Organize the various  action items from the  NARALO Action items

   New section in the NARALO Monthly newsletter on policy issues 

1.1Lack of short and purpose webinars to educate ALS membership

Deliver of Information Webinars

  • Introduction to Working Groups

AI: SV to follow up with Joe C on NARALO focused Webinars - GSE North America does read-out sessions, connect  this activity with NARALO

AI:Glenn to connect with Joe on Diplo idea on Monthly Hub

To illustrate  here is the Diplo  Digital Watch which  does a monthly IG report and gets short video reports from regional hubs. Perhaps we can rip off this idea.

The video interviews were done by Glenn


AI:Promote the Capacity building Webinars better

Practical solutions

-Announcements at the NARALO  Monthly calls on the webinars

-Announcements on NARALO SKYPE

-Announcements in the NARALO newsletter








Completed - Read out session with ISOC SF was held 7-18

1.2Lack of easy to find list of Working Groups

Create  a List of WG available on ICANN website

AI: Heidi to work on a list of WGs , and how to be involved.



 The list of WGs is posted on At-Large website at:


1.3 Need point person(s)

Delegated  Avri and John as the volunteer contact on Working Groups*

AI:Mentors for NARALO to assist members to get involved in WGs (Avir and John Laprise volunteered @ New Orleans GA)


 Avri and John Oustanding
2.1Lack of understanding of policy issues

Introduction to policy topics

AI: Special purpose call " Policy Focused Hot topic with the people who met in New Orleans to develop the NARALO Hot Topics based on New Orleans  (target week 22 May)


HighGlenn Outstanding
2.2Lack of short explanations of policies and relevance  

AI: Glenn to follow up with Eduardo, Marita and Matthew  who volunteered to work on the Newsletter




2.3Policy Development

Encourage mentorship for new policy people

AI: Heidi suggestion on Onboarding ALSes - Glenn to propose the idea on Special purpose committee.

Mentors for policy work: Avri, John, Evan, Alan


 Evan and Alan Outstanding
2.4Lack of extensive policy training course

Encourage participation on Policy Training courses

AI: Based on the expertise survey, Glenn to Identify members who can draft policy 2.4


2.5Lack of knowledge of NARALO human capacity for policy comments

Capture the human capacity with NARALO on policy development

AI: Heidi suggested to look at the courses ICANN learn, ICANN Academy, Leadership program

AI: The DP includes "primers". SV to explore with Dan on the possiblity to have a training component within this pilot.

AI: Glenn to identify people and create a profile for each person and feature them as experts on the Newsletter).



Lack of a NARALO Strategic Plan


Creation of a NARALO Strategic Plan Alfredo Completed and posted
3.2  Need updating of NARALO CROPP Strategic PlanFY 18 Naralo CROPP  Strategic Plan with community feedback Glenn Completed and posted
4.1OutreachTo contact Chris Modini for  a Washington University activity for outreach William C Outstanding
4.2Need to build Capacity of  ALS's

Creation of a NARALO Hot Topic List




-Net Neutrality

-Digital Literacy

Universal Internet Access


(Need to flesh out- Possible 10 policy topics to be developed)


AI: Special purpose call " Policy Focused Hot topic"  with the people who met in New Orleans to develop the NARALO Hot Topics based on New Orleans  (target week 22 May)

Hot Topics for European End Users (v3.0).pdf


 Eduardo and John Outstanding
5.1Need to have alternative methods to communicate

Suggest POV storytelling

Alternative methods of communication" POV storytelling - Glenn to follow up with Monique

AI:  Creation of  NARALO GA blog story

- Susannah Gray of ISOC SFC will be doing this


 Monique Outstanding

This page will serve to consolidate all the Action Items of the NARALO GA held in New Orleans, including Hot topics, Strategic Plan, CROPP Plan, etc


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