NARALO  will hold a  General Assembly for the   26 ALS's  plus one Unaffiliated member in North America during the ARIN 39 event in the Spring 2017. Location: New Orleans .

History of  NARALO  General Assemblies

  • 2009- ICANN Mexico- ATLAS 1

  • 2012- ICANN Toronto

  • 2014- ICANN London ATLAS ll 

    NARALO Rationale for  NARALO Proposal corresponding with  ARIN meeting

  • All ARIN meetings are within the local US, Canada or selective West Indies

  • ARIN has a signed MOU with NARALO as most other  RALO's have a similar MOU with their RIR's

NARALO  General Assemby Core Deliverables

Budget  Proposal to FBSC 

  1. How to better engage our ALSs – also known within ICANN as “inreach” – in a frank examination of expectations, program execution and community adhesion, we intend to deliver a one-day workshop intended to discover what needs to be done, both by ICANN and the NARALO community, to maximize volunteer participation, increase the ability to represent the best interests of end-users, as well as increase ICANN's “on the street” relevance.
  2. Policy briefings on critical ICANN issues intended to ensure that NARALO ALS representatives are adequately informed to educate their ALS memberships, and that they are better able to channel bottom-up end-user perspectives and ideas into the At-Large community’s policy debates. NARALO members have traditionally been the source of a large proportion of At-Large's policy initiatives, and such interactive briefings are intended to go beyond the traditional webinar, to maintain and enhance the capability for the NARALO community to sustain this momentum. .
  3. Leadership training, intended to educate NARALO ALSes about the complex workings inside ICANN, and develop a clear understanding of its role in the broader Internet Governance Ecosystem. As just one example, the current deluge of activity surrounding the transition of the IANA stewardship is mainly the realm of those who can follow it practically full-time, with multiple working groups and dozens (if not hundreds) of proposals in the air. It is our experience that many in the At-Large community do not understand much of what's going on or even the relevance. Awareness of both the processes and the path from idea to policy is a critical part of advancing the public interest within ICANN.


Next Meeting: 02 March 2017

General Assembly Documents

Program Agenda

NARALO GA 2017 - Action Items


Volunteers - Organizing Committee

List of ALS attendees

Photos from the 2017 NARALO General Assembly




When are the  dates for the General Assembly 2017?

  • Arrival  Sunday  April 2
    ARIN First Timer’s session and Social
  • Monday  April 3  
    • Morning session- GA
    • ARIN Session and  Evening Social
  • Tuesday April 4 
    • Morning session-GA
    • ARIN General Session  and Social and Dinner
  • Wednesday April  5  
    • NARALO General Assembly  
    • Departure Wed April 5 

What is the hotel details?

Hotel Monteleone 

214 Royal Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70130




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