1036 Mar 2020The team agreed to create a table that contains the ‘SMART’ criteria for each recommendation that can be referenced throughout the document.
Leadership2 Mar 2020Public comment period will be extended to 20 March 2020.
Leadership16 Dec 2019Leadership confirmed to go ahead with planning for the 2-day face-to-face meeting in Cancun on 5 & 6 March.
8425 Sep 2019The Review Team agreed they should start a public comment on the process-related items of CCT implementation plan.
8425 Sep 2019

The team agreed to adopt work plan updates.

Leadership26 Aug 2019

Leadership call to be moved to this Friday, 30 August 2019, in light of the Labor Day holiday. The meeting time is also to shift to start 30 min later at 11:00 AM PST.

Leadership26 Aug 2019

Since the compliance work has not been completed, cancel the RT plenary call on Wednesday, 28 August 2019.

Leadership26 Aug 2019

RT expects to finish review by September 2020 and is envisioning 4 F2F meetings: 1) Montreal, 2) End of January, 3) Cancun, 4) between April and September.

7711 Jul 2019The Review Team decided to request face-to-face meetings in Montreal on 1 and 2 November.
7711 Jul 2019

The Review Team agreed to move the weekly plenary call to Wednesdays at 14:00 UTC.

Leadership 17 Jun 2019Leadership decided to hire the candidate presented via email as a technical writer. A 'policy researcher' will also be required.
Email30 Apr 2019ICANN Org to move forward with technical writer candidate A.
4313 Sep 2018

SSR2 to include DNS Root KSK roll process in relation to organizational risk management (ICANN SSR) and post-mortem of the KSK roll (DNS SSR) (Clarification on this decision sought from review team).

4313 Sep 2018

Team agreed to use the proposed table to assess implementation of SSR1 recommendations and revisit after 5 recommendations or so to see if any edits to the table are necessary

4313 Sep 2018Team adopted the high-level comms plan. 


6 Sep 2018Team decided to hold an engagement session with the community at ICANN63
4129 Aug 2018

Team agrees to the approach of inlining former subteams to plenary level. Team will start with SSR1 and will assess which subgroup to address next, with agreement that if new topics come up they will be discussed.

4129 Aug 2018

Team finalized Terms of Reference document - agreed to accept tracked changes in last version circulated to the list and call it final.

4024 Aug 2018Team agreed to request to meet all-day Sunday 21st October & all-day Wednesday 24th October in Barcelona.
4024 Aug 2018

Team agreed to send updated Terms of Reference to the Board and SO/AC leaders as an FYI.

4024 Aug 2018

Team agreed to send a communique to the Board and SO/AC Chairs after the face-to-face meeting in Washington, DC. The blog will be based on the communique. 

4024 Aug 2018Team agreed on the following leadership structure:
  • Chair - Russ Housley
  • Vice-Chairs (x3)
      • Denise Michel
      • Eric Osterweil
      • Laurin Weissinger
4024 Aug 2018

Team agreed to adopt the leadership roles & requirements as displayed on Slide 10 of Day 3 slides. 

4023 Aug 2018

Team agreed to delete phrase in parenthesis “(the elements that are within ICANN’s authoritative scope)” and the word “clearly” from “clearly within ICANN’s scope and remit” from the Terms of Reference document.

4023 Aug 2018

Team agreed to publish a blog after the face-to-face meeting in Washington, DC. Photograph to accompany blog.


19 Jul 2018

Team agreed to request a face-to-face meeting in Barcelona prior to ICANN63. 

5 Jul 2018

Denise and Eric to remain in the role of co-chairs until the August face-to-face meeting.

5 Jul 2018

Team agreed the 22 – 24 August 2018 face-to-face meeting will be held in Washington, D.C.

4 Aug 2017

Leadership determined Review Team will meet face-to-face in Abu Dhabi, 27 October and 3 November.

1 Aug 2017

Face-to-face drafting session will be held in Brussels, 22-24 January.

13 Jun 2017

Team agreed that individual sub-teams are free to progress work.


2 May 2017

SSR2-RT agrees to accept v3 Terms of Reference, subject to deletion of the words “and implications” in new wording proposed by Kerry-Ann Barrett. Circulate a clean version to the list and allow for 24 hours for any objections to approval. If approved, Kaveh Ranjbar can forward to the Board.
Main objectives for Madrid meeting are review of SSR1 implementation and initial structuring of work. James Gannon to provide a proposal for consideration in Madrid and lead that discussion for the RT. Others welcome to join.
Co-Chairs will decide ASAP and inform RT if SSR2 will meet face-to-face at ICANN59.

28 Mar 2017

Team will host weekly 60-minute calls on Tuesdays. Rotation of 0600, 1400 and 2100 UTC. 

22 Mar 2017

Leadership will be 3 co-chairs: Denise Michel, Eric Osterweil, Emily Taylor

15 Mar 2017

SSR2 will act by consensus

Polling will only be used in rare instances and with the recognition that such polls do not constitute votes

Leadership structure and members will be determined by consensus on 22 March plenary call (prior discussion to take place on email list)

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