This page will serve as the depository of APRALO History Project materials. It is grouped into sections for documents and visual materials (photos and videos).

Please either post you materials under the relevant heading or as a comment.


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APRALO ALS Accreditation History

Satish Babu

General notesNotes
Regional Outreach"At-Large Asia Pacific" Meeting in August 2005
Regional Outreach"At-Large Asia Pacific" Meeting in November 2005
APRALO Conference Call"At-Large" May 2006 Teleconference Call

APRALO Meeting Outcomes

"Meeting Outcomes 25 July 2007"
"Meeting Outcomes 25 September 2007"
Regional Outreach"ALAC_Asiapac Space"

Rajnesh D. Singh

General notesNotes
Raj's blog"I've been to Bali too"


Visual Materials:


Interview with Cheryl in 2016

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  1. We could also set u a child age from here that acts as a project "story Board/ work space for ideas as we go...   1st project (obviously) will be the flip book / E-Book  Anniversary celebration piece.  Happy to assist with this => Maureen do you want to sub-team on a draft with me"?

  2. Heidi can you see if someone can locate the official photos taken at the MOU signing.  I thought there was video as well...  this will add to Visual materials  As would a PDF copy of the executed MOU  => especially a copy of the signature page as an image IMO 

  3. Hi all - first of all, the eBook currently in circulation isn't THE Anniversary eBook but a compilation of the contributions collected so far. This now includes information above. 

    But I have now had time to look at how I think we could start to collate the information that is here, or in the process of being developed for us in the Anniversary eBook.

    This is how I see it, as a "skeleton" which Kaili has been requesting, and rightfully so.

    Title Page: Title is as Satish has suggested "APRALO, a Decade of Diversity" - the title page will have a photograph (the one I think we all like), 2017 ICANN 60, Abu Dhabi

    I would like to divide the contents into 3 sections - to organise the information that we are starting to coordinate in a way that depicts what we have done in a decade of APRALO's existence (smile)


    1. APRALO - The Present  (comment: starting with the present to put APRALO into perspective for our members whom we need to acknowledge at the Abu Dhabi event)
      1. Welcome and General Information about APRALO, the leadership team, role of ALSes, etc using slides from various presentations
      2. The list of APRALO ALSs, their date of registration, and their Abu Dhabi representative/s - Volunteer?
      3. Video interviews
    2. APRALO - the Past
      1. Notable APRALO Firsts (APRALO members eg in the first ALAC Advisory Committee, first AP Chair, AP ALAC members, ALAC Chair, ALAC Liaison, APRALO Showcase, MOU, CROPP visit (with brief descriptions) - any other FIRSTS for APRALO to add to this list??
      2. APRALO Timeline (from just before the signing of the MOU - simple but a summary of who was leading and what happened during that time - more in their stories - I love Siranush's and Raj's stories.  Karaitiana has also explained the challenges.)
      3. Lists of APRALO Leadership teams (Chair, vice chairs, ALAC members, Nom Com ALAC; AP ALAC Liaisons; Secretariat; Nom Com Rep, etc)  Volunteer? 
      4. Stories from key contributors to the development of APRALO from Rajnesh in its early days up to Satish - the current leader
    3. APRALO - Notable achievements
      1. Surveys - 2015 and 2016 ALS Surveys, 
      2. 2017 Fellows engagement research
      3. Report on the mentoring programme (ALI??)
      4. Outreach activities (photographic gallery with captions) - National, regional and global IGFs, SIGS, APRICOTs, APNIC meetings. 

    1. Looks great, Maureen. I support the structure.

      Can I request for a section on "Women in APRALO" seeing that we have had excellent women leaders ? Another interesting aspect would be that of Diversity...but I'm not sure how best to capture the considerable diversity that exists in the region.


  4. Thanks to Maureen!  This looks great indeed.

    As we want our eBook to evolve into a long-term project which could be updated annually, also as the eBook is to record APRALO history, I suggest to modify the structure into the following:

