NARALO Monthly Teleconference 

Date: Monday, 10 July 2017

Time: 19:00-20:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)  

*** FR Interpretation will be available

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1(800)550-6865, Teleconference EN ID: 1638

                            Teleconference FR ID: 1838

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EN: Glenn McKnight, Gordon Chillcott,  John Laprise, Leah Symerkher, Susannah Gray, Matthew Rantanen, Judith Hellerstein, Yubelsky Montalvo, Wes Boudville, Evan Leibovitch, Dustin Phillips, Eve Edelson, Marita Moll, Joly MacFie, Allan Skuce, Murray McKercher, 

FR: Louis Houle

Apologies: Eduardo Diaz, Alfredo Calderon

Staff: Mario Aleman, Evin Erdoğdu

Interpreters: Claire and Camila

Call Management: Mario Aleman

Summary Minutes:    

Action Items: EN

Recording:   ENFR

AC Chat: EN             

Transcript: EN, FR


1.0 Welcome and Roll call (3 min)

2.0. Community Announcements-Open  (5 minutes)

3.0   Action Items- Silvia- (5 Minutes)


4.1 ICANN 60  CALL For Substitutes- Glenn (5 minutes)

4.2 Global Indigenous Fellowship-Judith (5 Minutes)

  • Status of Program
  • Update on number of applications received
  • Evaluation Committee

5.0  Rules of Procedures Update - John More  (5 min) 

5.0   ICANN Joburg Update-All  (5 minutes)

5.1     ISOC SFC and  ISOC NY  Read Out Sessions- Susannah and Joly (5 Minutes)

6.0  Outreach and Engagement - Glenn - (8 minutes)

6.1   NARALO Outreach and Engagement Plans for FY18 

Draft RALO Outreach Strategic Plans for FY18–Glenn

          ACTION:  Need to ratify on call to send to GSE for approval

6.2   Local Discretionary funds( $2,000 per RALO)- Heidi

         See Form 

6.3   Status of submissions to Heidi and Silvia 

6.4   NARALO Midterm Report

7.0 Nom-Com - Eduardo Diaz (5 minutes)

8.  NARALO  GA  ACTION ITEMS- Sylvia & Judith (5 minutes)

NARALO General Assembly 2017 Action Items

9  Current ALAC Public Consultations - Alan Greenberg (4 minutes) Silvia Vivanco please update

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