See the APRALO- ICANN APAC HUB PILOT FRAMEWORK (Presentation slides, as presented at ICANN 52, Singapore, in Feb 2015) 



Common Focus AreasActionsElaborationTarget StakeholdersSuggested Timeline and targetActors
(FY15 onwards)
Focus Area 1: Language Localization as supported by communitya) ICANN APAC Hub to develop and share localization toolkit.Development of presentations based on topical issues such as IDN, WHOIS, etc. Various local Internet Communities depending on subject matterToolkit ready for translationICANN
b) APRALO/ICANN to get help in translating and use.Spreading awareness to ALSes, etc, and getting their help with translations and outreach.On-goingAPRALO / ICANN
Focus Area 2: Leveraging APAC for Capacity & Capability Buildinga) APRALO and ICANN to work on an At-Large End Users presentation customised for APAC Slide deck can be used during APAC regional events Internet End UserTimeline for discussionICANN / APRALO
b) APRALO and ICANN to take part in joint capacity building workshops and/or webinars for end usersJoint capacity building webinar series for end users and for ALSes.                      On-going (See link)APRALO
Focus Area 3 : Supporting APAC outreach to raise awareness & increase stakeholder participationa) Reaching out to underserved regions or regions not represented at APRALOThrough collaboration on CROPP, ICANN APAC hub works with APRALO leadership, ALSes to help raise awareness in key regional events and underserved regions.Internet Community at LargeOn-goingAPRALO / ICANN
b) Conduct outreach on APRALO, objectives and activities during ICANN APAC regional outreach events APRALO and APAC Hub cooperates on outreach and capacity building events (speaker exchange, support) such as: such as APrIGF, APRICOT, APIGA, inSIG and academia outreach at ICANN meetings etc.On-goingICANN


Copy of Draft APRALO-ICANN APAC Pilot Framework Sep 2014 (4).xlsx -


APRALO- APAC HUB Webinars eBooks


See old DRAFT (PPT document)  HERE !

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  1. Posted on behalf of Fouad Bajwa

    Is this to propose possible areas to work together? Maybe have specific headings for the following quickly 

    Outreach Collaboration,

     Joint (Partnered) Program's with APNIC-APTLD-APAC Hub, 

    ALS Partnered Programs, 

    ICANN Meeting in the APAC Region and ALS Showcases, 

    Training Support,



    APRALO and APAC Hub Internet Users Forum

  2. Posted on Behalf of Maureen  Hilyard

    Hi Kuek


    Last night (night being “my timezone”) APRALO held its monthly meeting and I gave a report in relation to an action item I was tasked with - to send our group submission to you both following  discussion and input in London and a little after.


    I did mention to our ALSes that Kelvin had invited them to contribute more if what was recorded did not reflect what they had said, or if they had still further comments to make. There was nothing that came from the meeting, but they may still be reflecting.


    Last night Cheryl raised an important point in that we had not considered the Oceania strategy which came out of the meeting in Fiji.  Cheryl was the only one who attended that Fiji meeting who also attended the APRALO meeting last night. I have yet to sight it myself. However when we get a copy we may wish to consider some pointers from this document as well.


    I am attaching APRALO’s originally proposed focus areas for your further consideration and to provide us with a starter to the discussions between the APAC team and the APRALO Leadership Team.



    APRALO is a large region - how can we improve communication between APAC and the regions (including the diversity of end-users within these sub-regions) so that local issues are appropriately addressed and coordinated?  Subsequent comments from APRALO members reinforced the idea of sub-regional focuses because our region is so diverse. We do not believe that there can be a one-size-fits-all model that can be implemented across the region.



    How do we coordinate the involvement of ALSes to provide local translations of key ICANN/APAC/APRALO documents? A suggestion was also made about translations of resources which could be carried out by ALSes for their respective countries.



    How do we address and prioritise capacity building needs of end-users within APRALO subregions? A suggestion was to identify and share talents/skills within our region for capacity building activities - which could assist with decreasing the costs of outreach.



