As the next element of consultation on the Strategic Plan, ICANN invites comments from the community on a first draft of the plan based on material presented to the community at the Seoul meeting. In particular, ICANN is seeking the views of the community on the following issues:

  • What should be the three to five year high level strategic objectives for each of the four areas of work?
  • What would be the specific metrics for each of the four areas of work?

The draft Strategic Plan for 2010- 2013 has been posted on the ICANN website at

The four areas of work mentioned in the plan are as follows:

  1. Preserve DNS stability and security
  2. Promote competition, trust, choice and innovation
  3. Excel in IANA and other core operations
  4. Contribute to shaping a healthy Internet eco-system

EURALO is proposing some comments on some actions included in the draft Strategic plan and would like to offer some additional ones’.

1. Preserve DNS stability and security

EURALO acknowledges that the stability and security of the DNS is an important framework handle by ICANN for the global internet users. The implementation of DNSSEC is therefore a crucial point for ICANN to take care of.
Any initiative with the participation of ICANN to work in partnership with other organizations to develop a conceptual model for a DNS collaborative security response system get the support of EUralo.

The last disasters on Earth show us the absolute necessity that ICANN in collaboration with the main other Internet Infrastructure providers must come up with a plan for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for its own operations and the ones of the other providers.

2. Promote competition, trust, choice and innovation

EUralo suggest the in the area of focus the following idea should be added: ICANN must promote “understanbility” (in other words: The (end) users must have a clear view of the Domain Name space and its possibilities.)

We note the positive step taken by ICANN to promote the IDNs in the cc arena and hope to see the same in the g space.
EURALO believes that there is no better way to promote trust, choice, innovation and “understanbility” than involving public at large. It is therefore important that ICANN support initiatives proposed by RALOs (and ALAC) to enhance the participation of the public in general through its At-Large structures and potential ones.

The development perspective of the Internet cannot be seen as a mere market place. Therefore the public interest needs more attention and respect in ICANN s decision making process and strategic planning.

EURALO do believe also that staff must work on setting training for new gTLD operators (like the one for the ccTLDs).

3. Excel in IANA and other core operations

EURALO is supporting ICANN structures to make a significant investment in upgrading the IANA function, it is important both for ICANN, the other providers and the users.

There will be a lot of changes in the years to come with the increasing number of gTLD, the implementation of new security tools (DNSSEC…), the roll-out of IDNs and the deployment of IPv6. Therefore it is very important that ICANN structures stay on top of those evolutions and monitors them with an additional focus on the scaling of the root system.

4. Contribute to shaping a healthy Internet eco-system

To shape a healthy Internet eco-system, it is important that ICANN promotes a secure, open, accessible, evolved and developed Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

The signed Affirmation of Commitment (in September 2009) by ICANN and the DOC/USA needs a strong engagement of the overall community. The implementation of community reviews and the initialisation of impact reporting on all major decisions must be done in an open manner with a strong commitment of multi-stakeholders.

EURALO is willing to add one strategic project for the strategic objective (All stakeholders have a voice at the table): “One country, one ALS”.

It will allow implementing the community recommendations discuss and define during the first ICANN At-Large Summit in Mexico in March 2009 such as to improve ICANN s transparency and accountability.

In this context it was stated that a further empowerment of ICANN’s At-Large structure is needed. To strengthen multi-stakeholder participation and the voice of Internet users in the ICANN’s decision making process more incentives and enabling mechanisms for ALSes and user communities are essential. In this perspective RALOs (that was set-up by an MOU between ALSs and ICANN in the 5 regions) need more institutional support and funding to allow them to organize regular General Assemblies and outreach activities (such as, in Europe, the ICANN-Studienkreis meeting, EuroDIG etc.). With this assistance from ICANN each RALO can reach, during the next 3 years, an ambitious goal to have, at least, one ALS from each country joining their respective RALO and region.

During the next strategic plan – 2013 – 2016 the goal of At-Large, with a strong support of ICANN, will be to organize a second ICANN At-Large Summit.

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Sébastien Bachollet


Some of the language needs to be cleaned up a little bit but I fully endorse the statements presented by Sébastien.
Overall, I do not think that the ICANN Strategic Plan 2010-2013 goes far enough to "involve public participation" and to "develop At Large".
I would also suggest a mention of ICANN needing to design risk assessment scenarios with regards to future domain name development as well as Internet Governance. IMHO ICANN is still driving in the dark with lights off, hoping not to fall into a pothole.

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond

contributed by on 2010-01-15 16:01:54 GMT

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