Mario Aleman:Welcome to the NARALO Monthly TeleconferenceMonday 10 July 2017 at 19:00 UTC

  Mario Aleman:Agenda :

  Glenn McKnight:905 434-6655

  Eve Edelson:I do hear a low hum, but all else is ok

  Glenn McKnight:Hung up please call now

  Glenn McKnight:Hi Eve

  Eve Edelson:Hi Glenn, I've joined the ranks of the gainfully unemployed -- took the retirement a week ago

  Eve Edelson:So more time to read material!

  Glenn McKnight:wow

  Glenn McKnight:Can you come to San Jose for the  Global Humanitarian Technology conference

  Eve Edelson:yes I hear you, also the hum is back :) but it's not awful

  Eve Edelson:lower

  Glenn McKnight:

  Evin Erdogdu:Hello and welcome all - I am in the AC Room.

  Evin Erdogdu:Let me know what you would lıke for me to upload, if anything, Glenn. Thanks!

  Evin Erdogdu:Sure, the midtem report you sent over email?

  Evin Erdogdu:I can upload it now, just in case you get to it. Thanks!

  Eve Edelson:Re: GHTC in October, looking into it, Radical Networks is at the same time (NYC) -- are you presenting?


  Evin Erdogdu:I am uploading the report, and then will switch back to the agenda.

  Glenn McKnight:Hung up again

  wes boudville:anything happening?

  Gordon Chillcott:Not yet.

  Eve Edelson:hi Glenn

  Glenn McKnight:very crackly

  Glenn McKnight:try again please

  Glenn McKnight:could not hear clearly

  Glenn McKnight:hi Wes

  Mario Aleman:Hi Glenn, are you still there?

  Glenn McKnight:i called back in

  wes boudville:ok


  John Laprise:Hi all!

  judith hellerstein:I also may need a dial up as my internet has been flaky today

  Glenn McKnight:thanks

  Glenn McKnight:judith

  John Laprise:FYI simultaneous Jurisdiction supgroup occurring at this time.

  Glenn McKnight:Silvia isn't on the call so Mario needs to add content by Silvia

  Mario Aleman:Sure Glenn. No problem

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks Mario

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Glenn: I don't see social media/twitter account on the agenda?

  Glenn McKnight:I have Susannah and Joly at 5.1 on the READ out

  Glenn McKnight:Please post the tweet account

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):?

  Glenn McKnight:Dustin please add your  details

  Dustin Phillips:IGF-USA Twitter Handle:

  Dustin Phillips:Hashtag: #IGFUSA2017

  Mario Aleman:NARALO Action Items

  Dustin Phillips:Website:

  Glenn McKnight:thanks

  Glenn McKnight:what is the date again?

  Dustin Phillips:July 24

  Glenn McKnight:thanks

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Blog Post:

  Mario Aleman:ICANN 60 CALL For Substitutes-

  Mario Aleman:Welcome to the call, Joly

  Joly MacFie:Apologies for tardity.

  Eve Edelson:I guess one has to work backward from the date, people will need to make travel arrangements

  Glenn McKnight:4.1  ICANN 60  CALL For Substitutes- Glenn                 (5 minutes)  

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Suggest after the fellowships are announced.

  Joly MacFie:Yes I'll do it.

  Eve Edelson:Do you mean  volunteers for evaluating applications for potential substitutes for  Garth?

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):to evaluate applications for people to travel to ICANN 60

  Eve Edelson:OK I volunteer if I seem qualified

  Eve Edelson:Well whoever you prefer is fine

  Joly MacFie:Gart = big shoes to fill!

  Joly MacFie:Garth

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks all

  Glenn McKnight:Gordon, Eve and Joly  for volunteering

  Glenn McKnight:I will work with on the  call for evaluatoin

  Eve Edelson:yeh I hear the squeaks

  Glenn McKnight:it might be a mouse

  wes boudville:sounds like someone is ad-libbing!

  Eve Edelson:I think she's choking a robot :)

  John Laprise:Just one word: please make sure that Garth substitute has an appropriate itinerary #Hyderbad snafu

  wes boudville:actually it sounds like some experimental music I listen to

  John Laprise:Agreed bad ine

  Joly MacFie:That audio is very star trek

  Allan Skuce:Someone has speakers on.

  Glenn McKnight:Welcome  Alan Skuce

  Glenn McKnight:good

  Glenn McKnight:better

  Allan Skuce:cleared up.


  Glenn McKnight:wow  14 attendees and 2 regrets. excellent for a summer call

  Mario Aleman:Welcome to the call, Murray

  Murray McKercher:Hello from Toronto

  Glenn McKnight:Hi Murray

  Murray McKercher:Yeah Canada :)

  Matthew Rantanen:To Confirm.... I would need to apply again for San Juan, Puerto Rico

  Glenn McKnight:Its part of the process Matt.  It will be for  PR and Panama

  Glenn McKnight:as Mentor

  Matthew Rantanen:Great

  Matthew Rantanen:I just don't want to overlook another opportunity to stay engaged.

