Short  Video


The NARALO Video Project is collaborative effort of the team to provide input in the look and feel of a short informative video for wide distribution, highlighting the merits of volunteering for NARALO

The video is short,  approximately 3 minutes long 

Mandate of the Group

  • Engaging the public about the benefits of NARALO and ICANN
  • Solicting support from community
  • Recruitment of new members

Directoral Approach

In discussion with the team we have reviewed various short informative videos which used various eye catching techniques. A prime example is

This is the Alfresco Groupware promotional video to convince customers on the merits of purchasing Alfresco over other groupware products

Key elements of the video include:

-Key speakers are off-set from the centre of the page with a neutral background

-Speakers rotate from left to right shots as speakers provide their speil

-Key words and personnel titles are shown in the screen on the space in large lettering, reinforcing the key ideas

-Fade into fuzzy and enlarge key words to reinforce key terms


Not in order of viewing

  • Opening Title page
    • Music
    • Font TBA
    • Content TBA
  • Information 
  • Topic One:  ICANN 
    • Voice over and images
    • Short video of the president of ICANN
  • Topic  Two:  NARALO
    • Voice over and images
      • What NARALO Role in ICANN
      • What is NARALO
      • Purpose
      • Mandate 
    • Video of person 1   Chairperson  of NARALO 
      • Benefits of NARALO Membership- Key words splashed on page
      • Personal perspective- Key words etc
    • Video of person 2  Secretary of NARALO 
    • Achievements 


1, who are you, what do you do?

2. what is at-large?

3. what does at-large do?

4. who is in at-large?

5. how can internet users participate?.

6. why should they?


7. who represents the public interest in the ICANN process?

8. how important is IPv6?

9. how important is security?

10. what is the role of at-large in the new gTLD process?


Joly will be responsible for selecting an Open Source Soundtrack to be used by a local NY band which will provide written documentation to provide us with a release to use the music in the video. 

Video and Editing Techniques

As discuss on Sept 29th we agreed to consider a Video Prologue Template to catch the eye of the viewer before we launch into the talking head bits

List of video clips from

Glenn`s list

I like these three for different reasons.   Please review and comment on your three so I can order the preferred template



Person(s) Responsible

Target Completion




Joly and Glenn

August 29

Selection of Directoral  approach

Discussion on August 29th reviewing various videos to determine the inspiring and compelling video format
-Decision agreed is the Alfresco approach over the other examples 



Sept 11

Meeting and filming of Olivier of ISOC UK  in NY




October 22(?)

Filming of key personnel for the video at the ICANN Meeting in Dakar

Aim to have five or six key people speaking with a neutral background or ICANN Banner to capture the key ideas to be used in the video
Need to obtain short list of suggested names




Open Source  Soundtrack

Selection of suitable soundtrack from local band





Selection of Sony Vega 10 for video editing


Glenn and Joly

Video Prologue


Selection of template from VideoHive to start the video from, see above list




Video shoot on Wednesday Oct  26, 27, 28, 29

Completed and shot in HD



Upload to FTP

FIles uploaded to Joly

Saved files in AVI format




Files edit first in Sony Vega, then computer failed, took to shop
Continue in Adobe Premier




Upload to Youtube

Short clips completed





Darlene Thompson- Get Involved




Evan Leibovitch- History of Naralo




Beau- Get Involved




Garth Bruen - Get Involved




Cintra  Sooknanan.




Wolf- Get Involved with ICANN




Olivier  Get Involved




Ganesh Kumar- Newcomer




Ganesh Kumar, Naralo Member




Evan Leibovitch Get Involved




Cheryl Langdon Orr






Chris Lahatte- Ombudsman Role




Carlton Samuels




Siranush- Get Involved




Siranush  Newcomer to NOMCOM




Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond- Experience in ALAC



Nov 14

Report to committee of video shot in DAKAR
Discussion of making two separate videos

Cut down the




Long Version

This is a 7 minute video




Short Version

2 to 3 minute Upbeat video



Nov 14

Request from NARALO  Members to provide feedback on video projects




Nov 14

Email to Scott and Seth on the short videos for a ICANN channel




Dec 14

Video Edit to shorter video

Welcome  to Naralo



Dec 15

New transition slides, added Sintra 
Invitation to Join Naralo



March 15

Final invoice for $200 sent to Heidi







Links to new videos shot in Costa Rica

Hi All


Here is the posted videos from Costa Rica .  They will be a great resource for the online ICANN Academy allowing the learners access to short and first person unscripted opinions on various topics. 


In some cases I had to film where I could get a spot and work with people's  schedules so the sound could be better. 


I would like to thank all those who participated. If you have any suggestions for topics for me to film in Prague let me know.


In the interim here is the links, these films will be provided to Matt @ ICANN and to our ICANN Moodle site


Topics and Links




History of LACRALO with Jackie Morris and Carlton Samuels

Wolfgang Kleinwaechter One Minute on Internet Governance


Wolfgang Kleinwaechter Internet Governance Longer version

Sébastien Bachollet on ICANN Board Structure


Sébastien Bachollet discusses his Involvement @ ICANN


Maria Farrell speaks about the Non Commercial Stakeholder Group on Privacy


Maria Farrell speaks about the Non Commercial Stakeholder Group

Beau Brendler, NARALO Chair on Growth of the Internet



Beau Brendler on Compliance 



Dan York  Internet  Society Simplify the DNS Deployment


Olof Nordling on the Address Support Organizations



Seith Reiss:  Invitation to get involved in Whois Taskforce

Seth Reiss talks about Getting Involved with WHOIS

Olivier Crépin-Leblond  Discussion of ALAC


Olivier Crépin-Leblond Short Description of ALAC

Reference Material



Glenn McKnight
The ICANN trip doesn't cover the first day of expenses  
Hotel                     44,600 Dakar Francs at Hotel Place Monaco on Wed Oct 26, 2011
Breakast/Lunch      5,000
Dinner                      8500 Dakar Francs
Taxis                       5,000  Airport to conference
Taxis                       5,000  Conference to hotel
Titak 68,000 CX0  converted to USD $148
Video Theme from VIDEOHIVE             15.00

Total  $163.00(US)


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  1. Anonymous

    The video needs to extract the essence of the information brochure/pamphet  in an engaging and entertaining manner

    Extol the.....

    -Benefits for volunteering

    -Opportunity to have a voice

    -Help shape Internet future 

    Under 4 minutes to keep the message interesting

  2. The above two posts are from me as well without my login

    Has a video been produced for another region?

    If yes, what was their  approach