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Proposed Resolution on Summit Working Group Statements

In order to:

• Promote the widest possible At‐Large community engagement in policy development, and;
• Ensure the five working group statements adopted as outcomes of the Summit are given the greatest weight by the larger ICANN community as follows, and;
• Allow members of the At‐Large community who were unable to attend the Summit to have their chance to be heard on the five issues the working group statements address,

The At‐Large Advisory Committee adopts the following procedure, leading to adoption of the five working group statements as amended by the above as Advisories of the ALAC:

  1. As soon as the statements have been translated, they shall be posted to the read‐only ALAC document wiki at https://st.icann.org/alac‐docs and announced to the community such that At‐Large community members may comment directly at the bottom of the page of each statement, in each language;
  2. The length of each comment period will be as long as possible, yet shall ensure that where a public comment period is underway on the subject of the statement, the At‐Large comment period shall end seven days prior to the closure of the public comment period;
  3. Where the subject of the working group’s statement is not currently up for public comment on an ICANN‐wide basis, the statement will be available for community comment for 30 days;
  4. At the end of the comment period, the leadership of each working group shall take the comments received and incorporate them into the statements to the extent practicable; ALTERNATE TEXT PROPOSED BY ALAN: At the end of the comment period, the leaders of each working group shall revise their statements factoring in the comments received in the context of the overall discussions held during the Summit.
  5. The ALAC shall then vote for a period of 5 days (where time is short), or seven days (where no time limitation as to conclusion of public comment periods of an ICANN‐wide nature exist).

The ALAC requests that the At‐Large staff notifies the relevant staff of these procedures and clarifies where, in the case of existing ICANN‐wide public comment processes, additional time may exist for ALAC statements to be transmitted in relation to those subjects.

Resolution on Summit Working Groups

The At‐Large Advisory Committee:

Recognising the great success of the At‐Large community in engaging the community in policy development to an extent not previously seen, and;

Affirming the desire of the community to remain engaged in those subjects which have been the subject of work in the Summit, and;

Realising that the work papers of the Summit are an important record of the work of the Summit and should be preserved, and;

Emphasising the importance of expeditiously facilitating the continued work of the Summit working groups;

Hereby Resolves as follows:

• That the At‐Large staff shall order the creation of five suitably‐named email lists with the same membership as the existing Summit or existing related ALAC working groups, and;

• The Staff shall also ensure that wiki workspace is made available to each of the working groups, in a manner which is both convenient for the participants and to the extent possible easy to administer, with access to all the existing content available to each group from their work during the Summit, and;

• That announcements shall be made by the Staff to the Announce list to let members of the At‐Large community know of these changes and that all working groups are open to any member of the community who wishes to join, and encouraging all members to join at least one.

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