Victor Ndonnang

Pastor Peters OMORAGBON and Didier Kasole 

Pavan Budhrani

Ali AlMeshal
EURALOYuliya Morenets

Yuliya Morenets

LACRALOHumberto CarrascoDev Anand Tellucksingh
NARALOGlenn McKnightJudith Hellerstein

Table sizes:  NEW SIZE - 6' x 2' 5" (1.82m x 0.74m)

The layout of the Fayre room to be discussed with Nancy Lupiano during the ATLAS II Meeting in Singapore.- TBC as the meeting room has since changed to Sandringham.


ATLAS II Ralo Music - Playlists

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  1. Please include me in one of the slots to be at the NARALO table