    • OPENNING PAGE: This could be titled "Welcome to APRALO" including a welcoming note by the current chair (video or text with photos), a group photo of the current LT, and also any messages from the LT.
    • MAINBODY: This records APRALO's history.  This may include:
      1. The founding process of APRALO 2002-2008: video, writing and photos (of Cheryl, Raj, etc.)
      2. Notable APRALO Firsts (APRALO members eg in the first ALAC, first AP Chair, AP ALAC members, ALAC Chair, ALAC Liaison, APRALO Showcase, MOU, CROPP visit (with brief descriptions)
      3. Annual lists of APRALO Leadership teams (Chair, vice chairs, ALAC members, Nom Com ALAC; AP ALAC Liaisons; Secretariat; Nom Com Rep, etc)
      4. Annual timeline since 2008 (meetings, challenges, decisions, activities of outreach/capacity building, etc.): simple but a summary of who was leading and what happened during that time - more in their stories, e.g., story wrote by Siranush, etc.  This may also include stories from key contributors to the development of APRALO from Rajnesh in its early days up to Satish
      5. Annual timeline of growth: list of ALSs certified each year which may include messages and photos (some may be taken at Abu Dhabi)
      6. Notable achievements (the selection may need to be approved by APRALO LT)
        1. Surveys - 2015 and 2016 ALS Surveys, 
        2. 2017 Fellows engagement research
        3. Report on the mentoring programme (ALI??)
        4. Outreach activities (photographic gallery with captions) - National, regional and global IGFs, SIGS, APRICOTs, APNIC meetings.
    • Later, we may add another section for all our ALSs to present themselves (activities, history, etc.)

    Also, instead of having a long and ever-growing "flat" eBook structure, I hope after the openning page, the mainbody may become two- or multi-layered.  That is, there will be a list/chart of contents (in text or graphic) consisted of links, which will lead into corresponding material.

    Hopefully, this structure will set up the starting point for years to come, and accomodates all the contents as Maureen suggested.

    Comments and suggestions most welcomed!


    1. In another thought, we may add another section before the "founding process" (still to be titled).  That is, to add a general introduction of APRALO, including the size and diversity of our RALO, etc.

  5. I have asked Satish if he would write a letter of welcome for the front of the booklet. I really like that idea.

    Also the welcoming Section 1, which I hope is fun as well as informative, contains information that tells our newbies about what APRALO is all about.

    I will put as much as  can think of into the booklet as it arrives or is requested.. and if the LT wants it removed, then it gets removed

    1. Thank you, Maureen!

      The two- or multi-layered structure, can it be done?

      1. Not this time around, unfortunately, Kaili. Its rather complicated and would require technology (like "") to make it work properly, and not everyone uses that technology.

        Also, we don't really have the time.. I am doing this in between my other work (paid I might add).

        But as this is a work in progress, it could still be developed, you could take this on once we get this first leg done!


  6. Is there a way to include a sub-section on APRALO Policy Development? 
    APRALO Policy Development Workspace  

    1. Sure, Nadira, something on policy development would be great.  As I see it, policy development is what we have ALAC / APRALO / ASLs for.  Even our other two major ongoing activities, outreach and capacity building, are also mostly to serve policy development.

      However, as I see it, most of the policy development is discussed at the ALAC level and by joining ICANN's working groups and teams.  Thus, what do we want to write about APRALO's policy development? 

      Another issue is, given the short time before ICANN60 and our focus on APRALO's history, I am afraid that we are short on bandwidth for this.

      Thus, let's think about it, and leave it until after ICANN60.

      1. That was my concern Kaili with regards to policy development because APRALO's inputs reflects jointly by the ALAC statements.  

        I found this APRALO - Proposed policy advice process, so if the final RALO's policy advice process is adopted then that would be good enough to include.

        1. Fully agreed.  ALAC's policy development comes from the RALOs.  That is the angle we should look at it, and would make a fantastic story.  Anybody wants to put together something on this with a short article, photos and documents?

          One topic that came to my mind is IDN.  My understanding is, APRALO and our early ALSs played the most important role in driving it.  Any volunteers...?

        2. Just had time to look at the this APRALO - Proposed policy advice process, you provided.  If this is a formal decision made by APRALO in 2011, could you write a few lines about this to be included in the eBook together with this document?

          Thank you!

  7. Somoene want to write something?? It could go into Section 1.

  8. 2010 APRALO officers:

    APRALO Regional Officers (At-Large leaders ALAC members NomCom representatives)

    1. At-Large leader: Karaitiana Tairu (Chair) + Edmon Chung (Secretariat) + Pavan Budhrani (Secretariat)
    2. ALAC members: Izumi Aizu + Cheryl Langdon-Orr (Chair)
    3. NomCom representatives: Thu Hue Nguyen

    Why did they not do this every year?

