Action Items from the last call 03/18/2014



In Charge of the DESIGN of:


2. Webpage.

3. Memorabilia

4. Distinguished Tag for Atlas II participants.

5. Participation Certificate.

6. T-shirt.


Coordinate work with Staff.




Maricarmen Sequera



  1. Inam Ali
  2. Jazmin Acuña
  3. Moataz Shaarawy
  4. Seun Ojedeji
  5. Sarah Kiden
  1. Atlas I Logo will be used.
  2. Maricarmen's WebDesign was approved. Staff will ask IT if it can be duplicated in ICANN services.
  3. MailChimp will be used for the Newsletter.
  4. Newsletter Process Flow was approved.
  5. It is preferred to use HTML for the Newsletter.
  6. Newsletter Template will be approved during Singapore Meeting.

AI: 03/05/2014

  1. Design and Web Page Team has been unified.
  2. Staff to provide information about hosting, domain name and permissions for the designers to upload the content on Icann website.
  3. Maricarmen Sequera will send the options for design to choose between ALL members for next call, March 19th.


In charge of collecting content for the Newsletter and Webpage. Will work with other Atlas II WG Chairs:

  1. Mentoring
  2.  Events
  3. Logistics
  4. Public Relations WG
  5. Fayre of Opportunities

And other Comm. WG Teams:

  1. Interview: Juan Manuel Rojas
  2. Logistic: Franco Moya
  3. Translation: Andreea Gherasim
  4. Report: Darlene Thompson



Dev Anand Teelucksingh

  1. Moataz Shaarawy
  2.  Konstantin Kalaitzidis
  3. Plamena Popova
  4. Philip F Johnson
  5.  Seun Ojedeji


  1. All content has to be previously approved by Staff before publication.
  2. On April 21 will be published Newsletter Issue #1
  3. On April 18, will be launched the webpage.
  4. 5 Newsletter Issues will be published until London.
  5. Calendar was modified taking into account Singapore Meeting schedule.

    AI: 03/05/2014.
  1. Ask WG Charis to send the content they want to be published on the Website and Newsletter.
  2. Coordinate the content production with Juan Manuel Rojas   (Interview) and Franco Moya  (Logistic)



In charge of interviewing participants and community leaders before and during the Summit.

Will work in coordination with Content Team and Staff.


Juan Manuel Rojas


Need at least 1 member from each Ralo.

  1. Olivier Crepin-Leblond will answer the interview for the first Newsletter Issue.
  2. 3 Ralo Chairs already answered the interviews.
    AI: 03/05/2014.
  3. Send to staff  the questionnaire that is going to be sent to chosen members of the community for the pre-Atlas Newsletter.  Ask if they would like to send a video as well.


In charge of providing information and content about:Visa, schedules, rooms, transportation, hotel info, maps, information about London, climate, useful apps, eating out, museums, etc.

Will work in coordination with Logistics and Public Relations WG, Content and Social Team.

Franco Moya



  1. Andreea Gherasim
  2.  Inam Ali



  1. Franco will send to the mailing list the Info gathered about Logistics and London for comments.

AI: 03/05/2014.

  1. Ask Logistics WG to provide information about info they need to publish on the Newsletter and Webpage.


In charge of helping staff to provide the translations on time. The expected time to provide the translations ready is the day before at 18:00.

Will work in coordination with Staff and Content Team.

Andreea Gherasim


Franco Moya (Portuguese and Spanish)

Matthieu Camus (French)


  1. The team will provide the translations to staff on timely manner.


  1. Coordinate the work methodology with staff.

Social Media

In charge of engaging participants before, during and after the Summit, using social networks.

Will work in coordination with Logistics Team, Ralo Chairs and staff.


Sergio Salinas Porto

  1. Moataz Shaarawy
  2. Philip F Johnson 


1. After Singapore Meeting will decide on the Social Media Strategy.   

AI: 03/05/2014.

1. Will work with Ariel Liang to create and provide a Social Media Strategy.




In charge of reporting daily about the highlights of the day - during the Summit.

Will work in coordination with Content Team.  Members of this Team must be in London during the Summit.

Darlene Thompson

  1. Plamena Popova
  2. Konstantin Kalaitzidis
  3. Sarah Kiden



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