  Glenn McKnight:Folks  Matt was at the  GA and the  last ATLAS ll in London. He is very active in Indian country on broadband issues

  Matthew Rantanen:

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks

  Mario Aleman:NARALO Operating Principles Review

  Glenn McKnight:

  Mario Aleman:ICANN Joburg Update Ebooks

  Eve Edelson:Glenn thanks for all the work you put into this -- if I see what looks like the same ebook  twice, is the upper one newer?

  Joly MacFie:ga

  Eve Edelson:eg.., "The Tool formerly known as the Domain Abuse reporting tool"

  Glenn McKnight:yes

  Glenn McKnight:eve

  Eve Edelson:h Susanna

  Glenn McKnight:July 18th,  time?

  Glenn McKnight:Link

  Glenn McKnight:Zoom?

  Glenn McKnight:thanks

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Please share with your networks and within your organizations! All are welcome. Please register. It's free.

  Glenn McKnight:Mario do you have the link to the CROPP strategic Plan?

  John Laprise:The video from remote hubs often shows about 20-30 attendees only

  Glenn McKnight:Some were better attended

  Murray McKercher:sorry no voice

  Eve Edelson:no

  Mario Aleman:Just a reminder, please state your name before speaking for our interpreters. Thank you

  Glenn McKnight:its Joly

  Glenn McKnight:AI    Mario  can we ask  ICANN to provide an adequate  answer why it's  either  Hubs vs  Read Out.  Issues on transparrency etc

  Mario Aleman:Sure, no problem. Glenn

  Murray McKercher:Sorry I have intermittent communication..please kep me in the loop on that

  Eve Edelson:I think hubs will be more crucial in some parts of the world than others

  Joly MacFie:I agrre with Evan. That there should eba consulation. And I think its something we can talk about at the read out events

  Joly MacFie:I would like to mention the NY event is July 20 6pm EDT

  Murray McKercher:Re: hubs, I recall an attempt to review the effectiveness, but do not recall a report if one was approved

  Eve Edelson:Glenn are you saying that with some adequate ARIN $ support, it could replace CROPP funding?

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Joly any remote participation?

  Joly MacFie:Yes, zoom. I turned sown the Adobe :)

  Joly MacFie:I may well have captioning

  Glenn McKnight:The plan has moved to  the CROPP main page

  Mario Aleman:Draft RALO Outreach Strategic Plans for FY18

  Mario Aleman:Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP)-FY17 Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP)-FY17

  Mario Aleman:

  Joly MacFie:Didn't apply.

  Glenn McKnight:Link to  Discretionary Funds. ie. banners, food etc

  Joly MacFie:Just got Chris to pay :)

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Yes this may be it .

  Eve Edelson:Is there a place where all these funds with their rules and deadlines are pulled together?

  Joly MacFie:We have a somewhat unique relationship in that ISOC-NY and ICANN are both members at Civic Hall in NYC, so it's easy to have them pay for room etc.

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):I will send a reminder mail: I just wanted train fare/parking for the Board.

  judith hellerstein:@eve. if we get people who have applied and received the ARIN fellowship than we do not have use one of our cropp trips for that

  Eve Edelson:Glenn you're breaking up

  judith hellerstein:i hear him well

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):no problem with sound on my end

  judith hellerstein:but it may be adobe.  with adigo there is no problem

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Glenn do we know when the RALO nominations will be formally accepted?

  judith hellerstein:we have to document the issues of poor audio


  Glenn McKnight:one sec  Susannah

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):NP

  Glenn McKnight:I don't think  Alan Greenberg is on the call

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):K

  Glenn McKnight:Correct Judith.   Its  Laura Bengford

  Glenn McKnight:Chris GIft is following up

  Glenn McKnight:One sec Susannah Gray

  Mario Aleman:@Glenn, we will be deciding the date of the next TTF call soon

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):thanks

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Thanks Evan.

  Glenn McKnight:Thank you all for attending today's call.  Please add  Alfredo as regrets

  Mario Aleman:Thank you, Glenn. I will add Alfredo

  Eve Edelson:Yes, captioning helps me too  in a number of situations, whether bilingual or in English

  Yubelkys:thank you!!!

  Joly MacFie:I encourage people to join the dsnc chats I host

  Joly MacFie:Captioning is abig topic.

  Joly MacFie:and the calls are captioned.

  Yubelkys:bye to all!!!

  Louis Houle:Have a nice week!

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):bye all

  Gordon Chillcott:Thanks and bye for now.

  Eve Edelson:Joly and Gordon, I guess we should coordinate after this to see how we get the bios of the nominees, and think about criteria

  Allan Skuce:thanks bye

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