The APRALO History Project has the aim of documenting APRALO's history through collecting historical records, photos and other documents. The deliverables include the following: 1) a video and Ebook to be shown during ICANN 60 and creation of a timeline; 2) creation of an APRALO history website on that At-Large website (; and 3) potential inclusion of the APRALO History Project into the ICANN History Project.


Mailing List:

Staff Lead: Silvia Vivanco


Kaili Kan

Project Lead
Cheryl Langdon OrrAdvisor
Rajnesh Singh
 Edmon Chung 
Lianna Galstyan

Pavan Budhrani

Yannis Li

Rohan Perera

Satish Babu
Nadira Alaraj
Maureen HilyardEbook Lead

Next Call: TBC

Previous Call: 17 October 2017


1. Communicate with existing volunteers and Staff, and determine the sequence of activities
2. Create a plan (including a Script if required), consulting the LT and others as required
3. Intimate potential participants/interviewees before ICANN60 starts
4. At ICANN60, manage logistics (use the volunteers & staff to help you)
5. Examine the initial product and circulate to APRALO LT (and others as required) for comments
6. Finalize any changes and release the final version
7. Report to the community in the monthly calls on your plan

Project Deliverables

  1. ICANN 60

DeliverableLeadStatusNotesDraft/Finished Project
VideoArielIn progress; Scheduling interviews

Interview schedule:



EbookMaureenIn progress
TimelineMaureenIn progress

APRALO History Project Depository - Please add you materials to this wiki page.

2. APRALO History Website


3. Potential inclusion in ICANN History Project


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  1. Obviously, we will need a doodle ASAP  so we can have a planning call

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, for this reminder.  Yesim and Silvia will take care of this, and should be out very soon.

  2. Hi to all,
    Following on today's APRALO monthly call, I would like to again ask everybody to take a look of the wiki page of our history poject.
    In particular, please look at the initial member list as following: Cheryl, Rajnesh, Edmon, Lianna, Pavan, Yannis, Rohan, Satish, Nadira and Kaili. 
    Also, on the wiki page a number of tasks are initially listed.
    As I see it, we need to answer the following questions:
    1. Is there anybody else who should be included or may volunteer as a member of this team?
    2. Is there anything else that needs to be added to this task list?
    3. What are the themes/issues that we want to cover in this video?  (This may evolve into an outline of the script)
    4. What do we want our video to look like?  (As Silvia suggested, please take a look at ICANN's history project at to see if we can adopt any ideas for ours.)

    Please give some thoughts about the above questions and provide your feedback ASAP.  Also, if you see anything missing, please provide your suggestions as well.
    Thank you all!


  3. Hi to all,

    A Doodle pool has been sent out to all of our team members at 

    Those who have not responded to the Doodle, please do so.  We need to schedule or first meeting right away, as there are a lot of important issues to be decided and to start our work ASAP.

    Thank you!


  4. Hi to all,

    The ICANN History Project ( shows the following:


    The ICANN History Project explores the key events in ICANN’s growth, from its birth to its current day status. This project seeks to preserve the organization’s institutional memory by capturing stories from key figures who helped shape ICANN’s past and present. On the History Project pages you will find documents, pictures and videos that helped frame ICANN’s history, and interactive timelines presenting the chronology of significant events.

    The video and audio interviews that are posted are largely unedited. Furthermore, ICANN is not presenting a final narrative, to avoid taking a perspective or angle on the posted materials, so that you can draw your own conclusions.

    Because the history of ICANN is multifaceted, composed of many different threads, this project is presented through tracks or themes. As the History Project matures, more tracks will be added. This is very much a “living” project that will constantly be evolving and expanding.


    Is this what we want?  Looking forward to hearing your answers at tomorrow's meeting and decide.

    Thank you all!


  5. These are my recollections around the formation of APRALO:

    Earliest recollection I have where I personally got involved in APRALO establishment discussions was mid-2005. I believe there was a meeting in Taipei (August 2005 I think) out of which came multiple steps, including a mailing list for discussions. Our friends from NIIEPA were providing some sort of Secretariat support if I recall correctly during that interim period. Meetings continued (generally at ICANN meetings), and at ICANN 25 in Wellington, a set of draft by-laws for APRALO were presented. 

    I recall a number of conference calls after that to continue discussions which led to a draft ICANN MOU for APRALO being presented December 2006. Subsequently, a face-to-face meeting was arranged in Bali in February 2007 (co-located with APRICOT 2007). Back then I did a short blog post which mentions the meeting 

    Amongst other things, the Bali meeting set up an election process for officers for APRALO, and this was finalised on 15 March 2007. The inaugural APRALO leadership team was as follows:

    R Singh, PICISOC (Fiji) (Melanesia)

    B Beiram, AKMS (Jordan) (Western Asia)

    E Chung, ISOC-HK (Hong Kong, China SAR) (Eastern Asia)

    This was finalised by consensus when other candidates withdrew their nominations from the above positions.

    Additionally the following position was also decided by consensus in a similar manner:

    I Aizu, IUN-Japan (Japan) (Eastern Asia)

    The ALAC 2 Year term had 2 candidates and went to elections where C Langdon-Orr (ISOC-AU) (Australasia) got elected.

    The Operating Principles and MOU were also finalised around then.

    The conclusion of the APRALO MOU process was highlighted during the Public Forum at ICANN 28 Lisbon.

    There was another APRALO face-to-face meeting in Hong Kong in July 2007. Among other things, this meeting discussion the APRALO workplan and outreach efforts.

    During the ICANN LA Meeting (Oct 2007), there was also the first meeting of At-Large Secretariats (the RALOs). One of the items discussed there was coordination between RALOs.

    I resigned from the position of APRALO Chair on 21 January 2008 as I had joined ISOC, and felt there were potential conflict of interest issues. 

    Hope the above helps with some of the historical record.


  6. Thank you so much, Raj !

  7. There are several documents (Minutes of Meetings, mostly) available on the ICANN site from the early days of APRALO.

    The preparation of the first APRALO MoU appears to have started in late 2007, while it seems to have been signed in 2008 at New Delhi.

    The names used for APRALO include "At-Large Asia Pacific" and ALAC-AsiaPac. Here are a few links for those interested (these are neither complete nor sequential, and serve to provide a "flavour" of the way the community worked at that time).

    "At-Large Asia Pacific" Meeting in August 2005

    "At-Large Asia Pacific" Meeting in November 2005

    Undated call in May 2006

    Meeting Outcomes 25 July 2007

    Meeting Outcomes 25 September 2007

    ALAC_asiapac space (Links to several Meetings)

  8. I commented on the other page re original MOU signings images and documentation, but it would be appropriate here I believe, in addition to the formal documents see if we can locate from ICANN the minuted of the early meetings *AT APRICOT and the teleconferences that went before that.