Terri Agnew:Dear all, Welcome to the At-Large Summit II Events Sub Group call on Monday 05 May 2014 at 19:00 UTC

  Terri Agnew:meeting page: https://community.icann.org/x/roPhAg

  Wolf Ludwig:Hello

  Roberto Gaetano:Hi all - my speakers not working, or everybody is silent?

  Wolf Ludwig:Still silent ;-)

  Roberto Gaetano:Yes, thanks

  Wolf Ludwig:Hope there will be some more folks tonight.

  Eduardo Diaz:¡Hola a todos! -  I was able to make the call

  Wolf Ludwig:Great - thanks, Eduardo!

  Sylvia Herlein:hello everybody

  Matthieu Camus:hello everyone!

  Gunela Astbrink:Hello everyone

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:please UNSYNC the Agenda

  Evan Leibovitch:My own apoligie is that I don't have much perparation for this meeting. I'm hoping Wolf can take much of time allocated to me.

  Heidi Ullrich:the revised schedule is on the agenda of today's call. Once it is reviewed here, we will post it on the workspace

  Wolf Ludwig:Will try my best, Evan! ;-)

  Sylvia Herlein:ok

  Sylvia Herlein:@oLIVIER we are doing already that in LACRALO

  Heidi Ullrich:A survey will be sent to all ATLAS II participants so they can select their thematic group

  Heidi Ullrich:that will assist in assigning rooms

  Heidi Ullrich:Who will organize the Multi-Stakehodler roundtable on Monday?

  Heidi Ullrich:Two hours, Olivier - not three hours!

  Wolf Ludwig:I guess the event or core team, Heidi'?

  Beran Gillen:hello all

  Heidi Ullrich:@Wolf, as you wish. However, it would be good to begin the organiztion of this meeting.

  Terri Agnew:Welcome Beran

  Wolf Ludwig:Aggreed Heidi -- less than 50 days left ;-9

  Heidi Ullrich:@Olivier, are the AC/SO chairs confirmed?

  Heidi Ullrich:The GAC has asked for questions for the agenda

  Evan Leibovitch:I have received a request from NPOC that would like to invite ALSs that are NPOs to a joint session. Is it reasonable for them to hold it 09:30-10:30 through the coffee break?

  Heidi Ullrich:Apologies to NARALO and EURALO members - working General Assemblies over lunch!

  Heidi Ullrich:Bring your own sandwich

  Heidi Ullrich:the ccNSO cocktail likely will be another event

  Heidi Ullrich:not two cocktails ;)

  Avri Doria:Well and you are NCSG laisons

  Heidi Ullrich:@Evan, could they meet with the ALAC on Tuesday afternoon

  Heidi Ullrich:most of the ATLAS II reps will likely be there

  Avri Doria:and NPOC is part of NCSg, so it seems like it is twicce over in your purview

  Avri Doria:all NPOC are NCSG

  Heidi Ullrich:during an ALAC Policy discussion meeting?

  Avri Doria:Some NCSG are NPOC

  Heidi Ullrich:Please note the AFRALO/AFRICANN meeting begins before the full lunch break ends

  Evan Leibovitch:I suspect the "harmonization" meeting will require more than 2 hours.

  Heidi Ullrich:The Gala will be the Old Billingsgate near the Tower of London and Tower Bridge: http://www.oldbillingsgate.co.uk/

  Gunela Astbrink:Understood.

  Roberto Gaetano:I think that the IETF model can work for us as well

  Wolf Ludwig:Can you shortly explain the IEFT model, Roberto?

  Beran Gillen:@Wolf I am sorry I came late but has it already been announced which day the ALAC /At Large ccnso cocktail will be moved to?

  Heidi Ullrich:@ Beran, it is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, but very likely to be moved...

  Heidi Ullrich:the ALAC/Board cocktail is now scheduled for Tuesday

  Beran Gillen:Thank you..... noted

  Heidi Ullrich:46 days, Olivier!!

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:1month + 15 days.. that goes FAST!

  Roberto Gaetano:OCL, Good, I can't wait!

  Avri Doria:btw, since Hong is going to do at least hald of the work on TA, i can help Adam on MSH

  Avri Doria:... at least half ...

  Heidi Ullrich:We have received only one set of questions...

  Avri Doria:why do some sqaures say (jointly) which others do not.  is there a difference between those that are Jointly and those that are not?

  Wolf Ludwig:There is no difference Avri.

  Heidi Ullrich:@Avri, no difference besides the mood of staff at the time! We can address that.

  Avri Doria:i only got back from two weeks of NETmundial and WGEC Saturday, just starting to t catch up on it all.

  Avri Doria:i was just curious.

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Wow -- you did WGEC too? The pipeline of work does not end :-(

  Avri Doria:i can help adam.

  Heidi Ullrich:They all now say jointly. Please refresh the page.

  Avri Doria:sorry about being a trouble maker.

  Wolf Ludwig:We need your confirmation on the draft from Hong, Avri!

  Avri Doria:i was not queestioning that there were many.  not at all.  not in any way.  but maybe it was a good lead in for what Evan wnadted to say.

  Avri Doria:Hong did a draft/  I have not seen it.  maybe she can do it all.

  Avri Doria:I am sure Hong does not need my help

  Roberto Gaetano:Do it alone, do it jointly, whatever, but JUST DO IT. We need to get help from all members who are willing to, forget the "structure"

  Avri Doria:oh never mind.

  Avri Doria:If Hong already di it, i am sure it is just fine.

  Evan Leibovitch:Reading Avri's facebooks entries, WGEC seemed to be a depressing place that witnessed the pushback from Netmundial.

  Avri Doria:WGEC was invigorating, not depressing.  got all of the battle joice flowing.

  Evan Leibovitch:OK :-)

  Avri Doria:i have not seen a draft.

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Happy for you! Finally a W something that has worked out well and is invigorating. I've heard so many reports of a W something bringing suicidal tendencies

  Avri Doria:again?

  Avri Doria:I have no mail from Hong since 24 March. it will not be 'again'.

  Avri Doria:OCL, some feel sucidical, some feel girded for battle.

  Avri Doria:the WGEC did not work out well.  But that is nothing to comitt suicide over. 

  Heidi Ullrich:ATLAS I Declaration: http://atlarge.icann.org/correspondence/correspondence-05mar09-en.htm

  Gunela Astbrink:It is useful to have such criteria

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:may I suggest an AI that Staff chase up Subject matter experts immediately after the call & give them the deadline you mentioned?

  Avri Doria:oh, it is on the wiki.  i will go check there.  i am sure she did just a smashing job of it.  btw, when were all these deadlines sets and when were people informed of them.  i missed that completely.

  Avri Doria:or maybe i just missed them becasue i was travelling bunches


  Avri Doria:.she did it already. all is fine.

  Roberto Gaetano:Actually, Hong's contribution is on the Wiki, so the point is moot

  Wolf Ludwig:I wanted and needed your confirmation / OK on this!

  Gunela Astbrink:THank you

  Heidi Ullrich:@Gunela, space permitting!

  Gunela Astbrink:Understood :-)

  Heidi Ullrich:The Windsor Suite will be tight

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:next week?

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:2 weeks?

  Eduardo Diaz:2 week. In any case we can bring up any of this in the ATLAS Ii OC

  Eduardo Diaz:Thank you Wolf

  Matthieu Camus:thank you Wolf, bye!

  Roberto Gaetano:Bye

  Gunela Astbrink:Thank you Wolf - bye

  Wolf Ludwig:Thank you all and bye!

  Beran Gillen:thank you ... good bye

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