X 
Bikram ShresthaMember X   
Inam AliMember X   
Allan SkuceMember    X
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