NARALO Monthly Teleconference

Date: Monday, 12 September 2011

Time: 19:00 - 20:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

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Apologies: Gordon Chillcott


Summary Minutes: Summary Minutes 12 September 2011

Action Items: Action Items 12 September 2011

Transcript: NARALO 12.09.11 Transcript

Chat: NARALO 12.09.11 Chat

Recording: ENGLISH


NARALO AGENDA:  12 September 2011


Standing Issues

1.  Roll Call – Staff (2 min)

2.  Review of summary minutes and action items from 8 August 2011 – Darlene (5 min)

Action items:
a)  Wording for non-performing ALSs - Darlene and Secretariats

b)  Statement on Pre-Registration – Beau:  On agenda below

c)  Video - Glenn and Joly:  On agenda below

d)  Survey - Beau, Glenn, Allan:  On agenda below

e)  Puerto Rice ccTLD general update – Eduardo:  On agenda below

3.  Open Public Consultations – Darlene (10 min)

See At-Large Policy Advice Development Schedule

See At-Large Policy Development wiki page

Proposed agenda Items

4.  JAS WG draft Final Report – Evan, Olivier (10 min)

      -  Before Sep ALAC meeting, NARALO to give feedback to regional ALAC members

See JAS WG Final Report draft 20110909

5.  Bottom-up action procedure (re compliance) – Darlene (5 min)

6.  Statement on Pre-Registration – Darlene (for Beau; 5 min)

7.  Update on NARALO video project – Glenn, Joly (5 min)

See:  Video project wiki.

8.  Update on survey of users on NARALO policy – Beau, Glenn, Allan (5 min)

9.  Update on Puerto Rico ccTLD – Eduardo (5 mn)

10.  NARALO to contribute ideas re Registrar collaborations via wiki pages – Olivier (5 min)

      -  Ideas for future ALAC-Registrar meetings

      -  Ideas for the content of educational materials to be developed by At-Large & Registrars

11.  NARALO communication needs – Olivier (5 min)

      -  NARALO to give feedback to ALAC/ExCom on its (i) communication needs and (ii) potential assistance in At-Large collaborations with ICANN Communications

12.  Any other business – Darlene (2 min)

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