ALAC Monthly Teleconference

Meeting Number: AL.ALAC/CC.0111/1

Date: Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Time: 1400 - 1530 UTC

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I. Standing Agenda Items

1. Adoption of the Agenda – Call for Any Other Business or Other amendments (2 mins) - Olivier

2. Roll Call Apologies from Members, if any (1 min) - Staff

3. Review of the Action Items from the ALAC Meetings in Cartagena December 2010 (5 mins) - Olivier

4. Review of Current ALS Applications (3 mins) - Matthias

ALS Tracking document

a. New application received from the Cook Island Internet Action Group: 146 - Cook Islands Internet Action Group.pdf

b. Update on the status of the application from Forum des Cadres Scientifiques pour le Développement (FORCAS): 143 - FORCAS (Forum des Cadres Scientifiques pour le Développement) (2).pdf

c. Update on status of application of Binary Egypt: [(139) Binary Egypt

5. Reports (4 minutes)

Click here for the At-Large Working Group, RALO and Liaisons Reports page

Note: There will be no discussion of reports during the meeting; these links are by way of information only. Any WG or RALO Chair or Liaison  who wishes a discussion to take place on an item related to their brief, or has an item for which a decision is required, is to use this wiki to edit the sections under Items for Decision, or Items for Discussion, as relevant, in advance of the meeting,or raise an item for Any Other Business at the START of the meeting, BEFORE adoption of the agenda

II. New Business

Items for Decision

6. Review and Revise Timelines on the Policy Advice Development Calendar (Carlton and Olivier) - 10 mins

Click here for all currently open public consultations.

The following currently open public consultations have not been scheduled for comment by the ALAC. What are the next steps the ExCom wishes to take?

7. Applicant Guidebook Alternative Text (AGAT) Working Group - Next Steps (10 mins) - Evan

For Reference: At-Large AGAT Workspace

1. Does the ALAC wish to approve the AGAT WG?

2. If so, does the ALAC authorize the Chair of the ALAC to invite participation from the GAC and other ICANN communities? 

3. If the ALAC approves the AGAT WG, does the ALAC wish to appoint Evan Leibovitch as Chair?

8.  Joint SO/AC WG on New gTLD Applicant Support - Update (10 mins) Carlton

For Reference:

JAS Charters: Side-by-side comparison prepared by A. Greenberg) (PDF)

ALAC Motion to Renew the JAS Charter (passed unanimously on 23.11.10)

ICANN Legal Department's views on two Charter issue

How does the ALAC wish to proceed  with the variance between GNSO  and ALAC JAS Charters and/or in its further discussion with the GNSO on the JAS -WG  Charter(s)?

9. Endorsement of At-Large Representatives to the DSSA Working Group (10 mins) Olivier

For Reference:

DSSA WG information (Blog post by Patrick Jones)

Joint DSSA WG - At-Large Workspace

At-Large DSSA WG Applicants

1. Does the ALAC wish to endorse the At-Large DSSA applicants?

2. Who does the ALAC wish to nominate as the ALAC Liaison to the DSSA WG as the representative from the co-Chartering Organization?

10. Proposal to Expand ALAC Sub-Committee on Budget and Finance (10 mins) - Cheryl

The At-Large Improvements WT C, which includes all members of the currentALAC sub-Committee on Budget and Finance, has proposed that the ALAC is to review, revise and expand both the role and membership of this sub-committee. In terms of membership, WT C proposes that the sub-committee on Budget and Finance be expanded to include one nominated budget liaison from each of the five RALOs. 

Does the ALAC wish to accept this proposal?

Items For Discussion

11. Preparation of At-Large Requests to ICANN's FY12 Budget (10 mins) - Olivier

For Reference: At-Large FY12 Budget Development Workspace (includes regional requests)

How does the ALAC wish to proceed with its response to the request for AC/SO requests for the FY12 Budget?

12. ALAC Policy Development for Public Consultation on the Interim Report of the Geo-Regions Review WG (10 mins) - Olivier and Cheryl

For Reference

At-Large Geo-Regions Workspace

Public Comment on the Interim Report of the Geo-Regions Review WG (closes 30 January 2011)

How does the ALAC wish to proceed with its response to the Geo-Regions Report Public Consultation?

13. ALAC Policy Development for Public Consultation on ATRT Final Recommendations (10 mins) - Olivier and Cheryl

For Reference:

At-Large ATRT Workspace

Public Comment on the ATRT Final Recommendations (closes 14 February 2011)

How does the ALAC wish to proceed with its response to the ATRT Final Recommendations public consultation?

14. Brief Reports from At-Large Improvements Work Teams (15-20 min) - WT Chairs

During the Wrap-Up Session in Cartagena, it was decided that the At-Large Improvements Work Team would present their updates during the first ALAC meeting of 2011.

Items for Information

15. ICANN Meeting 40 in San Francisco - Tentative At-Large Meetings Schedule (5 mins) - Staff

Click here for the draft At-Large Meetings Schedule for the Silicon Valley Meeting in San Francisco

Does the ALAC have any comments or additional meetings they would like to schedule?

16. Any Other Business - (5 mins) Olivier


Items For Decision

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