This workspace will be used to organize the APRALO Beijing Events taking place during the 46th ICANN Meeting in Beijing in April 2013.

  APRALO ALSes Beijing Meetings Schedule  Workspace

Members of the APRALO Beijing Events Organizing Committee:

Member NamePosition
YJ ParkCo-Chair
Holly RaicheCo-Chair
Rinalia Abdul RahimCo-Chair
Cheryl Langdon-Orr 
Hong Xue 
Maureen Hilyard 
Edmon Chung 
Pavan Budrhani 
Jack Qiu 

Meetings of the APRALO Beijing Events Organizing Committee

Next meeting: Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Last meeting: Wednesday 06 March 2013 

Previous Meetings

APRALO ALSes in Beijing

APRALO Beijing Events Activities

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  1. Why is Jack Qui listed as a Co-Chair ?  that does NOT fit with my recall of agreed outcomes at all...  is this not an error carried over from the first set of notes from meeting #1?  IF  so please fix...