The Applicant Guidebook Alternate Text (AGAT) Working Team is intended to be comprised of a small number of end-user-focused members of the ICANN community. This Team will create specific wording change proposals to the new gTLD Applicant Guidebook (AG) designed to address specific (and substantial) issues raised by the At-Large Community, the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) and others. Its intent is to

  • Respond to Board and GAC concerns within specific areas of the AG – notably on applicant support in lesser developed economies and objections based on strings perceived to be offensive.
  • Define an implementation of existing policy that differs from the current ICANN (staff) interpretations.
  • Deliver wording (and commentary as applicable) that straightforward and does not require "refining" by staff (except for legal purposes).
  • Maintain the consensus decisions made by the Recommendation 6 Cross-Community Working Group (CWG) while offering specific wording changes to issues on which the group was deadlocked.
  • Be open and transparent (though some initial preparatory work may be closed).

The group will NOT:

  • Re-open non-controversial components of the AG that are already considered resolved (star) .
  • Contravene existing GNSO policy (this is about process and wording detail, not high-level policy.
  • Implement any wording going against any consensus achieved by the CWG.

The timing is such that this group is asked to have at least a rough form of its proposed wording changes available in advance of the GAC/Board meeting likely to take place in Brussels, at the end of February 2011. Endorsement by as many ICANN communities as possible is desirable, but lack thereof must not impair its transmission to the Board in time for consideration. It is our hope that this contribution may serve as a catalyst for an accommodation between the ICANN communities on such contentions issues.

(star) – while not on the Board or GAC commentaries, the user-focused community has strong views on a single regressive change regarding the trademark-related take-down notices. This Working Team may propose suggestions here too even though they may be beyond the bounds of the Board or GAC communications.


The members of ALAC Applicant Guidebook Alternate Text WG, organized by regional affiliation, are:





Evan Leibovitch



Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond



Cheryl Langdon-Orr



Hong Xue



Avri Doria


Carlton Samuels



Dev Anand Teelucksingh



Tijani Ben Jemma



Konstantinos Komaitis



Eric Brunner-Williams



Cintra Sooknanan

Former WG Members


The next call is scheduled on: 23 February 2011

Previous call:

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  1. somehow ended up on this page while looking for something.

    too bad we never actually did anything.


    but reminds me, how are the efforts going to have commentary and directions ready as the years of evaluations of the current program begin.


    just a  Sunday morning musing.

  2. This was a noble concept - but the direct interaction & haggling between the Board and the GAC ended up bypassing any input from this community - and moreover happened much too fast for this community to be able to keep up with changes.


    You raise a very important point indeed - to have a repository of what the At-Large Community thinks needs improvements in the next version of the Guidebook, once the next round gets underway. It really would be a good idea for this WG & the New gTLD WG to create such a home.