The ALS Mobilization Working Party will make a recommendation to the ALAC on what needs to be done to allow the full implementation of changes in support of ALS participation in At-Large in accordance with the plans proposed under Issue #2 of the At-Large Organizational Review as approved by the ICANN Board of Directors on 23 June 2018 and 27 January 2019.

The members of this working group are subscribed to the ALS Mobilization WG Mailing list. To subscribe to the mailing list (or read the archives / manage your subscription) please visit:


Staff Support Lead: Heidi Ullrich and Alperen Eken

Mailing list:


The members of At-Large ALS Mobilization Working Party, organized by regional affiliation, are:


Alan Greenberg (Chair)
ALAC ChairMaureen Hilyard
Ex-OfficioCheryl Langdon-Orr
AFBarrack Otieno
AFBeran Dondeh
AFDaniel Nanghaka
AFPastor Peters Omoragbon
AFRaymond Mamattah
AFSarah Kiden
AFVernatius Okwu Ezeama
APAli AlMeshal
APAmrita Choudhury
APJustine Chew
APNadira AlAraj
APShreedeep Rayamajhi
APSivasubramanian Muthusamy
EUBastiaan Goslings
EUNatalia Filina
EURoberto Gaetano
EUYrjö Länsipuro
LACDev Anand Teelucksingh
LACJacqueline Morris
LACMaritza Y. Aguero Minano
NADavid Mackey
NAEduardo Diaz
NAJudith Hellerstein
AFAbdeldjalil Bachar Bong
AFLiz Orembo
AFRemmy Nweke
EUEphraim Percy Kenyanito
EUMatthias Hudobnik
LACAlberto Soto


Next Call: 10 November 2020 ALS Mobilization WP Report Cross-RALO Single Issue Call & 12 November 2020 ALS Mobilization WP Report Cross-RALO Single Issue Call 

Last Call: 21 September 2020

Previous Calls

Meeting Attendance


Report to the ALAC

ALS Mobilization Plan

Application Accreditation Process



Current Rules/Forms

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1 Comment

  1. We wish that there are many thriving online communities all over the world. ALS of ICANN is one such. They begin with a small handful of members, see a sudden rise in active members as word spreads, before plateauing in the maturity phase. Many have a "Big Launch" and then nothing happens. A good number of them are non - starters. The History of APRALO ALS Accreditation and the APRALO ALS Survey conducted in February 2018 can be located on the ICANN WIki.

    How does the proposal of ALS ensure that any "Incident Response" is localized and the connected society facilitates jurisprudence?  

    Observation : Any assertion in "Incident Response" can be automatically annulled with sheer passage of time, say 20 years.  The concern is not about those who can manage this spell of time. 

    It is very difficult to come up with a single method to find out the ground reality with the ALSs.

    I am sure Dr. Satish Babu, Chair, APRALO would remember our efforts in making the Computer Society of India [CSI] an ALS during 2012. I was serving as Chairman, CSI Division II [Software]. Organizing the Alan Turing Year [2012] and Norbert Wiener India events through this Division of CSI got some help through this association with ICANN.

    Dr. Satish Babu, Chair, APRALO is better on documenting further on "CSI as an ALS of ICANN" .

    Suggestion: Can we get a one - page from each ALS from them?

    Gopal T V