    How can we ensure that there is equitable use of available resources to encourage ICANN outreach to the ALSes within the subregions and who need support for extending outreach into their respective communities about ICANN, its role within the internet ecosystem, and ICANN issues which ultimately impact on APRALO end-users ?


    We look forward to hearing from you soon




  3. Thanks Sylvia, for your work on this. I think Maureen and Fouad have covered most of the important points.

    Since I couldn't participate in ATLAS 2, some of my comments below may be misplaced. If so, my apologies.

    1. I agree that sub-regional strategies are essential within APAC considering our size and diversity. While some sub-regional co-ordination is already taking place (such as Oceania and Australia), other regions seems to be left out (such as South Asia). It would be good to harmonize the efforts for sub-regional planning/co-ordination in different regions based on a common minimum agenda decided at the RALO level.
    2. There are large swathes in APAC where we seem to have little presence (for example, Mekong Delta, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar). Do we consider these when making our communication/outreach plans?
    3. It may be good to align the proposed outreach under this initiative with ICANN's plans for the Universal Acceptance of TLDs, which also calls for outreach. Similarly, the outreach efforts could also consider including IDNs and mitigating its impact on specific groups (for instance, on the visually impaired)


  4. I am in agreement with all what have been stated previously and wanted to stress more on the point of focusing on the countries that are not engaged and does not have an ALS or any other type of relation within ICANN community. Having a quick glance on our region, there are a high number of countries that are not part of At-large.

    Therefore we need to work more on the outreach activities for those who are not yet part of any community. Also to develop more Capacity building programs for the existing ALSs through a cross community exchange program by which a knowledge and experience sharing can be achieved.

  5. Posted on behalf of Yannis Li  by Silvia Vivanco (ICANN staff)


    1. Language and Communication
    Agree with Maureen that a better co-ordination plan among ALSes on the translation part is needed to reduce the duplication of effort. In the long-run, it shall be important to establish a better knowledge management mechanism within our RALO. 

    2. Capacity Building
    To better outline a series of webinars, think we could do another similar survey as ATLAS II to understand the needs of our ALSes. On the other hand, new ALSes often may face difficulties in engaging at the beginning when they join, wonder if some sort of buddy program within our RALO or dedicate some responsibles to sort of guide them through would be useful.

    3. Outreach
    For the outreach part, agree with Ali that a mapping of the current demographics of the ALSes within APRALO would be helpful in further prioritising the outreach targets. And since we have started to accept individual membership, I think it’s also


    Best Regards,

    Yannis Li
    Coordinator of NetMission.Asia
    DotAsia Organisation Ltd.

  6. I agree with everyone, but particularly Maureen and Ali.  And I think the priorities go together.  We need to particularly targetted work on outreach to the areas that are not represented within APRALO, but then have something to offer: training, events etc.  ALAC has to provide the reason why an organisation would join.  And capacity building should be in the mix.  There are plenty of resources  but we need to be betteraware of what they are, and then to use them.

  7. Posted by Silvia Vivanco (staff)  on behalf of Anupam Agrawal

    The capacity building initiative needs to be taken on two fronts. One, on bringing the areas, countries still not represented to have the representation in APRALO as an ALS, for which I suggest to look at the existing Isoc chapters who are still not an ALS to see the possibility as a quick win and in next phase to approach the ISPs / stakeholders in countries through the APNIC membership. This will strengthen the representation factor of the region but will need some time before meaningful contribution. Second, capacity building is required for existing ALS for meaningful and enhanced contribution and the comment of Maureen on the translation of content is great and respective ALS, who feels the need will have to come forward. Also the ALS, if they can get some of the printed content regarding APRALO, for distribution in local seminars, conferences, it will help in getting a larger traction.

    Additionally, The apac hub representatives while they travel to regions, countries having zero representation in APRALO, may cover as part of their talk, representation, the APRALO existence and it's objectives, with a point of contact either as staff or the current APRALO  leadership.