The EURALO General Assembly is shortly to begin the first election cycle, for the two ALAC seats and the Board of the EURALO. Details on the elections process can be found at EURALO Elections 2007

European ALSes Finish Bylaws, MoU with ICANN

The European ALS Community, meeting in Lisbon, agreed the contents of their Bylaws and MoU with ICANN on 25th March 2007!

The MoU was signed at the Lisbon ICANN Meeting on 29th March 2007 at approximately 1230 PM Lisbon time. A link to the webcast of the ceremony will be shortly available here as a permanent record in audiovisual format.

For complete details on the organising instruments of the region please see the RALO Organising Instruments page.

Photos from Lisbon

For those who couldn't make it to Lisbon, here are a few photos. We hope you enjoy them!

Thanks to Patrick Vande Walle for these photographs

At-Large Europe Goes to Lisbon

The At-Large European ALS community is meeting in Lisbon, Portugal from 24 - 30 March, as part of the ICANN 28th International Meeting. Complete information, agendas, and preparatory documents for the meeting can be found at the Lisbon ICANN Meeting page.

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