    Previous APRALO Regional Officers (a mish-mash of appointments - dates are not clear)

  9. Here are two suggestions for the Decade eBook:

    1. Include pictures of our staff, who have been a major source of support. I'm sure we have pictures of Silvia, Evin, Yesim, Ariel, Gisella, Mario and Heidi (and others) among our archives.
    2. Provide a list of GAs that we have had in the last ten years. Here is the list that I have...requesting others to validate it in case I have missed any:
      1. GA 1: 2008, New Delhi,
      2. GA 2: 2009, Mexico City,
      3. GA 3: 2013, Beijing,
      4. GA 4: 2014, London,
      5. GA 5: 2017, Abu Dhabi,

    1. While check about the ALS AKMS, I've got the following old blog post from Charles Shaban on the 2008 GA of New Delhi.

      1. Also checked about AKMS, and came across the following webpage:

        According to this website of its own, it shows:

        • It was registered officially in Amman on 10th July 1990 under the name of “the Arab Management Society."
        • Subsequently, ......, the name of the organization was chosen to be The Arab Knowledge and Management Society (AKMS).
        • In 2015, the name was changed again to “Arab International Society for Management Technology".

        Hope this will give us all peace of mind.  (smile)

        1. Thank you Kaili in digging for detailed information, as their blog

          “AKMS was the first At-Large Structure to be certified by ICANN from the Asia-Pacific Region,”

          So we can put “Arab International Society for Management Technology" with its earlier name "Arab Knowledge and Management Society" was the first APRALO ALS.  

          But I still I couldn't get a reply to Cheryl question of why the Arab International Society for Management Technology is chartered on 2011 as per the ALSes list. 

          1. I don't know either.  This is why we need to provide this list to all ALSs, and to check with the correctness.   Maybe they can tell their own story ...

            Now we already have cases showing the ICANN records wrong.  However, given the bandwidth of the staff, maybe we can correct its database only after ICANN60.

          2. Regarding the "first At-Large Structure to be certified by ICANN from the Asia-Pacific Region", we already have "National Information Infrastructure Enterprise Promotion Association/財團法人中華民國國家資訊基本建設產業發展協進會" of Taiwan accreditated in 2004.

            As to the accreditation date of “Arab International Society for Management Technology" (AKMS) could be mistaken, we need to find this out from themselves.

  10. Although AKMS was registered as a non-profit organisation in 1990, the article does not mention registration with ICANN. We need to get that clarified. It must have been early because Cheryl mentions it as one of the signatories of the MOU, but the actual date of registration as an ALS? 

    1. The 1990 dates that Kaili found out about AKMS are when they are registred as NGO in Jordan. 
      Seems Mohmoud Lattouf is on holiday.
      Maybe you try from your end to reach him out.

      1. Yes, I have sent Mahmoud a message and we can await his response. Thank you for helping with this Nadira.

  11. Before receiving feedback on the ICANN database, according to evidence provided by Cheryl, the accreditation date of "The Arab International Society for Management Technology (AKMS)" is now changed to "2003-10-3*".
    Now it is the first accreditated ALS of APRALO.
    Meanwhile, its exact date of accreditation, along with a number of others, awaits either confirmation from the ICANN database, or to correct the database accordingly.

    Thank you all!

  12. Hi Kaili

    The name of the ALS seems to be "Arab Knowledge Management Society" (AKMS). Here is their application:

    I'm not sure of the exact date of accreditation, but the following media release from ICANN (16 Dec 2003) does say that AKMS is already an ALS. The document also provides the first-ever list of ALSes (1 from APAC, 1 from LAC and 4 from Europe)


    1. Great!  Thank you, Satish!

      Now we have more evidence to show that "Arab Knowledge Management Society" (AKMS) is indeed APRALO's very first ALS since 2003.  The ICANN database needs to be corrected for sure.

      Meanwhile, its name in the list will stay as "The Arab International Society for Management Technology (AKMS)".  Agreed by everybody?

      1. Thanks Kaili, Satish,

        Today, I've got an email from Mahmoud and he provided me with the following link.

        I think we have to put things in its historical context. AKMS was among those who worked in the discussions to formulate At-Large structure from its early discussions in 2002-2003. 

        APRALO was approved after 2007, If we put AKMS accredited by APRALO before that date, then that will not make good logic. 
        Maybe at first all ALSes where "approved" by ALAC. 

        Hence what I recommend is to start all ALSes after APRALO was founded. 

        1. Thank you, Nadira, for your input.

          Regarding APRALO's ALSs, my understanding is, they were never "approved" by APRALO, but approved (voted) by ALAC while putting APRALO's recommendation into consideration. 

          In addition, ALAC and a number of ALSs indeed existed before APRALO.

          Thus, my understanding of "APRALO ALS Accreditation History" means those ALSs which "belong" to APRALO, instead of "approved" by APRALO.  If this understanding is acceptable, there should be no logic problems.  (smile)

          Thank you again!