African Regional At Large Organisation (AFRALO)

  • Policy
    • New gTLDs awareness 
    • African Initiative being led with Pierre Dandijnou
    • Capacity Building 
    • The challenge of government control of the Internet and access to information. 
  • Process
    • Working with AfrICANN, the various issues have often been analyzed and addressed. A copy of our work can be found on the AFRALO /AfrICANN Statement Workspace.
    • We need ICANN to reinforce the communication of various policies, capacities, etc. need to be communicated more effectively to developing countries. 
    • We hope to add more registrars to our area. 
    • There is a strong need to develop our Capacity Building and grow the number of contributors. We have done three webinars to meet this challenge.  ALAC AFRALO Webinar PowerPoint
    • There is also the challenge of language amongst the various African Communities.

Asian, Australasian and Pacific Islands Regional At-Large Organization (APRALO)

  • Policy
    • IDN Variants
    • WHOIS and the RAA
    • What is meant by the "Public Interest"
  • Process
    • Some ALSes feel overwhelmed with the amount of information coming they receive. 
    • Some ALSes are hesitant to interact in the Policy Development Process out of fear of not having mastered the information. 
    • Assigning topics to specific ALSes and asking them to develop statements on the topics

European Regional At-Large Organization (EURALO)

  • Policy
    • Privacy
    • Data Protection 
    • Consumer Concerns
    • Geographic Regions Framework
  • Process
    • The concept of enlisting the ALSes was discussed at the 2013 EURALO General Assembly
    • There is a gap between those perceived as insiders and the broader community. We have about 8 regular contributors and now we have to work expanding our number of contributors. 
    • There are differing needs in regards to Capacity Building within Europe.  More often, Capacity Building is not needed in Western Europe while it is needed in Eastern Europe.

Latin American and Caribbean Islands Regional At-Large Organization (LACRALO)

  • Policy
    • Capacity Building
    • Whois
    • New gTLDs
    • Geographic Regions Framework
  • Process
    • We send various communications to our ALSes encouraging them to contribute to the policy development process.
    • There is an issue of limited timing for RALO contributions to Public Comments. Specifically, there are only 21 days for comments and this is simply not enough time.
    • There is an issue of communication amongst out members. To help overcome this obstacle we place our Statements on the wiki and ask our members to contribute via commenting. 
    • We have been focusing on the LAC Strategy.

North-American Regional At-Large Organization (NARALO)

  • Policy
    • Access for the Disabled, Indigenous, and Remote Communities
    • ICANN Compliance
    • Privacy concerns
  • Process
    • ALS Spotlights on monthly calls are used to help engage new ALSes.
    • The active recruitment of new ALSes from areas, communities, and constituencies not yet involved in the process.
    • How NARALO gets information and puts information out to the public.





Policy Development Resources

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