June 2012

June 2012 ALAC Anniversary in Prague

June 2012 EURALO General Assembly in Stockholm, Sweden

May 2011

EURALO General Assembly in Belgrade, Serbia

March 2010

24 March 2010: EURALO Forms WG for Brussels Showcase Event

EURALO agreed to form a working group tasked with the preparation of the EURALO Showcase event scheduled during the ICANN Meeting in Brussels in June 2010. Click here to visit the workspace for Brussels Showcase.

January 2010:

18 January 2010: ALAC Statement on ICANN Draft Strategic Plan 2010-2013 AL-ALAC-ST-0110-1 now available. This draft document was prepared by Sebastien Bachollet. You can add your comments by clicking on the "comment button"

14 January 2010: Draft EURALO Position on the ICANN Strategic Plan 2010 - 2013 now available.
This draft document was prepared by Sebastien Bachollet. EURALO members are invited to add their comments by clicking on the "comment" button.

August 2009:

EURALO 2009 Election Calls Deadlines and Nominees- information now available

June 2008:

EURALO at the ICANN Paris meeting

EURALO has had its Board Meeting and General Assembly at the ICANN Paris meeting. Here are the agendas:

Sunday 21 June, 0900 - 1200 EURALO Board meeting

Sunday 21 June, 1400 - 1700 EURALO General Assembly

The Report of the EURALO is now also available.

For the full At-Large Paris agenda, please click here

In order to facilitate your planning for the Paris meeting we compiled lists of the registered participants and the travel itineraries of EURALO members.

One of the issues will be a proposal for a first Internet Users' Declaration. Those, who are interested to work on it should check this out http://euralo.wordpress.com/ .

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