On this wiki page, At-Large members are invited to enter topics they would like to see addressed in future meetings with the Registrars.  For example, what questions would you like the Registrars asked?

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  1. Anonymous

    From Beau Brendler:

    1. How about the registrar community name a liaison to the ALAC or vice-versa. We need to find a way to ensure there is a user presence at the registrar community events that happen every so often. The NA-RALO tried to ask for some travel funding for that this budget year but were turned down.

    2. Discuss the possibility of creating a joint working group on the next phase of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (changes to the agreement).

    3. Now that the RAA has been translated into more than one language, how about we have a couple of user representatives with legal experience, lawyers etc. review the contract from a user perspective and critique it for what it's missing for users' sake.

  2. 1. How do Registrars see the At-Large Constituency?

    2. Do they care about our feedback?

    3. What can we do to establish a closer relationship? Is a liaison the best way?

    4. Can we put a mechanism in place so we get invited to participate in their working groups and vice-versa?

  3. text in spanish & english

    Sylvia y Sergio



    Realmente creemos en la necesidad de un liasion cruzado porque solo de esta manera conseguiremos un real y efectivo entendimiento entre los usuarios finales y los Registrars. Pero también somos conscientes de que esta mesa no puede ser de 2 partes sino de 3, donde el GAC tiene que estar presente, porque indudablemente aquellos que adquieren dominios, ya sean empresas o usuarios finales, son ciudadanos de los países donde tienen su domicilio, o  donde está instalado su servidor, o el domicilio de la empresa donde está comprando ese dominio.

    Sería muy interesante y productiva la creación de WG que evalúen el ingreso de nuevos Registrars.

    El usuario tiene derecho a sentarse en un pie de igualdad con los Registrars y de exigir que estos se sienten al debate con los usuarios ya que la estabilidad y las buenas prácticas de Internet dependen en gran medida de que el usuario final se sienta seguro de que está adquiriendo algo de los Registrars en un ambiente que fuere sometido a una revisión continua basado en el modelo multistakeholder.

    We really believe in the need for cross-liasion because only in this way will achieve a real and effective understanding among End users and Registrars. But we also know that this table can not be a two parts table but a 3 one where the GAC must be present. Because certainly those who buy domains, be companies or end users, are citizens of the countries where they are domiciled, or the server is installed, or is the address of the domain company from whom you are buying this domain.
    It would be interesting and productive creation of WG to evaluate the entry of new Registrars.
    The end users have the right to sit on an equal footing with the Registrars and demand that they participate in the discussion with users, because the good Internet practices and the stability depend largely on the end user feel confident that is acquiring some of the Registrars in an environment that was subjected to ongoing review based on the multistakeholder model.